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M102 Fire Arc
this Golan Arms weapons platform was essentially a repulsor-equipped surface-to-surface projectile launcher. It was manufactured in an attempt to recreate the market for artillery weapons, but the Empire - at whom the vehicle was marketed - had no interest in artillery at the time. The M102 required a crew of four to operate, and used a Tana Ire GroundSweeper-3 sensor array to locate and identify its targets. (ROE)

this was the model number of Salus Corporation's Stalker body armor. (SWJ3)

this was the designation of a class of Imperial sweep bombs manufactured for use by Kuat Drive Yards. The M-12 was a notoriously poor performer in the field, with a failure rate of nearly ten percent. This meant that most Imperial unit demanded a better model, and much of the production run of M-12 bombs was scrapped. They were eventually replaced by devices which had gravity-wave systems built into their casings. However, some twelve million M-12 bombs were never shipped to the Imperial Navy. They were retained by Kuat Drive Yards for testing the armory chambers of their starships. (MA)

M12-L Kimogila
this long-range fighter was the third ship developed by the Hutts and produced by MandalMotors during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The Kimogila was created with a number of weapons emplacements, allowing for a wide range of firepower. Its hull plating and defensive shields made the Kimogila a formidable opponent, and its long-range capabilities made it a deadly addition to the Hutt fleet. (LAWS)

this was the designation of the Imperial repair station constructed in order around the planet Mycroft, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Its mission was to support the Imperial exploration and picket ships operating in Fakir Sector during the Galactic Civil War. As part of Operation Retribution, a group of Alliance agents were sent to Mycroft to harass the station, and nearly succeeded in destroying it. As it was, the station was rendered useless to the Empire and abandoned. (SWCP)

M132L4 System
this Alliance maintained a drop point, codenamed Condor, in this system, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ14)

designated M-18 by the Chiss, this moon was captured by the planet Mobus, in the Klasse Ephemora System of the Unknown Regions, sometime around the Battle of Yavin. Its mass was more than ten times the combined mass of all the other seventeen moons of Mobus, a fact that intrigued the first Chiss probe to investigate the system. However, no other unusual characteristics were noted, and the probe moved on. Investigation into the records of the Chiss' Expeditionary Library by Luke Skywalker and his fellow Jedi Knights revealed that M-18 might have been the rogue planet Zonama Sekot. (FH2)

M21-T Krayt
this gunship was produced by MandalMotors during the height of the New Order, and was armed with a turret-mounted laser cannon and two . These ships found widespread use in Hutt Space, as the various Hutt crimelords used them to patrol their systems and keep both employees and business rivals under control. The M21-T was a cylindrical craft with two heavy wings at the rear, which gave it a signature T-shape. A laser cannon was mounted to each wing, to augment the ship's firepower. A pair of maneuvering and stabilizing fins was mounted to the nose of the ship, just behind the cockpit. (SWGAL)

one of the planets visted by the Night Caller shortly before it was captured by Wraith Squadron near Xobome 6. The third planet in its system, M2398 was a gas giant ringed with dust and several moons. The third moon was the site of a base. (WS)

this was the Imperial designation of a star system between Liinade III and Coruscant. Prince-Admiral Krennel dispatched the Interdictor cruiser Binder to this system, in order to prevent New Republic supply convoys from reaching Liinade III. (IR)

this airless rock was the third moon orbiting the planet Mobus. After the planet Zonama Sekot decided to staynear Mobus in order to escape the rest of the galaxy, the native Ferroans mined M-3 for selenium. It was on M-3 that a Yuuzhan Vong warrior managed to hide, after his supporting fleet was driven off by Zonama Sekot, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. His presence was discovered by the Pride of Selonia, which had accompanied Luke Skywalker and a group of Jedi Knights on their search for Zonama Sekot. Sekot was unable to stop the Yuuzhan Vong from escaping, placing the planet in danger of another attack. (FH3)

see M-31 Speeder (NEGV)

