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this was the codename used by a female Corellian gunrunner who worked in the Cularin System during the early years of the New Order. (LFCW)

this unit of measure describes the amount of pressure a hydroclamper (or similar tool) can apply to a surface. (CFG)

K Company
this clone trooper unit was under the command of Commander Deviss during the Battle of Geonosis. It was part of the Hawkbat Battalion. All but three members of the unit were killed in the fighting. Deviss risked his own life to drag two injured members of the company to safety. (SWI84)

this droid was part of Korren Starchaser's scouting team, and provided services ranging from protocol to language translation and computation. (SWJ13)

this combat droid was abandoned when its starship was destroyed in space. It became what is commonly known as a void droid, and patrolled the Paradise System Junkyards. (SH)

this was the Alliance's evacuation code signal, used on the Hoth base. (ESB)

this cybernetic implant was produced by Control Zone, and provided the user with an internal blaster. (AIR)

this steam-powered, all-terrain transport vehicle was produced by Barimoq Industries for use on Tasariq. It employed a large airscoop to collect hydrogen and helium from the atmosphere, which were used to heat water in a boiler to produce steam. Steampower was routed to a transmission which turned the wheels on a treaded drive system. The self-enclosed K-111 was a single-person vehicle measuring eight meters in length, and could carry up to six additional miners and ten cubic meters of cargo. (SWJ15)

this was a common type of starship rations. (SOL)

this medical droid was assigned to the New Republic warship Intrepid. K-1B treated Lumpawarump, after the Wookiee sustained a blaster wound while rescuing Han Solo from the Pride of Yevetha. (TT)

this Merr-Sonn rocket launcher was exceptionally powerful for its size. It could be fired by a single being, but could bring down a swoop in mid-air and turn it into a melted pile of twisted metal. (SOJ)

manufactured by Wickstrom, this device was a heavy-duty peripheral sensor package, designed to allow the offloading of tasks during transmission of data. (VOF)

this zZip aero-interceptor was one of the premier atmospheric fighters in the Corporate Sector Authority fleet. It measures 13 meters in length, and was armed with doubel-wingtip laser cannons and six concussion missiles. It was capable of reaching 2,600 kilometers per hour in atmospheric flight. (CSA)

this was the callsign of the Syndicat guard whose armor was stolen by Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi during their attempt to break the Syndicat's hold on the planet Phindar. K23M9's armor was worn by Guerra Derida, who was discovered in an unauthorized part of the Syndicat warehouse during their search for Paxxi Derida's Anti-register. Obi-Wan switched armor with Guerra and was captured by Syndicat guards and brought to Baftu himself. Obi-Wan was scheduled to be renewed and dumped on an unspecified world. (HP)

this was the designation of a series of small, explosive rockets produced by Merr-Sonn for use in wrist rocket launching systems. (EGW)

this green-plated protocol droid was part of a small pool loaned to the Wookiees of the planet Kashyyyk by Temporary Droids, during the years following the Clone Wars. These droids served as liaisons to any offworlders with business on the planet. Like its counterparts, K-27 could speak Basic and Shyriiwook, and was programmed to ensure that visitors did nothing to offend the Wookiees or harm Kashyyyk's natural beauty. K-27 could also speak Xaczik, and had the quirky habit of using Wookiee body language in addition to speech. It was K-27's dedication to serving organic beings what revealed Turren Lonarr's plans to smuggle Trandoshan hunters onto Kashyyyk. (GMR4)

this humanoid droid served as Mara Jade's assistant during the time she served as the Emperor's Hand. (MJEH)

this white protocol droid served the Alliance under Commander Narra, learning military tactics along the way. The droid later served as the leader of the Alliance's droid pool at Echo Base on Hoth. (CCG, SWI74)

this was the designation of Tay Vanis's personal droid, a black-plated 3P-series unit with an insectile head. It accompanied Vanis on a mission ot Gamandar, but Vanis disappeared. Lando Calrissian and his Iskalonian companion Mone managed to purchase K3PX from the Imperial droid pool shortly afterward. Unknown to the Alliance, however, was the fact that K3PX was actually an agent of the Empire, reporting directly to Darth Vader himself on the activities of the Alliance in the Iskalon system. (MC74, MC75, MC76)

one model of Rim Securities security droids, these 1.6-meter automatons are well-armored and equipped with an internal blaster rifle. The K4 was one of the most reliable, dependable security droids ever produced, but were known to have difficulty targeting while moving quickly. This could be solved with regular maintenance of the droid's weaponry and targetting system. (RPG, FTD)

this battered, blue-painted droid was employed by the law enforcement agency on the planet Emmer. Humanoid in stature, K4-06B was paired with the Gamorrean Uurk, and helped defuse bombs and translate for Uurk. (ND)

this heavy laser cannon was developed by Incom Industries during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GG2)

this Rim Securities K4-series security droid was owned by Suraya. (SWJ15)

