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this was the highest rank any of the Jensaarai Force users could achieve. At any point in time, there could only be one Saarai-kaar among the Jensarai, much the same as there was only one Dark Lord of the Sith. Like the other Jensaarai, the Saarai-kaar wore cortosis-covered armor. Nikkos Tyris was one of the most powerful of the Saarai-kaar, until he was defeated by Nejaa Halcyon. When Leonia Tavira twisted the Jensaarai to her uses, she made them believe that a Halcyon would be their undoing unless they served her. How she discovered Corran Horn's true identity is a mystery, but she kidnapped Mirax Terrik and made the Jensaarai hold her on Suarbi 7/5 in order to draw Corran into her trap. The Saarai-kaar believed the charade whole-hearted, especially after Tavira shot the former Imperial governor and claimed to be liberating the natives of Suarbi 7/5 from Imperial control. When Corran and Luke Skywalker assaulted suarbi 7/5 in an effort to free Mirax, they came up against Tavira, the Saarai-karr and the combined might of the Jensaarai. Luke took care of the warriors while Corran battle their female leader. She nearly had him, until he recognized the fighting style she used from his vision of Halcyon's death, and implanted an image of Tyris in her mind. Her momentary lapse in concentration dropped her defenses, and Mirax stunned her with several blasters from her own weapon. When she awoke later on, she accused Luke and Corran of prolonging her death, but Elegos A'kla used his memnii of her husband's and Nikkos Tyris' deaths to try and convince her of the truth in their words. She chose not to believe, revealing that the Jensaarai were descended from Force users who had learned of Sith magics, but their number died with Tyris. The new Saarai-kaar continued to believe the Jedi were wrong, but actually trained her disciples with the light side of the Force. The word Saarai-kaar is a Sith term meaining "keeper of the truth." When Emperor Palpatine began his Jedi purge, his discovery of Force users on Suarbi 7/5 led him to send Darth Vader there. Rather than accept the allegiance of the new Saarai-kaar's son, Vader killed him as a Jedi, since he lacked the Sith magic.
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