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this unit of measurement describes the amount of deliverable energy in a single artillery tube charge. (ISB)

this was the codename used by the minor criminal Vreego, during the time he spent on Cularins during the early years of the New Order. (LFCW)

this was a model of hydrospanner produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. (PSG)

Industrial Automaton's pilot droid series, the V1 was built to replace the R2 series. The R2 series was built as an assistant to a living pilot, and was used primarily in starfighters. The V1 droids were capable of performing an R2 unit's functions as well as piloting the ship. The V1, however, did not have any starship maintenance programming, unlike the R2 unit. The V1 was used on missions to hostile environments, when a living pilot would be harmed or killed. (RASB)

this was one of two Imperial TIE Defender facilities destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (XWN)

this Merr-Sonn thermal detonator was part of the standard weaponry used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems to arm their battle droids, during the height of the Clone Wars. It later found its way into the arsenal of the Grand Army of the Republic, and was a favored explosive of the clone troopers. (LAWS, SWI84)

V-1 Droid
this was a series of droids who were programmed to fly freighters and other non-military starships. (WS)

v-150 Planet Defender
this planetary defense ion cannon was manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards. The main weapon was housed in a spherical shell on the surface, although the power generator was buried nearly a mile in the ground beneath it. This allowed for remote operation of the weapon, which was designed to disable an attacking ship in orbit. This also placed the v-150's power generator in a relatively cool position, although special arrangements usuallt had to be made to ensure the v-150 didn't overheat. The Alliance used one to defend the Echo Base on Hoth, while another was also used by Garm Bel Iblis to defend his Peregrine's Nest base. (ESB, RPG, DFR, EGW, IWST, NEGW)

this Alliance sleeper cell was maintained on Malthor by Berren Sid Te', during the Galactic Civil War. As was typical of Alliance cells, no member knew anyone else in the cell, other than their direct contact. V-16 was most impressive as a cell, since none of its members knew that Sid himself was working for the Alliance. (CRO)

v-180 Planet Defender
this defensive, planetary ion cannon had nearly twice the firepower of its predecessor, the v-150. It also had its own power generator. (CSA)

v-188 Penetrator
Speizoc's heavy anti-artillery weapon, the v-188 was designed during the Clone Wars. It was among the heaviest energy weapons ever to see action; this often required them to be fixed in placed atop the Aratech 440 super-heavy armored chassis. The only drawback to the v-188 was that the energy bolts it created dissipate quickly after being shot, requiring the target to be fairly close. (ISB)

this was a model of landspeeder built by SoroSuub during the last decades of the Old Republic. It measured 5.7 meters in length, and could carry a pilot and three passengers, as well as ten kilograms of cargo. It was one of several speeders which were produced in both civilian and military versions, in an effort to appeal to a wider range of customers. The speeder's upgraded hull plating made it more durable in combat, but it also made the V-19 popular in urban areas were collisiions were common. (SON, NEGV)

V-19 Torrent
this Slayn and Korpil starfighter was developed as part of the massive build-up of weapons and starships that accompanied the formation of the Army of the Republic, dring the months leading up to the Clone Wars. They were first tested at the Battle of Geonosis, and their speed and maneuverability made them a mainstay of the Old Republic's war machine. The V-19 was originally conceived of as a short-range fighter, but hyperdrives were soon added as the Republic needed quicker response time to arenas of battle. Armed with blaster cannons and missile launchers, the V-19 was easily distinguished by its split-wing design. Essentially a flying wing, the V-19 could take off and land vertically when the wings were in the folded-up position. When fully deployed, the wings added superior maneuverability. (SWDB)

this droid worked for the reporter Andor Javin, and performed many of the complex decipherings used to identify the newsnet rogue Cynabar. (SWJ8)

this was one of two Imperial TIE Defender facilities destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (XWN)

one of Kuat Drive Yards' newest ion cannons, the New Republic used them to guard its base on Nespis VIII. (EE)

this SoroSuub speeder was produced during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (TG)

the callsign of the TIE fighter that assists Maarek Stele in rescuing Admiral Mordon near Farboon. (TIE)

this was a model of servo-lifter produced by Verekil. Measuring three meters in height, the V-2z exoskeleton allowed a being to lift heavy crates and cargoes, and move them on or off a starship. (PSG)