K5 Enforcer Droid
developed by Rim Securities, this series of droids succeeded the K4 series. The K5 was more versatile, had a wider range of external weaponry, and was considerably tougher than the K4. It was also a bit slower, making it a somwhat easier target. (SWJ1)

NeuroSaav produced this targeting system during the height of the New Order. (SWJ2)

K-749 System
located in the Outer Rim Territories, this system contains the planet Pzob. (COJ)

K7-series Droid
this Rim Securities security droid was known as the Black Dagger. It moved about on a pair of auto-balance legs, and was protected by heavy armor plating and an internal blaster rifle. (GSE)

this protocol droid was owned by Jabba the Hutt and his aunt, Jiliac, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. (RD)

a series of silver protocol droids. Jabba the Hutt owned one just before the Battle of Yavin. When Muftak and Kabe tried to rob Jabba's Mos Eisley townhouse, they freed K-8LR of his restraining bolt, and the droid allowed them to escape while the townhouse was destroyed in a firefight. Jabba became angry with his K-8LR and had it destroyed. (TME)

this was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which is added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names are arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings are arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Ka referred to the moon, the stars, or the heavens in general. (GCG)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. Among the Duros, it meant "sky". (GCG)

this city on Lucazec was the site of the planet's only major spaceport. It was considered new and secure by the natives, but was far from the galactic standard. (BTS)

this elder race of nomadic aliens referred to the Koornacht Cluster as no'aat padu'll, which translated into Basic as The Little Nursery. (BTS)

KAAC Freerunner
ground-based assault vehicle built by Kelliak Arms and Armor Corporation. (DFR)

this volcano was active on the planet Haariden, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. Five years after Naboo, Kaachtari finally erupted, spewing lava which was laden with titanite across the land and causing severe seismic damage. The nearby coastline was greatly altered, and the resulting groundquakes caused a massive tidal wave. Much of the new coast - and the titanite which had been exposed - was flooded with tons of seawater. The eruption and its effects were theorized by Granta Omega, who contacted Sano Sauro and ensured that the native Haariden population - as well as the Senate - were unaware of the mineral wealth of the exposed titanite. Their plans to corner the market on titanite and, therefore, bacta, were thwarted when their scheme was discovered by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. (JQ4)

this was one Naboo's smaller cities, a popular tourist destination during the height of the New Order. During the Galactic Civil War, Kaadara was garrisoned by Imperial forces, in an effort to crack down on rebellious activity on Naboo. (ROD, SWGAL)

this young, female Phindian was part of the resistance movement led by Paxxi and Guerra Derida, which sprang up in opposition to the control of the Syndicat over Phindar. Her father, Nuuta, had been forced to submit to the Syndicat's renewal process, and was dropped on the planet Alba. Kaadi invited the Derida brothers and the Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, to stay at her parents' house while they avoided the Syndicat. When the group put their plans to expose the Syndicat into motion, Kaadi rallied the local resistance and helped storm the Syndicat's warehouses. Kaadi was injured in the struggle which was fought between the Syndicat's forces and the resistance, but survived to lead the rebels to victory. (HP)

this species of two-legged, flightless reptavian was native to the planet Naboo. Kaadu were fearless creatures, and were often used as steeds by Gungan warriors. The kaadu laid their eggs on land, often in fields, where they were often eaten by predators like the peko-peko. For this reason, the average clutch of kaadu eggs was quite large. In addition to being excellent runners, kaadu were also good swimmers, having lung capacity that would allow them to remain underwater for up to two hours. Note that Star Wars Episode I Adventures: The Final Battle describes the kaadu as a four-legged creature. (GF, E1A15, WSW)

