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Rokur Gepta

this Croke was believed to have been the last surviving Sorcerer of Tund, although no one was aware of it when he surfaced in the Rafa System many years before the Clone Wars. At nearly twenty thousands years of age, Gepta was already an ancient lifeform when he appeared on Tund, asking to join the Sorcerers. He was the best student they could have asked for, soaking up knowledge like a sponge. However, Gepta secretly hated his instructors, and allowed them to believe he was nothing more than a gifted student. When he continued beyond the basic knowledge of the Sorcerers of Tund and learned more than the teaching Sorcerers did, Gepta struck out and destroyed the brotherhood. In doing so, he reduced the planet Tund to a burned-out ball of ash using a very specialized lifeform. He then continued to spread rumors and stories about the Tund Sorcerers, to keep them shrouded in mystery as he began collecting power. In keeping with the legends of the Sorcerers of Tund, Gepta concealed his true form in dense wrappings of gray cloth, the color of which very closely matched the color of the ashes of Tund. He wore a large, turban-like wrapping on his head, revealing only his eyes. If he were ever seen without these wrappings, Gepta would have appeared as the Croke he was, a twelve-legged slug capable of modifying its appearance as it saw fit. One of Gepta's first goals was to recover the Mindharp of the Sharu race, believing it to be a device that could be used to control the minds of other individuals. When Lando Calrissian foiled his attempt to obtain the Mindharp, Gepta began plotting his own personal revenge on Calrissian. When Lando foiled his assassination attempt on Oseon 5792, Gepta became more enraged, and stepped up his attempts to kill Calrissian. Gepta nearly caught Lando at the StarCave, but was told that the Millennium Falcon had been destroyed in a battle with the Imperial Navy. His anger at having been deprived of causing Lando's death was short-lived, as the smuggler was found assisting the Oswaft. Gepta then threatened to destroy the StarCave and all the Oswaft with the same lifeform he used to destroy Tund, unless Lando agreed to a duel. At the mouth of the ThonBoka, the two adversaries struggle for awhile before Lando was able to shoot Gepta's enlarged form with his stingbeam. This forced Gepta to return to his normal Croke state, at which point much of his sorcerer's wrapping fell from his body. Lando then grabbed Gepta's slug-like body and squeezed it until it ruptured.
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