M-31 Speeder
this fast airspeeder was produced by Trilon, Incorporated, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was marketed the "speeder of your dreams," and many of the advertisements urged drivers to "wake up and smell the repulsorlift." The M-31 had two long, pointed hull sections connected to the central fuselage, which hold accommodate two beings. It was produced only in the color fire-red. (HNN5, NEGV)

this was the sensor designation of the Stellar Web, used by the New Republic forces which tried to destroy Warlord Zsinj near Vahaba. Han Solo had made a deal with Admiral Rogriss, who commanded the Stellar Web, but any indication of the Stellar Web's true allegiance were kept secret by the designation. (SOC)

M38 Explorer Droid
developed by LesTech, the M38 was created to assist explorers and scouts in searching out new territories. Measuring just over a meter in height, the M38 moved about on a pair of treads, and was equipped with a variety of sensors, analyzers, and heavy lifting arms. They were designed to be used in potentially dangerous areas, keeping the organic scout safe. The M38 tended to be highly reliable, although they required regular maintenance. (FTD)

M39 ComTech
developed by MicroThrust, this jamming unit provided a measure of protection against eavesdropping. It essentially emitted a wide range of background static in a localized area, preventing communications sensors from picking up any vocal or electronic communication. Originally designed for civilian use, the M39 was embraced by the Empire and redesigned to have a stronger power source and computer input tap. (GUN)

M3-A Scyk Interceptor
this two-winged starfighter was developed by the Hutts during the height of the New Order. The central fuselage tapered from the round cockpit up front to the exhaust nacelle at the rear. The wings were attached to each side, and gave the fighter the shape of an inverted triangle. Although the Scyk was developed by the Hutts, it was produced by MandalMotors, which sold it to both the Empire and the Alliance. (LAWS)

this droid was inserted into Jabba the Hutt's palace by the Whiphid, Lady Valarian, in an effort to pursuade Sy Snootles to act as a spy against Jabba. (TJP)

a protocol droid that once worked with Roark Garnet. He belonged to Jarsten at the time. (RPG)

M-3PO, or Emtrey to the pilots of Rogue Squadron, was a protocol and regulations droid working for the New Republic Navy. He was assigned to Rogue Squadron at the same time Tycho Celchu was named XO, more to keep an eye on Celchu than to provide input on military protocol. (XWN)

known as Treedee, this Cybot Galactica human-cyborg relations droid served as the maitre'd at the Farrimmer Café. Prior to his servie to H'nib Statermast, Treedee served as a communications monitor for the crew of the Mynock 7 Space Station. However, Treedee got easily sidetracked, and his owner sold the absent-minded droid to Statermast. When he discovered that he would be the maitre'd of the Farrimmer, Treedee was excited to finally work in a profession that utilized his programming. The name Treedee is a shortened form of "maitre'd" used by Statermast. Treedee collected any tips he received in order to purchase oil baths from time to time. (SWJ11)

this was a series of droids which Cybot Galactica based on the popular 3PO series of protocol droids, but which was targetted for military applications. These droids were not build for combat, but instead were designed to be administrative organizers and acquisitions experts, offloading these tasks from organic officers. The body of the M-3PO series was the same as the 3PO protocol droid, and the head of the M-3PO was recycled from the KW series of traffic control droids. (EGD)

this protocol droid was assigned to the hyperbaride plant on Marca by Dynamic Synergetics, Incorporation, at the time the plant was first opened. M-3PO-C was loyal to Arviz Linden, having been assigned as Linden's personal secretary, and admired Linden for keeping the plant's production at a minimum in order to protect the native Sekct. The droid was somewhat distraught upon learning of his death. After the take-over of the planet by Vost Tyne and the Empire, M-3PO-C was relegated to managing the pool of housekeeping droids at the plant. When a team of Alliance agents crashed on Marca and decided to help the native Sekct, M-3PO-C gladly gave them any assistance they needed while within the plant. (POM)

this was the designation of an experimental version of the TIE Fighter, which was designed for kamikaze-type missions. (XWA)

