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Ood Bnar

an ancient Neti Jedi Master, descended from a creature that lived in the trees of Myrkr. Note that the Tales of the Jedi Companion claims Ood Bnar was a member of the Ryyk species, and that he was orphaned on Myrkr. He was 1,000 years old when his prophecies and knowledge enabled him to be named the gatekeeper of the Jedi Holocron posessed by Master Arca just before the Great Sith War. Arca loaned it to Thon just before Thon apprenticed Nomi Sunrider, and Thon used it often in Nomi's training. Ood Bnar appears as a sluglike humanoid, whose round head has no eyes but is covered with long appendages which hang to his waist. Ood Bnar was thought to have been long dead, until Luke Skywalker and Kam Solusar discovered the ancient, tree-like creature on Ossus. There, Bnar was helping the Ysanna tribe discover their Force sensitivity. In a ritual, all young Ysanna warrior-priests were tied to Ood Bnar's form, humbling them in the face of the Light Side of the Force. Bnar was later forced to confront the Executor Sedriss, and in a duel of Dark and Light Side energies, Bnar and Sedriss exploded. Sedriss was not heard from again, but a smaller form of Ood Bnar was found growing in the Jedi Master's former location. The explosion of the two enemies opened a chasm in the earth surrounding the Jedi Master's location, and the Ysanna discovered a wealth of ancient but operable lightsabers. This was a sign to Luke and Kam that the Jedi Knights were about to be reborn.
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