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a race of diminutive, desert-dwelling scrap merchants on Tatooine, these repulsive little creatures had large, glowing eyes which peer out from dirty cloaks. Their smell was based on the unusual mixture of chemicals used to clean their clothing, a mixture which helped the fabric retain body moisture. Jawas also didn't bathe, seeing it as a waste of precious water. This also allowed individual Jawas to learn about others of their species, as their scents revealed information about their health and feelings. They have a randomly variable language, which makes it hard to interpret what they say. This was due mainly to the fact that Jawas used pheromones to add emphasis to their otherwise meaningless syllables. They were inherently cowardly, having to survive in an evironment where every other creature was larger and more dangerous. Very few have ever seen what a Jawa looks like under their cloaks. They were communal beings, working together in small bands to collect anything and everything in order to repair it for resale to any and all buyers. It was believed by some xenologists that Jawas had human origins, although their exact origins were lost over time. Most non-Jawas regarded the Jawas as scavengers and thieves, descriptions that actually pleased most Jawas. Their normal body temperature was 116 degrees.
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