according to legends, this was a planet that was controlled entirely be droids. (SWI83)

this protocol droid served as a porter droid aboard the Star of Empire. It preferred to be called Fourdee. After the ship was taken over by the Systems Integration Manager program, many of the droids began acting strangely. Gardening droids attacked the passengers and crew who remained on the ship, and M-4D0 used a blaster to shatter a transparisteel viewport. The droid was sucked out instantly, along with a great deal of the ship's atmosphere. (GOF10)

this was the military version of the Cybot Galactica M4 message droid. In addition to the basic features of the M4, the M4m was equipped with an internal sporting blaster to eliminate any threat to the message it contained. (SWJ14)

M4-series Messenger Droid
this small, Cybot Galactica message droid was designed to quickly and efficiently transport recorded information from one location to another, without having to rely on tempermental communications systems. It moved about on a small repulsorlift engine, and was programmed with several encryption and security routines to validate the receiver's identity. This series of messenger droids was known for its tenacity in delivering its message. There were many stories from both the civilian and military segments of the market in which M4 droids risked poor conditions or firefights to make their deliveries. (SWJ14, AEG)

this is the designation of a Balmorran repeating blaster cannon. They were used primarily by Imperial stormtroopers. (SWJ9)

this is a model of molecular stiletto produced by Zana. (SOP)

this is a standard form of lubricant container valve nozzle. It is one of the few which can be converted for used as a blaster gas canister. (CFG)

this is a standard form of lubricant container valve nozzle. It is one of the few which can be converted for used as a blaster gas canister. (CFG)

M91 Light Walker
this was an outdated form of two-legged military assault vehicle. (SWJ15)

Ma Lorda
this Huttese term translated into Basic as "My Lord." (GMR5)

Maa, Sel
this socialite woman was a regular at the Outlander Club, during the last decades of the Old Republic. She was easily distinguished by her spangled unisuit, which was colored to match the ribbon-like body paint she used on her arms and shoulders. She spent a great deal of time with Daro Willits during the her visits to the Outlander. (OWS, SWI75)

this yellow creature was bio-engineered by the Yuuzhan Vong as a replacement for an eye. These creatures allowed a Yuuzhan Vong to see into a variety of spectra, and provided the ability to see microscopic details with incredibly magnification. (EVC, EVR)

Maal Lah
a member of Domain Lah, this Yuuzhan Vong officer was placed in command of the warfleet which was dispatched to Coruscant. A disciple of Yan-Yammka, Maal Lah was known for his bold approach to warfare, but toned his plans down for Battle Plan Coruscant in order to take into account the heavy defenses arrayed by the New Republic. A kinsman of the Warmaster Tsavong Lah, Maal Lah was distinguished by his regular features, marked more by red and blue tattoos than by scars. Because of the Yuuzhan Vong's success in the Second Battle of Coruscant, Maal Lah was promoted to the rank of Supreme Commander. He was then commanded to work with Thrackan Sal-Solo to bring the Peace Brigade fleet into the Yuuzhan Vong war machine. When the New Republic attacked Ylesia and captured both Sal-Solo and the renegade Senator Pwoe, Maal Lah kept his forces in reserve to launch a counter attack. The Republic's Twin Suns Squadron, under the command of Jagged Fel, destroyed much of Maal Lah's ground forces in an effort to free the Republic's assault team. Maal Lah, already angry at losing the Republic forces as well as the Ylesian Senatr, also learned that the Twin Suns' attack had badly damaged his leg. (SBS, Y)

Maal, Grindol
this woman was a former pirate captain who struggled to make a living during the height of the New Order. She was a longtime companion of the Revwien Wuwuhuul, and the two were known supporters of the Alliance. They accompanied an Alliance team to Goratak III to recover an Imperial I2-CG droid which contained information on the starship manufacturing plant on Tar Morden. (MB)

this was a Twi'leki phrase which translated roughly into Basic as, "Travel safely." (SESB)

