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Roa was a smuggler from the times of the Old Republic, and was a master of the Kessel Run. He regularly pushed the envelope and made the Run in near-record times. He was living on Nar Shaddaa when he met Lwyll, and the two fell in love. Their romance was nearly eneded when Roa crashed during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, but he managed to escape before his ship - the Lwyll - exploded. He resolved to restrain his cockiness, and he and Lwyll were married shortly after the battle. They began to think of the young smugglers Roa was working with as their children. Among the youths they took was Han Solo, who was just starting to cut his smuggler's teeth after being expelled from the Academy. He was known as one of the best smugglers and blockade runners in the galaxy. He took Han under his wing and taught him a great deal about smuggling. Han participated in his first Kessel run while on a mission with Roa When Han began to excel, he and Roa parted company on somewhat honorable terms. Roa and his wife, Lwyll, retired from smuggling soon after, and built a large and lucrative import-export business near Bonadan. Han bumped into Roa while trying to book passage from Roonadan to Ammuud. They met again nearly forty years later, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Roa's wife, Lwyll, had been killed in a Yuuzhan Vong attack which was precipitated by the efforts of the Peace Brigade, and Roa was out for revenge. He convinced Han, who was still grieving the loss of Chewbacca, to help him in locating Reck Desh. However, the trail led them to Ord Mantell and the Jubilee Wheel, just before the Yuuzhan Vong attacked there. Despite Han's efforts, Roa was literally sucked into a Yuuzhan Vong carrier and taken away to become an energy source for the immature yammosk growing aboard the Creche'. On the clustership, Roa met Wurth Skidder. They tried to disrupt the plans of the Yuuzhan Vong commander Chine-kal, but only succeeded in exposing their plans. Roa managed to survive, and was rescued by Han and Droma at the Battle of Fondor.
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