this Mid-Rim ocean world is located in the Yushan Sector. Despite its boundless oceans, Kaal is also a major exporter of agricultural goods. Numerous casinos and luxury resorts populate its coasts and islands, which were controlled by the Empire until the Battle of Endor. Following the death of Emperor Palpatine, Jeng Droga - one of his faithful Dark Jedi - was so overwhelmed that he crashed his ship into the oceans of Kaal. The ship was rumored to have the only working cloaking device of its time. The crash caused massive tidal waves which destroyed the Unis Islands. The Empire laster abandoned the planet, since its most valuable resort properties had been wiped out. The crimelord Tirgee Banyalle then took control of the planet, and exploited its aquacultural resources. After the Battle of Endor, the New Republic and Talon Kaarde both negotiated for control of the planet. The Republic wanted to have access to the aquaculture, while Kaarde wanted the cloaking device. (SWJ2, SWJ7, GMR5)

this Imperial physician was responsible for the creation of Bledsoe's disease. He was on Tatooine, verifying a new strain, when Luke Skywalker became infected. He administered to Luke, but kept Luke confined to the hospital. (CSWEA)

this Sith Lord was one of the few Sith who survived the internal violence which tore the Sith order apart, some 2,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Lord Kaan gathered some twenty thousand Sith devotees and set out to take control of the galaxy. He made his stand against the Jedi on the planet Ruusan, where he was opposed by the Jedi Master, Lord Hoth, and his Army of Light. Lord Kaan's tactics of fighting the Jedi in individual battles did not sit well with many other of the Sith Lords, especially Darth Bane, who believed that the Sith had to unite in the Dark Side of the Force in order to defeat the Jedi. It was rumored that Kaan even tried to poison Darth Bane, on an effort to eliminate any opposition to his command. Lord Kaan and his followers planned to unleash a thought bomb on the planet Ruusan, where the two sides had been fighting. Lord Kaan, and virtually every warrior in the battle, was obliterated when the thought bomb was set off. In the wake of the Battle of Ruusan, Kaan's so-called Rule of the Strong was abandoned by Darth Bane, who instituted the Rule of Two in order to ensure that the Sith could survive. (JVS, ECH, WOTC)

this was one of the largest cities found on the planet Neimoidia. (SWI65)

an Alliance YT-1300 destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Kaarenth Dissension
this splinter group formed in Corva Sector after the defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn at Bilbringi. It was the brainchild of Meres Ulcane and an anonymous Imperial supporter. Using the Spawn Nebula as a shield, the Kaarenth Dissension began assembling a fleet of warships. From this hidden base, they destroyed the New Republic communications center hidden within the gas giant Galaan, and stirred up a great deal of anoymosity toward the New Republic among the alien races of the Outer Rim. Ulcane proved to be a motivational speaking, inciting discontent toward the Republic with relative ease. However, the Dissension died near Betha II, when the New Republic was able to locate Ulcane and discover his hidden fleet. The Republic agents managed to destroy the space station which served as Ulcane's base, killing Ulcane and destroying much his fleet. (SWJ8)

this man was a native of the planet Ceriun, about 1,000 years before the Battle of Endor. A farmer like most of his ancestors, Ka'arn was a stern man who brooked no disrespect from his son, Tenno. To ensure cooperation and to put Tenno in his place, Ka'arn often resorted to physical violence with his son, slapping the boy across the mouth whenever he spoke back. Ka'arn and several others left their fields to investigate a strange object that fell from the sky, and discovered the mangled body of a Jedi Knight whose ship had crashed into the planet. Before the Jedi died, he gave Ka'arn a holocron for safekeeping, until another Jedi could recover it. The Jedi indicated that the holocron contained a map, and needed to be hidden. When Tenno and his friends showed up at a council meeting to demand the holocron, Ka'arn angrily questioned their motives. When he made to strike Tenno yet again, Tenno drew a knife and stabbed his father in the chest. Ka'arn died shortly afterward. (T17)

developed by the Yuuzhan Vong, this scavenger was used to clean up the waste in most kitchens. (SBS)

this Imperial officer was an Admiral in the Navy, during the early years of the New Order. Admiral Kaaz's fleet was assigned to the evil Doctor Raygar, during the search for the Sunstar. (ECAR)

this oceanic Outer Rim world is located in the Teilcam System. The planet-wide oceans are broken periodically by more than two million volcanic islands. Most of the volcanoes are inactive. The few that remain active are located in the southern hemisphere. (SWJ7)

the homeworld of Lady Lapema Phonstom, Kabal was also the site of the Conference of Uncommitted Worlds during the Galactic Civil War. It remained neutral throughout the conflict, even after surviving an Imperial invasion during the Conference. The invasion was a direct result of Kabal's neutrality, but had been confined the planet's capital city. Life on the rest of the planet continued on, and Kabal's neutrality was never tested again. Much of the planet's weather was dominated by steady rains, and its primary landmasses were large islands. Kabal was orbited by a single moon. (AC, CSW, GMR1)

