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this planet orbitted its star in an ellipse that brought it very close to Osarian every ten years. An inhospitable world populated by the descendants of criminals exiled to work in the mines, Rhommamool appeared to be a large, red ball from space. Although there were many miners who lived on the planet voluntarily, the vast majority were forced to live their because of their criminal pasts. The planet's harsh conditions were only highlighted by the proximity of Osarian, which was a pleasant, temperate planets. The natives of Osarian managed the mines on Rhommamool, keeping watch on the exiles and reaping the profits of their labors. Like Osarian, Rhommamool was not a technologically-advanced world when it petitioned the New Republic to mediate a centuries-old feud which had been refueled by Nom Anor. In fact, neither planet had developed space travel, and Rhommamool was decidedly ground-based. Nom Anor rallied the Rhommamoolians to declare their independence from Osarian rule, and to denounce the New Republic. He then fled the planet to join the Yuuzhan Vong attack force, hoping the Republic would focus on Rhommamool. As he left, he fired a series of missiles at the city of Osa-Prime, launching a full-scale war between the two planets.
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