Maana Demknot
this being, a noted hunter who lived on Tatooine some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, provided information about Helena Shan's location to Revan and Bastila Shan. (KOTOR)

this race built wondrous funerary temples, protecting them by placing various booby traps within the corridors. The unique characteristic of the traps was that they were creating to be as inviting as possible, drawing unsuspecting thieves into the traps. (SOL)

Ma'ar Shaddam
this planet was first settled by mining corporations during the height of the Old Republic. The ores that were mined from Ma'ar Shaddam's crust were among the purest and highest-quality found in the galaxy, and the weaponsmakers were said to be among the best in the galaxy. It was on Ma'ar Shaddam that Boba Fett supposedly received maintenance on his equipment. (T18)

this was one of the largest Wookiee cities established on the planet Kashyyyk. Like its counterparts, Maarwraawroo was established around a manufacturing facility, and was built in the intertwined branches of wroshyr trees. (GMR4)

Maas, Ceilia
this was the alias used by Annora Calandra to infiltrate the Raelli Ball, shortly before the Battle of Endor. (LOE)

Maas, Ilov
this man served as Delphon's Senator to the Imperial Senator, during the early years of the New Order. Maas was a vocal supporter of Emperor Palpatine, a trait which was passed on to his only daughter, Nima. (GMR6)

Maas, Nima
this voluptuous woman approached Greedo about locating Temo Dionisio, claiming that she worked for him and was worried because he hadn't shown up for work in several days. Nima was the daughter and only child of Ilov Maas, the Senator from the planet Delphon and an outspoken supporter of Emperor Palpatine. Nima herself saw the Empire as a stablizing force, and worked hard to protect it. As she grew older, Nima was compared in looks and beauty to Riva Denais, a comparison which allowed her to enter places most other women would be forbidden to enter. She offered a large sum of credits for information on Dionisio's location, and Greedo jumped at the money. In reality, Nima was an Imperial agent who had tried to capture Dionisio on her own, but was beaten to the punch by Nok Derrick. Rather than have the near-human extort credit for the information Dionisio might contain, Nima hired Greedo to recover him. Also, Nima feared that Nok Derrick might kill Dionisio if a direct assault was launched. Greedo managed to recover Dionisio, and Nima tried to kill the Rodian to cover up any loose ends. Greedo, however, had a Rodian thrown blade up his sleeve, and managed to kill Nima by placing the knife deep in her throat. (T6, GMR6)

this Kamarian Badlander left his homeworld of Kamar shortly before Han Solo inadvertently set off the Cult of Varn. Note that Alliance Intelligence Reports inadvertently claims Maashan's homeworld was Varn itself. Masshan then attended the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, where he a member of the famed Twilight Class. During his time on OM813, Maashan' was forced to hide behind an XP-38 landspeeder during a training exercise. Barosa Warren made quick work of the landspeeder with his Enforcer Pistol. After graduating from GOSS, Maashan joined the Alliance as a pyrotechnics expert, but was killed during the defense of theplanet Stronghold against the Charon. (AIR)

this word was used on the planet Gandle Ott, during the early years of the New Republic, as a way of addressing a being who questioned the motivations of a native: "This isn't the Core, mab." (DARK)

Mab Kador
this eager young Aleena was an up-and-coming podracer during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He named his podracer the White Panther. (BF4)

this man was one of the many miners who were killed when the Stih devotees of Darth Sion destroyed the Peragus Mining Colony, sometime after the Jedi Civil War. (KOTOR2)

this was an ancient, Clawdite order of warrior-knights. Note that the Star Wars Databank indicates that the Mabari were warriors of the Zolander race. (VD2, SWDB)

this was a common name among the Kushiban race. (UANT)

this Mon Calamari served as a Commodore within the New Republic Navy, and commanded the Poesy while serving under Admiral Darez Wuht in the defense of the planet Duro, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (BP)

this was one of the more common names given to males of the Mon Calamari race. To the Mon Calamari, this name meant "pilot of starfaring vessels". (GCG)

this member of the Ancient Order of the Pessimists was killed by Abal Karda while trying to deliver Karda's meal. Karda believed that Mabob was spying on him, even though Mabob was simply delivering his food. Karda shot Mabob at point-blank range and killed him. (EOE)

this toxic ball of rock was the fourth planet of the Geonosis System. It was orbited by a pair of moons. (GORW)

this Snivvian word represented the number 7. (HNN5)