Kabal Central Citadel
located at the heart of the city of Shoribus, on Kabal, this building served as the seat of the planetary government during the Old Republic. Shortly before the Clone Wars, a series of riots broke out in Shoribus when food became scarce on Kabal. The taxation of the Sharlissian Trade Corridor forced many shipping companies to abandon regular deliveries along the route, leaving Kabal without a regular supply of foodstuffs. The Citadel was badly damaged during these riots. (HNN4)

Kabalard Vinne
this Wroonian outlaw, a former representative for the Guild of Armaments Distributors, claimed responsibility for the attack on the Imperial warship Rampant while it was in drydock at the Wroonian Stardock. Vinne claimed that the attack was a response to Governor Norrin's crackdown on some of Wroona's less respectable guilds. (SWJ9)

this was the native language spoken by the inhabitants of the planet Kabal. (HNN5)

Kabarr's Fortress
this HT-2200 medium freighter was highly modified by a number of owners. Additional armor plating was added to supplement the trimantium hull, the cargo area was divided into four environmental holds, and the original sublight drive was replaced with a SoroSuub Boav ion drive. The original armaments were removed to add additional shielding, but the poor wiring of the shield generators into the power cores sometimes drains the ship's entire power supply. This "quirk" causes the entire ship to shutdown while the shields are in use. The only remaining armament is a pulse laser cannon. (SWJ9)

the Chandra-Fan who was present in the Mos Eisley cantina when Luke Skywalker was assaulted by Ponda Baba, Kabe was orphaned in the streets of the spaceport by a group of smugglers who thought she was too small to be of any value. She had fled a natural disaster on her homeworld of Chad, and was about 40 standard years old at that time. She was adopted by the Talz named Muftak, and the two of them often work together. She also gains a great deal of fun and money by posing as a Jawa and demanding unofficial taxes of the desert scavengers. She has a great liking for Juri Juice, which she consumes quite readily in the cantina. However, Wuher won't give her credit, so she has to have Muftak get it for her. The two orphans get a chance to leave Tatooine for good after trying to rob Jabba the Hutt's Mos Eisley townhouse. They nearly got away with a trove of treasures when they found Barid Mesoriaam in a hidden chamber. He entrusted a datadot to them, which they delivered to a Mon Calamari working for the Alliance. He paid them 15,000 credits and two Imperial travel vouchers as a reward. (SW, SCRE, TME)

this planet is the homeworld of a tall, thin alien race. (SWJ8)

this is the name of the race of aliens native to the planet of the same name. (TFE)

Kabir, Zev
this man was a fighter pilot who served the Alliance during the Battle of Hoth, using the callsign Rogue Eight. (SWK)

Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa were involved in an interplanetary delegation on this space station, during the months just prior to the Battle of Endor. Leia once described Kabray as the most neutral and perfectly useless space station in the galaxy, attributes which made it the perfect location for the delegation to meet. During the last years of the Old Republic, many considered Kabray to be a hub of social activity, with huge galas and long-lasting celebrations. (MC77)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the suffix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "ancestor", "councilor", or "guide". It could be attached to a prefix by itself, or combined with other suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

Kabul Industries
this mining and heavy machinery manufacturer was based on the planet Otunia. During the early years of the New Order, it was controlled by Lorn Kabul, until his greedy brother Seth murdered him and took control. However, Seth's plot to acquire Kabul Industries failed when he was unable to eliminate his niece, Arista, who joined forced with Grissom the Gamorrean and Tek the Jawa. The trio set a series of bombs throughout the Kabul Industries mines, then confronted Seth. After he removed Arista's ankle bracelet, Arista set off the explosives. The mines, as well as Seth's career, were utterly destroyed. For all intents and purposed, Kabul Industries had ceased to exist. (T3)