V-3 Vanguard
this model of holdout blaster was produced by Vector Technologies. (WSV)

this was a specific size of landspeeder mixture filter, used to control the amount of fuel being supplied to the repulsorlift engine. It produced a thick mixture. (CFG)

the V-35 was SoroSuub's enclosed, family-model landspeeder, first introduced during the last decades of the Old Republic. Also known as the Courier, the 3.8-meter-long V-35 was built to be reliable, inexpensive, and unremarkable, and it achieved all three goals. It had a thick, arrow-shaped hull that allowed large amounts of cargo to be stored fro transport. The canopy opened to allow a pilots and up to two passengers to be seated. Three large thrust turbines were mounted on the rear deck. Like many older speeder models, the V-35's rear sections were dominated by the repulsorfield generators, so all cargo had to be stored in the front sections. Its engine system gave the V-35 a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour. (CCG, EGV, SOT, NEGV)

V-35 Courier
see V-35 (AEG)

v-35 Spoiler
this was Kuat Drive Yards' medium-duty, surface to air ion cannon. (HAS)

a new form of TIE Fighter, developed by Darth Vader during the later years of the Galactic Civil War, which had a central sphere surrounded by three triangular wings. It had incredible stealth power, evading nearly every known form of sensor. It was classified by Alliance military leaders as an assault fighter. (RA2)

V-38 Phantom
see V38 (RA2)

an Imperial heavy lifter stationed on Zaarin's beam-weapon research station. (TIE)

this protocol droid was owned by Senator Drextar Pym, who had the droid programmed to care for his two sins, Kyle and Dirv. When Kyle and Dirv were kidnapped by Imperial fanatics, V-3P5 was destroyed as a threat to the Senator. V-3P5 managed to send a transmission before it expired, warning Senator Pym that the kidnappers also held his wife. (SWJ7)

V-4 Plug
this Impulse slot connector is found on all blasters, and connects the trigger cable to the press plate. (CFG)

this orbiting dock, located in the Sluis Van shipyards, was the site of Grand Admiral Thrawn's first attack on the shipyards. V-475 was a Rendili StarDrive Space Dock. It was near V-475 that the Nartissteu exploded, allowing its cloaked mole miners to infiltrate the shipyards. (HTTE, HTSB)

a report written by Mordaph Clafdatha and Jord Krass, detailing the Alliance's starfighters to Darth Vader. (XW)

a report written by the Empire that detailed all the current Imperial and Alliance starships. It expanded the Clafdatha/Krass report by including the Imperial ships. (TIE)

V-53 Hydromancer
this civilian, ocean-going pleasure yacht was manufactured by Saltech, and providing its owner with a sleek form and average performance. The V-53 measured 23 meters in length, and was manned by a crew of six. (SWJ1)

this is the designation of one of Mier-Lang's concussion grenades. The Alliance used them to combat Imperial forces on Hoth. (CCG3)

this was a series of transport droids produced by Veril Line Systems during the Galactic Civil War. Classified as fifth-degree droids, the V5-T was designed to assist transport owners in determinign the faster routes and piloting repulsorcraft. (FOP, GFT)

this droid was owned by the Herglic gambler, Doune. V-6's primary responsibility was to maintain a tab on Doune's winnings, so that no other being could swindle the Herglic. (TFNR)

V-6 Haywire Grenade
produced by Merr-Sonn during the height of the Clone Wars, the V-6 Haywire grenade produced an intense electromagnetic pulse when it exploded. This allowed the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic to lob V-6 grenades into approaching units of battle droids, rendering the droids inert when the pulse fried their circuitry. (LAWS)

V6 Pilot Droid
manufactured by Industrial Automaton during the height of the New Order, the V6 series of droid was designed to replace the somewhat successful V1 series. These droids could hold more hyperspace jump coordinates that a standard astromech, and had enhanced programming which allowed it to take control and fly a starship, but they were poorly programmed for combat flight. (FTD)

Merr-Sonn produced this portable mortar launcher for use by the stormtroopers of the Empire. (LAWS)

this was the Imperial designation of the planet Vaal, after a relay outpost was established on the planet severl years before the Battle of Yavin. (SWESH)

this Alliance datafile contained a program which was used by its operatives to modify a starship's transponder codes. (CFG)

this was a form of tripod-mounted blaster cannon produced during the last decades of the Old Republic. (DMSH)

v-90 Protector
this was the designation of Kuat Drive Yards' medium-duty, surface to space ion cannon. (HAS)

