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this ancient Celegian Jedi master taught the venerable Odan-Urr. An ocean creature native of a world with a dense, cyanogen-rich atmosphere, Ooroo was a brain-like creature encased in a yellow crystal which maintained the cyanogen atmosphere in which he survived. Ooroo went to Cinnagar to visit with Empress Teta and Odan-Urr shortly after his student was ridiculed on Coruscant for believing in an imminent Sith attack. Ooroo, however, believed that his student was correct in the interpretation of his vision, as were several other Jedi Masters. Ooroo and Odan-Urr led the defense of Kirrek when Naga Sadow finally launched his attack, but they were unable to turn the tide of battle with the Force. Ooroo, seeing that he alone held the key to the battle, told the Jedi to seek shelter and then cracked open his crystal shell. The cyanogen atmosphere was deadly to the Sith forces, which were killed almost immediately. However, Ooroo was unable to survive in an oxygen atmosphere, and expired in Odan-Urr's arms. Like all Jedi Masters, Ooroo's physical form dissipated as his lifeforce became etheral.
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