Kabul, Arista
this athletic, black-haired woman was the daughter of Lorn Kabul. Her father, worried about her independent streak, placed a tracking bracelet on her ankle to ensure that she remained on Otunia. Arista was nearly killed by the bomb planted by her uncle, Seth, in an effort to kill Lorn. The bomb exploded, but only after it was discovered by the Gamorrean miner, Grissom. Despite Grissom's heroic effort, Lorn was killed in the explosion. He asked that Grissom save Arista, who had been knocked unconscious in the blast. The pair fled into the desert, and were rescued by the Jawa Tek. Instead of fleeing, though, Arista asked Grissom and Tek to return to the Kabul estate and get the ankle bracelet removed. She also used Grissom's knowledge of the mines and Tek's knowledge of explosives to plant a series of bombs in the Kabul Industries mines. After getting the bracelet removed, Arista forced her uncle to watch as she set off the explosives and destroyed the entire mining complex. Arista then fled Otunia with Grissom and Tek. (T3)

Kabul, Lorn
this man was the patriarch of Kabul Industries, and something of a leader on the planet Otunia. Despite the efforts of Grissom the Gamorrean, Lorn was killed in the mines on Otunia by a bomb planted by Lorn's own brother, Seth. His dying words to Grissom were to save his daughter, Arista. (T3)

Kabul, Seth
this obese man was the brother of Lorn Kabul, and greatly resented the fact that Lorn was given control over Kabul Industries instead of himself. He entered into a pact with Moff Harsh which would allow the Imperial hold-over to gain easier access to raw materials in return for certain political favors. Seth arranged for Lorn to die in a staged mining accident, in order to take control of the corporation. His plan nearly succeeded, since Lorn was killed in the accident, but Lorn's daughter, Arista, was rescued from the mine by the Gamorrean miner, Grissom. When he learned that Arista was alive, he moved swiftly to ensure that the Empire took control of the mines. However, Arista managed to get back onto the Kabul estate and confronted Seth, demanding that he remove the ankle bracelet that kept her on Otunia. Despite his protests, though, Arista then blew up the entire mining complex operated by Kabul Industries, leaving Seth with nothing. (T3)

this ancient city, located on the planet Muzara, was the site of a minor Dark Side nexus. It was shunned by the native Muza, who ordered Keval Raffaan to recover a bag of coins form the temple in the city to prove his worthiness as a Jedi Peacemaker. (TOJC)

Kabus-Dabeh Monstrosity
this huge monster inhabited the ruins of the ancient city of Kabus-Dabeh, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. It was covered with black scales, and had four barbed tentacles. Two large fins and a lumpy tail helped it move about, and its fang-filled jaws could kill its prey with a single bite. The barbs on the tentacles were hollow, and could inject a lethal poison into its prey. (TOJC)

this slicer helped a group of freelance spacers obtain forged invitations to Rae Vixe's gala, during which they managed to "kidnap" Cera Vixe so that she could flee Kinyen and marry Vee Naaq. (IA)

Kachariss Weng
this Old Republic officer was in charge of regulating the prices of vital commodities during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Weng worked with the Republic Office of Criminal Investigation and the Sector Rangers to ensure that the Victory Rationing Orders and Regulation Plan was enforced throughout the galaxy. (SWI67)

this city was located several hundred kilometers from Rwookrrorr, on the planet Kashyyyk. It was originally founded by members of the Kachirho clan, and became the de facto capital of the planet over the generations. The city, located on the Wawaatt Archipelago, was the site of much of the fighting that occurred during the First Battle of Kashyyyk, as Separatist forces tried to eliminate the forces of the Old Republic. Kachirho was different from many Wookiee cities because it was build on the edge of a lagoon. The Wookiees who lived in Kachirho had dwellings both on the ground and in the surrounding trees. A large portion of the city was located in a 984-foot-tall wroshyr tree, which allowed the Wookiees to defend the lagoon area from above. During the era of the New Order, the Imperial forces that subjugated Kashyyyk took control of the city's starport, but were unable to fully subdue the Wookiee population. Thus, Kachirho was only minimally garrisoned, and became known as Wookiee City. (VD3, SWGAL, SWDB)

this Wookiee clan founded the city of Kachirho, on their homeworld of Kashyyyk. (VD3)