Va rastne maj bajan quee
this Ortolan phrase roughly translated into Basic as "It took you long enough to get here." (3D3)

Va Tosh
this was the name of a noted Blood Carver, famous in the history of the planet Batorine. (UANT)

VA-13 Sweeper
this modifed snubfighter was developed by the Daedalus Gas Mines corporation to collect radiocarbon molecules from the atmospheres of gas giant planets. The Sweeper was fitted with a ten-meter-wide trough on its nosecone. The trough was equipped with a fine-toothed mesh that was made from a metal which attracted and held the radiocarbons and funneled them into a small container for later processing. (LFC)

Vaa, Seviss
this Dark Jedi was one of many who flocked to join the ranks of the Brotherhood of Darkness, serving under Lord Kaan durnig the decades leading up to the Battle of Ruusan. Vaa was a noted scholar who had read through the alchemical texts of Naga Sadow, and was one of Lord Kaan's most trusted underlings. Vaa wanted to augment Kaan's forces by creating an army of mutated beasts, and spent a good deal of time working on the remote world of Aduba-3. There, he took indigenous lizards and imbued them with the Dark Side of the Force, eventually creating the creature known as the Behemoth. The Behemoth was incomplete, however, when the Battle of Ruusan took place, and Vaa was forced to bury his experiments in deep caves until he returned. When Vaa was killed in the battle, the Behemoth and other experiments remained in suspended animation for centuries, until a settler known as the Old One set it free. (GMR4)

this young Gand Jedi Padawan was part of the task force dispatched to the planet Jabiim, during the height of the Clone Wars. Like many of the students who were forced into battle, Vaabesh lost his Master to the Jabiimite rebels. The surviving Padawans banded together and did their best to hold off the advance of Alto Stratus, and managed to hold their own against his Separatist forces for several days. However, during the fighting, Vaabesh's containment suit was breached by enemy fire. He lived long enough to ensure that Aubrie could recover his lightsaber and use it in combat against Stratus, then he died. (RBJ)

this planet was controlled by the Empire, during the height of the New Order. Designated as relay outpost V-798, it was here that Darth Vader landed in the wake of the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the first Death Star. Any approach to the planet was treacherous at best, since Vaal's orbit intersected several asteroid fields. The planet itself was covered with vast savannahs, which were home to a wide range of animal life. Because of its regular passages through the asteroids, Vaal was often struck by meteors and other chunks of debris, which wreaked havoc with sensors. (SWESH)

this ancient prophet delivered a series of predictions and prophecies to the galaxy, some 800 years before the Battle of Yavin. (GMR8)

this multi-armed creature, native to the planet Sarapin, was known for its relentless attack patterns. Most vaapad had at least seven distinct, tentacular arms, which they used in a horrifically fast attack to stun and kill their prey. The largest vaapad ever caught and killed had twenty-one arms; the only way to know exactly how many arms a vaapad had was to kill it and examine the body. This characteristic attack style led the Jedi Master Mace Windu to name the Vaapad style of lightsaber combat after this creature. (NEGC, SHPT)

this lightsaber combat was developed by Mace Windu, with the assistance of Sora Bulq, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. It was an aggressive collection of maneuvers, and was considered to be part of the Form VII category. As such, the Vaapad training was considered extremely close to the Dark Side of the Force, and was forbidden to all but the most skilled of Jedi Masters. To Master Windu and his apprentice, Depa Billaba, Vaapad was more than a combat style; it was a state of mind in which the fighter opened themselves so fully to the Force to fight their opponent that they drew power from both the light and dark sides of the Force. The style was named for vaapad creature found on Sarapin. It was all but abandoned after Sora Bulq was consumed by the art in what became known as the blood fever, and himself abandoned the Jedi Order. Master Windu later explained to Obi-Wan Kenobi that Vaapad had originally been created as a way for him to channel his own darkness into a weapon of the light. While this was an adaptation to weakness within Master Windu, it was a potential danger for those Jedi who were unable to control the Dark Side of the Force. (J1, NEGC, SHPT, E3N)

