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Rhysode, Ganner

this headstrong, opinionated man was one of the Jedi Knights who trained under Luke Skywalker at the Yavin 4 praxeum. A native of the planet Teyr, Ganner was also one of the many student who believed Kyp Durron was correct in acting by himself, without the sanctioning of Master Skywalker, in dealing with criminals and other felons. Rhysode chafed at the idea of a structured Jedi Council which controlled the actions of all Jedi, feeling that it went against the rights of being a Jedi. Ganner was teamed up with Corran Horn during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, and the two were constantly at odds when they laid out their plans. Ganner believed that Corran's actions in bringing down the outlaws on Courkrus only validated Kyp Durron's actions, a fact that Corran quickly denied. Eventually, however, both came to see the other's point of view, and their relationship began to modify itself into one of grudging respect for each other. He built and used a lightsaber which had a sulfurous-yellow blade. When Corran and Ganner tried to rescue the slaves being held by the Yuuzhan Vong on Bimmiel, Ganner recovered as many as he could before fleeing the planet. However, he felt Corran's life-force ebb, and returned to the Yuuzhan Vong camp to find the Corran had been bitten by an amphistaff. He had already killed the Yuuzhan vong warrior, but was dying himself. Ganner rescued him and placed him in a bacta tank to recover, then returned to Yavin 4. Ganner's confidence took a major blow when he accompanied Corran and Jacen Solo to Garqi, after Corran had been reactivated by the Garqi militia. In their first confrontation with Krag Val and the Yuuzhan Vong, Ganner suffered a terrible blow from Krag Val. Val caught Ganner in the head with a full swipe of his gloved hand, tearing away much of Ganner's face. After Corran discovered that the pollen of the bafforr tree was deadly to the Vong's armor, he recovered Ganner and they fled to a New Republic medical vessel. Ganner recovered, but chose not to have cosmetic surgery. The scars would serve to remind him that he wasn't all-powerful, and that the Force could only be a strong ally if he gave himself to it fully. His defeat at the hands of Krag Val taught him humility more effectively than Luke's teachings or Corran's patient acceptance of his bravado. With his newfound understanding, Ganner set out on a personal mission: to locate Jacen Solo. Rumors of Jacen's appearance near Coruscant - after it had been captured by the Yuuzhan Vong - led him to seek out the former Jedi. He did so on his own, without backup, but feared that a cadre of Jedi Knights would jeopardize the mission. He nearly lost his life aboard a Yuuzhan Vong camp ship while hunting down a rumor, only to discover that the person he was to meet was Jacen himself. There was no celebration, however, as Jacen had apparently turned to the way of the Yuuzhan Vong. Ganner was to be sacrificed to the new World Brain which lived on Coruscant, now renamed Yuuzhan'tar. Further self-revelation followed as Ganner realized that his bravado and showmanship had amounted to nothing, but his will to live was rekindled when Jacen explained that he was not with the Yuuzhan Vong. Jacen was supposed to be the one to perform Ganner's sacrifice, but he used the opportunity to gain private access to the dhuryam World Brain. He gave Ganner the lightsaber which had belonged to Anakin Solo, and asked him to protect him as long as he could. Ganner agreed to help, knowing that there was no other outcome than their deaths. Ganner reached deeply into the Force, drawing on resources he didn't know he had, and single-handedly fought off several hundred Yuuzhan Vong warriors. However, their sheer numbers and use of stronger weapons eventually defeated Ganner. Ganner died valiantly, disappearing into the Force as he expired, knowing that he had given Jacen the time he needed to work with the dhuryam. With the effort, Ganner died knowing that he had finally become the hero he always believed himself to be. When Jacen hesitated to leave because of Ganner, Ganner projected the "Go!" into Jacen's mind, ensuring that their mission would end in success.
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