Mabugat Kan
developed by Qelah Kwaan from research done by Nen Yim, the mabugat kan was a specialized creature that attacked and consumed the New Republic's HoloNet relay stations. Used throughout the galaxy after the Battle of Ebaq, the mabugat kan was part of Warmaster Nas Choka's plan to cut off the various fleets of the New Republic from each other. He reasoned that, without the nearly instantaneous communication afforded by the Holonet, Republic warships would be unable to coordinate plans. (FP, UF)

this man, who claimed to be from an out-of-the-way planet about three hours from Coruscant, was the chief technician for the Happy Blasters. While he was generally calm under fire, he was also xenophobic, and participated in the extermination of the Fyyrsprus species. The only reason for his actions was that the Fyyrsprus botched several repairs on the Starcat, and Mac wanted to make them pay for their mistakes. (SWJ13)

Mac Mac
this man served Roark Slader as the Captain of the Slader's Raider II during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ3)

Macaab Mushroom
a fungus native to the planet Arzid, macaab mushrooms are very rare. They have the unique ability to attack non-organic brain matter and destroy it. They grow very tall in the wild. (PDS)

Macander Heavy Ores
this was the largest of the mining operations headquartered on the planet Aleron, in Tapani Sector. (PGT)

this race of immense, cyborged beings allied themselves with the Nagai, rather than see their civilization wiped out. The Nagai used the Maccabree warriors as their shock troopers, sending them into battle where fighting would be most dangerous. The organic part of a Maccabree was unusual in that its brain was protected by its torso and chest, while the "head" of the Maccabree was merely used for display and deception. They moved about in heavily-armored, droid-controlled suit, which gave the Maccabrees a humanoid appearance. However, the uppoer body of the Maccabree was capable of jettisoning its legs and rocketing free of a bad situation, further protecting the brain cavity inside the chest. (MC100)

this was the Gungan word for a droid or automaton. (SW1)

a planet located along the Sisar Run. (SSR)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

Mace flies
an insect native to Dantooine (DA)

Mace Windu
this Squib, born Macemillian-winduarte', originally a member of the crew of the reclamation cruiser Two-for-One, was the chief bartender aboard the craft before it visited Tatooine. He was left behind when he dawdled in the Mos Eisley Cantina, and was forced to work at odds jobs in order to survive. Over time, he owed money to the Jawa Aguilae. In exchange for payment of the debt, Mace agreed to work as Aguilae's salesman at Jawa Traders. He had traversed a good portion of the galaxy, and had accumulated a wealth of useless knowledge. Shortly after R2-D2 and C-3PO landed on Tatooine, after blasting away from the Tantive IV, Aquilae and Mace were forced to go to work for Jek Nkik and his tribe while trying to swing a deal with them to recover CZ-3. They barely escaped the destruction of Jek's sandcrawler by Imperial forces searching for the droids. (GG7, SWJ11)

this was the given name of the Squib known as Mace Windu. (SWJ11)

Machar Heng
during the months leading up to the Battle of Coruscant, this Yuuzhan Vong subaltern was assigned by Warmaster Tsavong Lah to coordinate the Peace Brigade's attempts to capture Jedi Knights. He was provided with a small flotilla of ships and a handful of warriors, and mvoed about the galaxy to transport any captured Jedi back to the Warmaster. (NJOSB)

Machenry Station
this was the original name of Silver Station. When Una Poot married the engineer who adapted the station to handle the gas canisters used by prospectors in the Dragonflower Nebula, they renamed the facility Silver Station. (SWJ6)

