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according to legend, this ancient Jedi Knight fell from the Light Side and began learning anything he could about the Dark Side and Sith teachings. When he felt a strange disturbance in the Force, he sought out its source and discovered the Cthol race and their Codex. Greedy and evil, Halbret exterminated the Cthol and took the Codex for himself. Halbret was later killed in a space battle with a group of Jedi Knights, and the Codex was lost for several millennia. Many historians of the New Republic believe that Halbret was, in fact, a woman, after the discovery of the planet Kathol by the crew of the FarStar and the location of the Shrine of the Sleeper. All the history of the Kathol matched with that of the Cthol, down to the presence of Halbret in suspended animation on Kathol. The FarStar's crew was able to reanimate Halbret, who was known as the Sleeper to the races of Kathol. They learned that she had been born on Coruscant, and traveled to the farthest reaches of the known galaxy (what later became the Inner Rim) to seek her destiny. As a Jedi Knight, she was sensitive to the ripples in the Force which spread out after a Dark Jedi enslaved the Kathol, and she traveled to Kathol Sector to find out what was happening. In the battle against the Dark Jedi, it was Halbret who stood alone against him, and her strength against her opponent generated the energy which caused the Rift Disaster. In return for her help in defeating the Dark Jedi, the ancient Kathol gave her the opportunity to survive the Rift Disaster by going into suspended animation. Halbret agreed, and was frozen in time until the FarStar's crew found her. Halbret also revealed that she and Jessa Dajus shared a common ancestry, which explained Jessa's resemblance. After awakening, Halbret assisted the crew of the FarStar in defeating DarkStryder's minions, then released the ancient Kathol from the Lifewell. During the struggle, though, Halbret realized that Jessa was unable to defeat the creatures she was fighting. Halbret threw herself in front of a killing blow, sacrificing herself to save Jessa. Jessa stared, dumbfounded, as Halbret's body dissolved and became part of The Force.
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