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Hyperspacial Continuum

more commonly known as hyperspace, this was a dimension of the space-time continuum that can only be reached at supralight speeds. It transcends the four normal dimensions of length, width, depth, and time, and is analogous to a dimension floats above them. It allows space travelers to "jump" from a specific point in realspace to another point is realspace without having to travel directly between them. It corresponds directly with realspace, and any point in realspace has a matching point in hyperspace. Physical bodies in realspace also exist in hyperspace, but as gravity shadows of their true selves. The direction a starship travels is also similar in hyperspace as it is in realspace. It was also learned that a starship traveling through hyperspace built up a tachyon charge as it moved. This tachyon charge was not released until the starship re-entered realspace. The Yuuzhan Vong discovered a way to use a bio-engineered spore to free these tachyon particles while in hyperspace, giving them a way to track the movements of a ship through hyperspace by simply following the tachyon trail. While it was generally accepted that the galaxy was one of a multitude in the universe, it was discovered that a massive hyperspacial distrubance surrounded the galaxy and prevented a starship from travelling beyond its boundaries. This theory was challenged when the Yuuzhan Vong launched their invasion of the galaxy, and their ships seemed capable of hyperspace travel across the gulf between galaxies. Doctor Soron Hegerty proposed that the disturbance was formed of globs of "dark matter" that interacted only with gravity and forced starships to exit hyperspace when they encountered it. Doctor Hegerty's theory was that one glob - more than likely the size of a small galaxy - had begun to pass through the known galaxy, opening a hole in the disturbance and allowing the Yuuzhan Vong to enter.
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