Vaargaz, Jah-kil
this woman worked as Kram Balut's primary contact on the planet Coruscant, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. She was wanted by the Republic Security Force for a variety of crimes, and a bounty was placed on her head in order to bring her in for questioning about her various criminal contacts. She was eventually captured and brought in for questioning by Jango Fett. (BH)

this moon, located near the Roche Asteroid Field, was believed to be the homeworld of the Taozin. (WOTC, PJSB)

this Imperial commando was chosen by Ysanne Isard to lead the operatives who traveled to Ciutric to capture Sate Pestage, after Pestage was declared a traitor to the Empire. (XWMR)

this twenty-five-meter-long assault ship was developed for the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI81)

this planet - the third in the Vaath'kror System - was a harsh, volcanic world which has been - and continues to be - hit by meteors on a regular basis. Much of the atmosphere is filled with corrosive, poisonous chemicals. Nonetheless, several sentient species have evolved on the planet. The Vaathkree are the primary race, having built domed cities in which to live. These cities are actually living, organic constructs known as Vnals. The Stoneslingers are a small race of living rock, and eventually evolve into the Vaathkree themselves. Note that Secrets of the Sisar Run claims this planet is named Vaath'kror, after its sun. (TTSB, SSR)

an alien race native to the planet Vaathkree, these beings evolved in the harsh environment of their homeworld. The Vaathkree are the adult form of Stoneslingers, and resemble humanoids made from stone and metal. In reality, they are fleshy creatures encased in an armor-like covering of living metal or stone. Each Vaathkree matures from a Stoneslinger after twenty years. They are known for their religion, which is centered around bartering and the art of making The Deal. The average Vaathkree can live to be over 300 standard years of age, which included twenty or more years as a Stonesinger. (HTTE, TTSB, AE)

this was the language of the Vaathkree. (TLC)

Vaathkree Flatsculp
a mid-eighteenth-century pre-Empire art form. (HTTE)

Vaathkree Trade Corridor
this hyperspace trade route led through the Inner Rim. (SWJ12)

Vaathkree Trade Language
this civilian language was developed by the Vaathkree. Its primary use was in bartering. (KR)

this star was the central body in the Vaath'kror System. (SSR)

this affliction was specific to Yuuzhan Vong master Shapers, and was believed to have been a piece of brain matter of the goddess Yun-Ne'Shel herself. Each Master had to go through a period of personal sacrifice, during which a piece of the Vaa-tumor was implanted in their body. The pain had to be endured, as the Vaa-tumor supposedly altered the Shaper's own cells and brought her closer to Yun-Ne'Shel. After the period of sacrifice, the Vaa-tumor was removed, and the Shaper was changed forever. (EVC)

this was the identification number of a Bothan prisoner, held on the first Death Star in detention block AA-23, just prior to the destruction of Battle of Yavin. (WOTC)

Vac Attack
this was the brand name of Golan Arms' Mk-127 wrist-mounted blade launcher. It was capable of using firing three small, circular blades at a target in rapid succession, but then needed to be reloaded. The original design of the Vac Attack Mk-127 was done by the Vacutech Combine. (ROE, AEG)

this Filar-Nitzan infiltrator was often hired by Imperial officers and powerful gansters as a thief and spy. (AIR)

Vacant Valley
this dark, scary valley was located on the Forest Moon of Endor. (ECAR)

this third-rate Devaronian merchant purchased the Merasy from Geld Bernar, and set out to make his fortune as a trader. Like many Devaronian males, Vacasor had a deep sense of wanderlust, and spent much of his career simply circling the Rim worlds. The only smart thing he did - and the only reason he remained solvent - was to hire Naneb Pefan as a co-pilot. (SS)

this man, a native of the planet Alderaan, was one of the few Alderaanians who joined the Empire. Dr. Vacca was the noted scientist who developed Project Dead Eye. After the destruction of Alderaan, Dr. Vacca began to have serious doubts about his loyalty to the Empire, while many surviving Alderaanians questioned his continued support of the Empire. The Alliance set out to locate Dr. Vacca, after Lyda Skims uncovered evidence of Dead Eye's existence, in an effort to convince him to abandon the project altogether. Vacca's own convictions were put to the test when many of his Drall supporters were killed by Imperial stormtroopers, but this action only served to steel his resolve to defect. He was located by a group of Alliance operatives, led by Leia Organa, on the planet Corellia, and decided to turn over his work to the Alliance. (SWGAL)

this was a slang term used by Imperial Navy personnel to describe a space-based TIE Fighter pilot. It was often used in a derogatory manner, as if to say that space-based pilots were somehow inferior to ground-based pilots. (SWJ10)

this man practiced the game of dejarik against the holographic projection of Krestin Baas, never beating Baas but only coming close. (GFT)

this planet was the primary world in the Vactooine System, which was a major stopover point for barge fleets moving ores and other raw materials through the Outer Rim Territories. (GORW)

