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Jedi Battle Meditation

this was a skill mastered by only a few Jedi Knights and Masters. It involved the Jedi concentrating on the general flow and the outcome of a battle. When the Jedi pictured the battle in his mind, he could then project the image to all participants in the battle. This mental image influenced both sides of the battle, and helped bolster the Jedi's forces while reducing the opponent's conviction. The Jedi Master Thon could do this, and so could Nomi Sunrider. Luke Skywalker found a volume dedicated to the technique when he discovered the ancient Jedi library on Ossus. A combined form of this technique was known as the battle-meld, in which a group of Jedi Knights linked their minds into the flow of the meditation, thereby enhancing their ability to affect the course of the battle. While in the battle-meld, the participating Jedi Knights could anticipate each other's actions, allowing them to work in concert to achieve a faster end to the fighting. However, it was discovered by Cilghal and Jaina Solo that prolonged exposure to the battle-meld could weaken the boundaries of one's mind, leading to a blurring of individuality and unwanted sharing of emotions. Cilghal's investigation revealed that the meld caused an individual's hypothalmus to become enlarged and hypersensitive, causing the meld to become more like a telepathic link. Continued use of the meld caused similar changes to the rest of the limbic system, allowing the beings in the link to experience each other's emotions. Once the entire corpus callosum had been altered, the individuals in the battle-meld could literally communicate by mingling their Force auras created around their bodies. The result of this prolonged exposure to the meld was that the Jedi involved were unable to distinguish their own thoughts and feelings from those of the other Jedi in the link, creating a sort of hive mind among the group.
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