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Halcyon, Nejaa

this Corellian Jedi Master was Valin Horn's father, and was good friends with Rostek Horn. He was one of a handful of Jedi who broke the code on marriage, having taken vows with his wife, Scerra. The birth of Valin was a precious event to him, but also one that he worked hard to keep secret from the Jedi Order. Despite his best efforts, though, Nejaa was pretty sure that Master Yoda had some idea of his family's existence, and always wondered why nothing was done about it. Shortly before the Battle of Geonosis, Halcyon led a team of Jedi Knights to locate and recapture the Scarlet Thranta, after the ship's captain and crew defected from the Old Republic. Halcyon managed to intercept Zozridor Slayke and his crew on Bpfassh, but was tricked by the rogue Captain. While Zozridor sent one of his lieutenants - a Rodian named Grudo - to challenge Halcyon to a fight, Zozridor slipped behind the lines and stole Halcyon's own ship, the Plooriod Bodkin. Slayke then fled into space, leaving Halcyon and his team without their quarry and without their starship. The net result was that the Jedi Council had been forced to remove Halcyon from command, pending another chance to redeem himself. This chance occurred more than two years after the onset of the Clone Wars, when the Intergalactic Communications Center on Praesitlyn was captured by Separatist forces led by Pors Tonith. Halcyon was paired with Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker on the mission, and was surprised and confused to learn that Zozridor Slayke was already on Praesitlyn, putting up as much resistance as he could. Upon reaching Praesitlyn, Halcyon was forced to put his pride behind him and work together with Slayke to create a battle plan. Luckily for both men, Skywalker as eager to devise plans as well. Although their initial plan failed because of a lack of information, later plans allowed Anakin to launch a desparate rescue mission. After Pors Tonith was captured and the hostages at the communications were freed, Halcyon was able to return to Coruscant with good news. He was also reinstated as a commander. Nejaa was also a good friend of Ylenic It'kla during this time, and the Caamasi was the one who brought word of Nejaa's death to Corellia. When he died on a mission to locate Nikkos Tyris Suarbi, shortly after the Clone Wars, Rostek cared for Halcyon's family, eventually falling in love with - and marrying - Halcyon's widow Scerra. He also adopted Nejaa's ten-year-old son Valin, but nicknamed him Hal, in honor of his father and to cover up his relationship to the Jedi. Nejaa had given Rostek a Jedi Credit medallion, which Rostek passed on to Hal, who in turn passed it to Corran Horn. Corran discovered the existence of Nejaa during his escape from Lusankya, as he stumbled upon a buried Jedi museum near the Galactic Museum. Corran also discovered Nejaa's lightsaber, which he put to use in his escape. Nejaa's true relationship to Corran was revealed by Luke Skywalker, shortly after Tycho Celchu was released from prison.
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