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Jax, Carnor

this former Royal Imperial Guard was a member of the training class the produced Kir Kanos. Jax often bested Kir Kanos in the training battles fought in The Squall, and defeated Alum Frost in a fight to the death on Yinchorr. The battle was staged by Emperor Palpatine himself, meant to determine the more loyal warrior. In the wake of Palpatine's death at Endor, Jax began to envision himself as a new Dark Lord and ruler of the Empire. He established a power base, and bribed one of Palpatine's primary clone scientists into creating defective clones for the Emperor. Jax then began wearing a suit of armor which was a modified version of the Royal Guards' armor, with a black faceplate and cloak. When Palpatine's clones were destroyed at Byss, he made his bid for control of the Empire by creating the Imperial Interim Ruling Council and assuming its leadership. He also set out to exterminate the remaining Royal Imperial Guards, but Kir Kanos managed to escape and took with him the secret of Jax's treason. Jax learned of Kanos' survival, and knew that he would have to eliminate the threat he posed. When Kanos was discovered on Phaeda, Jax ordered Colonel Shev to stand down and let his own forces deal with Kanos, but Shev ignored the orders. In the end, Kanos was able to escape to the planet Yinchorr. Jax pursued him, but was unable to stop General Wessel from falling for another of Kanos' tricks. Jax fled the Emperor's Revenge with Blim and a squadron of hand-picked, black-armored stormtroopers, landing on Yinchorr to hunt down Kanor. The entire squadron of troopers was eliminated by Kanos, leaving Jax to face him in one-on-one combat. They met in The Squall, where Jax had defeated Kanos during their training. Jax made sure he had all of Kanos' escapes covered, including the placement of Blim in a nearby position to shoot Kanos if the other man got an advantage. After Blim was eliminated by Mirith Sinn and Sish Sadeet, Jax nearly defeated Kir Kanos. However, the other man was too strong for Jax. In a short duel, Kanos drove the blade of his staff through Jax's breastplate, piercing his heart and killing him instantly.
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