Machill'Tr, Kendrick
this New Republic Intelligence administrative aide held the rank of Lieutenant at the time of the breakup of the Starbuster Plot. Machill'Tr was recruited to compile a datafile which documented the various individuals involved in the Plot and the Human League crisis on Corellia. (CTD)

this was a common name for Ewok males. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

according to Ewok legend, this hero built the first of the tree-villages used by the Ewoks. (GCG)

this was a common name among the Swokes Swokes race. (GORW)

this alias was used by a man who was a member of the Cularin Militia, after he and his comrades - Pac and Grunt - decided to speak out against the "so-called Expansion Manifesto" that was attributed to Reodo Artom. The trio of soldiers believed that the document was a great description of the morals of exploration, but it failed to take into account the true necessities of combat. They agreed to participate in an interview with Yara Grugara on Eye on Cularin, but the inane reporter made a mockery of their opinions. Mack - a native of Cularin with no love for Thaere - didn’t help matters by admitting that he had only read the Expansion Manifesto just once, and then only certain parts of it. (LFCW)

this planet was the original homeworld of the Frid race of Iskalonians. (EGA)

Mackenni, Jorm Whistler
known by his codename of Twister, this Imperial stormtrooper served as the commander of the Aurek-Seven unit of the Imperial 501st Legion during the years following the formation of the Imperial Remnant and the signing of a peace treaty between the Empire and the New Republic. At the time that Aurek Company and the 501st were assigned to eliminate the Warlord on Kariek, Twister had been with the company for six years, the last two of which he had been their leader. After arriving on Kariek, Aurek Company made contact with a group of Eickarie rebels. Su-mil agreed to help Twister and his troopers enter the Warlord's fortress, on the condition that they freed the Eickaries who were being held prisoner there. Twister reluctantly agreed to the bargain, knowing that his troops needed every advantage they could obtain. He nearly paid for his decision after entering the Warlord's watchtowers, when the Eickarie soldiers Su-mil brought with him froze when confronted by a group of Lakran mercenaries. Twister took a blast full in the chest, but his armor and the relatively weak Lakran firearms saved his life. Shortly after that, Twister knew he had paid for it when Su-mil tricked them into going one direction, which allowed another group of Lakrans to trap them. It was then that Aurek Company realized they had been betrayed. However, Twister discovered that this wasn't necessarily the case, as Su-mil began pointing his blaster at Twister's eyes as he explained their capture to the Lakrans. Twister realized that Su-mil was indicating truth or lie by pointing at his right or left eye, respectively, as defined by Eickarie defintion. In this way, Su-mil helped the Imperials get deeper into the fortress with minimal bloodshed. They were able to breach the Warlord's main security forces before Su-mil and his Eickarie soldiers captured the Warlord and turned him over to the Imperials. Shortly afterward, Mackenni relinquished command of Aurek-Seven. (FB, SQ)

this was another spelling of maccanek. (NEGC)

Maclain, Jerrod
this man was the Imperial Moff who oversaw the governmental roles of the various royal Houses on Brentaal. He was originally installed as planetary governor during the Clone Wars, after Brentaal was liberated from the control of Separatist Commander Shogar Tok. He replaced Arcel Mosbree, who was arrested for his part in allowing Separatist forces to take Brentaal in the first place. Despite his position, Maclain was despised by the local Customs agency for his willingness to immerse himself in the business of Brentaal, instead of imposing the Emperor's will on the populace. Maclain made a small fortune playing the stock market on the planet, as well as supporting several of the shadier freighter pilots. (SW7J, PSG, SWI70)

MacMillian, Brandy
this weathered, old woman was a freighter captain who retired on the planet Gandle Ott, where she became the president of the local chapter of the Corellian Merchants' Guild. She was a no-nonsense woman who had earned her Corellian Bloodstripes, and who believed that the New Republic was capable of restoring peace in the galaxy. (DARK)

this was one of the larger continents found on the planet Essowyn. (PG1)