Vacutech Combine
this small weapons manufacturer produced a variety of personal defense weapons during the early years of the New Order. After getting into trouble with the Imperial bureaucracy, Vacutech was forced out of business. The company and its assets were purchased by Golan Arms. (AEG)

Vacuum Flower
this unusual, flowering plant had a blossom that looked as disgusting as it smelled. (YDR)

Vacuum Mask
this was a generic term used to describe any mask that provided a minimum of protection aboard a starship, in the event of a loss of pressure due to a hull breech. These masks were most often used in conjunction with some form of environment suit. (KOTOR)

Vacuum Ooglith
similar in most respected to a normal ooglith cloaker, the vacuum ooglith could be worn by a Yuuzhan Vong who needed to exist for a short time in the vacuum of space. The vacuum ooglith provided not only protection against decompression and a stable supply of air, it also provided enough heat to keep the Yuuzhan Vong's body from freezing. (NJOSB)

an ablative coating used to cover dropships before atmospheric re-entry, VACX will burn off during entry. Thus, it must be replaced prior to each drop. VACX helps raise the dropship's hull strength. (ISB)

this was the codename used by General Wedge Antilles, when he decided to leave his command of the Mon Mothman and pilot a starfighter in defense of the planet Zonama Sekot, during the Galactic Alliance's final battle against the Yuuzhan Vong. (UF)

Vader Grader
this was shipjacker's slang for a target which was so well protected that even Darth Vader wouldn't be able to steal it. (SWJ13)

Vader, Darth
see Darth Vader (SW)

Vader-class Shuttle
this was the Imperial nickname for the Svelte-class shuttle. (SOG)

Vader's Fist
this was the familiar name of the Empire's 501st Legion of stormtroopers, an active part of the Imperial Remnant some twenty-two years after the Battle of Yavin. (FB)

Vadon Lenitor
this only child of the noted ghest slayer Kalon Lenitor, this female Rodian grew up in relative ease because of her father's legendary exploits. Nevertheless, she put a great deal of hard work into her schoolwork and her labors, and her parents fostered her beliefs in earning one's keep. Following in her father's footsteps, Vadon became known as a ghest slayer in her own right. Eventually, though, Vadon decided to try her hand at bounty hunting, and was modestly successful before she joined the Granse Confederacy as a full-time hunter. She was believed to have taken part in the break-in of the Alliance base on Mapuzo, but no proof was ever found to implicate her. (AIR)

Vae, Thrynni
this young woman was a student of the Force, and trained as a padawan under Tresina Lobi during the early years of the New Republic. However, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Tresina and Thrynni were dispatched to Duro to watch over the shipping concerns who were supplying the refugees who were working on the Duro reclamation project. Tresina started her investigation on Bburru, and during the search Thrynni disappeared. It was later learned that their investigation had hit pretty close to the heart of the matter between the Duros High House, CorDuro Shipping, and the Peace Brigade, and Thryni was captured and murdered. Luke Skywalker discovered that Thrynni had been beaten to death by a group of Gamorrean thugs, then dumped out an airlock. (BP)

this withered Yuuzhan Vong female was the chief priestess involved with the invasion of the galaxy, reporting directly to Tsavong Lah aboard the Sunulok. In her position as priestess, though, she was beholden to no being but Overlord Shimrra, and refused to defer to the Warmaster. (BP, SBS)

this New Republic liberated this planet from Imperial control shortly after the Battle of Endor. (DARK)

this Imperial Governor was in charge of the planet Venaari during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ5)