Macrebe, Rebba
this Alliance supply purchaser worked along the Trax Tube trade route during the Galactic Civil War. (PSG, SWJ7)

this was a specialized vision system that could augment an individual's ability to see distant objects during either day or night. An internal readout provided information on distance and elevation to the object in view. These devices could sometimes be programmed for recording and playback, allowing the user to set them in a remote location while performing other duties. (SW, HSL, TB, AC)

a small welding tool (ESB)

Macrolaser Tracker
this device was used by police and field agents to obtain information about nearby vehicles. The macrolaser tracker could accurately discern speed-over-ground and probably destinations, based on a vehicle's current velocity and heading. (JQ1)

this Imperial technology was developed to manufacture and filter the gas known as pacifog. (LAT3)

this was a model of motion-detecting sensor array produced by NeuroSaav for use on blast helmets and other armored head protection. (GG10)

Macroon Mesa
this desert rock formation was located on the Mos Espa podracing course, in the Dune Sea of the planet Tatooine. (TPMC)

this device was used as a sighting mechanism for a handheld blaster or rifle. (HSE)

Macrosodial Pentamate
this was a highly-advanced form of tissue replacement that was developed during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

Macrosodial Tetramate
this was an advanced form of tissue replacement that was developed during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

Macus Kayniph
this near-human ran the Black Sun operation on Smarck, during the early years of the New Republic. He resembled an overweight human male, but had scaled, tan skin and a series of five bony ridges along the top of his skull. He had arranged to kidnap Feena D'Asta and keep her drugged and in custody, while a clone of Feena was created and placed on the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. Grappa the Hutt kept her drugged with a regular dose of gree spice, and paid Macus to engineer more clones. However, Macus discovered that Grappa was making partial payments. Macus required a full payment in order to produce the clones Grappa needed to infiltrate the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. He confronted Grappa, who assured him that the debt would be paid. In the meantime, Macus told Grappa that Kenix Kil was really Kir Kanos. When the Zanibar failed to locate Kil, Grappa had one of them shot. Macus objected, and Grappa shot him as well. He kept Macus' body frozen, in order to fool the other members of Black Sun into believing Macus was still alive. In order to preserve his secret, Grappa had all the other guests who witnessed the shooting killed as well. The New Republic later destroyed his cloning facility on Genon. Meanwhile, a bounty hunter (who resembled Dengar) fled Grappa's court and brought the news of Kayniph's death to Y'ull Acib. (CE2)

Mad About Me
a musical piece played by Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. (TME)

Mad Anghus' Fun Public House
this backwater cantina was owned and operated by a hulking, white-skinned alien during the early years of the New Republic. (T14)

Mad Gass'kin
this Bothan was not insane; his name really was Mad. He maintained a network of used droid warehouses, selling the droids at discounted prices through the newsfeed known as Gass'kin's Used DroidNet. (GMR3)

Mad Mrelf
this is a strong, Corellian liqour. Many a spacer would go on drinking binges and consume more Mad Mrelf than they could hold, and they ended up in Imperial labor camps for their conduct. (THG)

Madak, Sava Brec
this alias was used by Boba Fett when he contracted House Benelex and Jodo Kast. This was part of Fett's plan to get rid of Kast, who had been impersonating Fett in order to make credits as a bounty hunter. Madak was supposedly injured by Satnik Hiicrop, and the injuries left Madak bandaged from head to toe. Hiicrop then posed as Madak, in an effort to obtain credits he wasn't entitled to by himself. This twist on the real-life relationship between Fett and Kast went unnoticed by Kast, who was killed by Fett on Nal Hutta. (SWG6, TOD)

this woman served as a Captain in the Old Republic Navy, and was the commander of the Radiant VII when it was dispatched to the planet Naboo. Captain Madakor, who had risen quickly through the ranks on the basis of her excellent performance, delivered Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to the Trade Federation's main ship before being killed when the Radiant VII was destroyed while waiting in its hangar. (CCG13, SWI68)

this luxury starliner made a regular run to the planet Spira, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ1)

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