Vaetes, D'Arc
this man served the Old Republic as a Colonel in the Grand Army of the Republic, and was the base commander of the Rimsoo Seven military hospital on Drongar during the height of the Clone Wars. Vaetes was known as a first-class surgeon, in addition to being a career officer who had given his entire life to serving the Old Republic. He was a veteran of a number of skirmishes, both military and political, and was not easily fooled. Thus, when Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee came to him with the belief that there was a spy in the Rimsoo Seven compound, and that the spy had been responsible for the loss of large amounts of bota, Vaetes demanded more than just her intuition as proof. Offee was unable to provide more proof, leaving Vaetes with little real ability to address the situation. He agreed to step up the existing patrols, but had no more resources to spend on pursuing her theory. (MBS, MJH)

this tree, valued for its deep red wood, was native to the planet Lamaredd. (GMR7)

this race of beings was native to a remote world in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. Over their history, the Vagaari conquered or enslaved large portions of space in the region of the planet Crustai, spreading their influence to the borders of Chiss space. They took what they wanted and destroyed what they didn't, and many races were erased from history because of the predation of the Vagaari. The Chiss, despite their military prowess, was worried about the advances of the Vagaari, but military doctrine forbade them from making pre-emptive strikes against them. The short-statured Vagaari were distinguished by their large, violet eyes, flattened ears located near the crown of their skulls, and the two mouths that were located along the jaw. The skin of a Vagaari was tan in color, with golden swirls near the mouth and cheeks. With their reappearance during the Outbound Flight mission, the Vagaari were discovered to have advanced technology for suspending a living being's body functions. They built miniature suspension units to render their wolvkils inanimate, and used larger devices to hide additional pirates in specialized chambers aboard their ships. The Chiss, through the machinations of Aristocra Formbi, maneuvered Bearsh and his Vagaari into a position where they could make their own attack on the Chaf Envoy, hoping to lure them into making the first move. Unfortunately, that move came later, when the Vagaari tried to steal the D-Four Dreadnaught from the remains of the Outbound Flight. (SQ)

this unusual language was spoken by the Vagaari race, and was formed from singsong tones produced in a two-part harmony because of their two mouths. (SQ)

Vagaari Empire
this was the name given to the civilization of the Vagaari people. Shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong launched their invasion of the galaxy, the Vagaari decided to launch an attack against the Chiss who had destroyed their forces some fifty years earlier. The plan was to steal droids from the remains of the Outbound Flight Project, using them as templates from which to build a massive droid army. When Estosh and his forces launched an attack on the Chaf Envoy and later, the Brask Oto Command Station, the Chiss were free to launch their own attack. However, they had no idea where the Vagaari base was. Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker were able to supply that information, having witnessed Estosh keying in the information shortly before he died. The waiting ambush fleet was summarily destroyed, eliminating the remainder of the immediate Vagaari threat. (SQ)

Vagaari Wars
this was the name used by Chiss historians to describe the series of conflicts between the Chiss and the Vagaari that occurred during the era of the New Republic. (DN1)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

Vagabond Suit
this is the name given to any form of personal envornmental protective suits, often used by scouts and explorers. They are named vagabonds because they give the wearer an incredile range of exploration. The vagabond suit contains a helmet with heads-up displays and communications gear, sensor packages in a backpack unit, armor plating, and a booster jet pack. (SWJ8)

Vaganon, Alistay
this woman was invited to spent a vacation on Glova, at the behest of the planetary Governor, Tegist Byrg. However, she was less than happy with the planet, the restaurants, the hotels ... everything. (POC)

Vagh Rodiek
this unusual race of slaves was created by the Yuuzhan Vong Shaper Taug Molou, who had been ordered to turn the Rodian people into slaves after Rodia was subjugated by the alien invaders. Rather than inserting yorik coral implants into the Rodians, Taug Molou spent months vivisecting thousands of Rodians, examining every aspect of their physiology, before learning how to alter it to his needs. The Vagh Rodiek moved about in crab-like fashion on all-fours, since its arms had been replaced with long, bony implants. The ridge of spines that ran along a Rodian's skull had been modified to serve as long quills which protected the neck and upper spine from attack. The bones which replaced the arms of a Rodian were shaped into huge hooks, which could impale and grasp an individual with ease. (GMR8)

Vagnerian Canape
this sweet pastry was popular at formal dinners during the early years of the New Republic. (TNR)

this Langhesi forger met Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi when they traveled to Zonama Sekot to have a starship built for them. Vagno was a boisterous man who talked incessantly, and he was in command of the team which shaped their Sekotan starship from fifteen seed-partners. (RP)

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