Kad, Tolo
this ancient Onderonian served King Ommin and Queen Amanoa as a chief aide, although much of the work he claimed to have done himself was actually done by his assistant, Novar. Novar became disgruntled with Kad's constant denial of his abilities. When King Ommin demanded that Kad prepare a wonderful state dinner, Novar told him that he would make sure everything was in order. However, Novar planned to use this to his advantage, and did absolutely nothing about the dinner. Meanwhile, Kad bragged endlessly about the incredible plans he was developing. When Ommin arrived at the dining hall, he found that there was nothing in place: no food, no servants, no entertainment. He demanded to know the meaning of it all, and Kad was speechless and unable to respond. In fury,. King Ommin destroyed Tolo Kad with a ball of flame conjured from the Dark Side of the Force. (TOJC)

a black-bearded dwarf, Kadann was the Supreme Prophet who led the Prophets of the Dark Side. Kadann drinks a strange tea brewed from the fungus-infested bark of an Endorian tree, which is rumored to allow him to see into the future. He was also a collector of the galaxy's finest artifacts, which he displays throughout Scardia's halls. Kadann was approached by Darth Sidious shortly before the Jedi Purge was initiated, and Kadann was asked to join the Empire to serve as a seer. When Kadann predicted that the Empire would be shaken if it allowed the Battle of Endor to take place, Palpatine dismissed him and his prophecies. Kadann gathered the other Prophets and fled Coruscant, taking up residence on Scardia Station. He was later responsible for the prophecy that whoever wears the Glove of Darth Vader will be the next Emperor of the galaxy, which is contained in a series of four-line, non-rhyming verses. The leaders of the remnants of the Empire strive to obtain his blessing to make their rulership of the galaxy legitimate. When none of the pretenders to the throne met with his approval, Kadann tried to take control of the Empire for himself. His attempt failed when Ysanne Isard rose to power, and Kadann fled back to Scardia Station. However, he was hunted down by Imperial Grand Admiral Makati, whom Kadann had embarrassed years before. Exacting his own revenge, Makati fired a fleet's worth of turbolasers at Scardia Station, destroying it and killing Kadann in the process. (LCJ, DSSB, SWI66)

one of the five main Nikto races, the Kadas'sa'Nikto were also known as the Green Nikto. The evolved on the coastal regions of Kintan, in the forests which grew near the oceans. The Green Nikto were distinguished by their skin coloration as well as their visible noses and the small horns which surrounded their eyes. The sense of smell was highly developed in the Kadas'sa'Nikto, and an individual could discern much from their environment just from the scents they smelled. It was rumored that a "lost tribe" of Green Nikto managed to avoid being enslaved by the Hutts, and lived in the wilderness of Kintan. (GG12, EGA, GMR6)

the huge, ultraviolet supergiant star was the central body in the Ka'Dedus System, and the primary sun of the planet Af'El. (GG4, GORW)

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians. (GMR9)

this Imperial Moff assumed command of Coruscant's security forces shortly before the Battle of Yavin, after his father - the former commander - was executed for his failures. After witnessing the vengence of Darth Vader first-hand, Kadir decided to join the cadre' of Imperials who supported Grand Moff Trachta and his plans to unseat Emperor Palpatine. He claimed that he did not trust Grand Moff Bartam, and pretended misunderstand the intricate political game that Trachta was playing. However, Kadir was actually playing Trachta against Bartam, with whom Kadir shared a wealth of confidential information. Kadir was chosen, along with Gauer, to personally bring a new squadron of stormtroopers to the Emperor. The troopers - specially conditioned by Trachta to execute the Emperor - were replacements for the troopers lost in an earlier assassination attempt. Palpatine, however, had discerned the assassination attempts through the Dark Side of the Force, and confronted Kadir alone. Using an intense barrage of Force Lightning, Palpatine injured Kadir while Darth Vader executed his troops. Then, Palpatine turned the Force Lightning on Kadir and killed him as well. (SWEB)

this being was living on the planet Taris, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, when the planet was subjugated by the Sith. Kadir made a living as a janitor, and was generally ignored by the Sith, who believed him to be insane. When the Endar Spire was destroyed over Taris, Kadir helped Carth Onasi and his fellow survivors reached Kebla Yurt's Equipment Emporium, during their search for Bastila Shan. (KOTOR)

Kadlah Cha
this female Yuuzhan Vong warrior was a member of Domain Cha, and served under Wyrpuuk Cha during the attempt to retake the planet Borleias in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant. Her facial tattoos were considered shocking even by Yuuzhan Vong standards, with dark pools around her eyes and mouth that made her features look larger than normal. (EL1)

an ancient Duro King, he was honored by having the largest tower in the Valley of Royalty, a silver structure near Queen Rana's monument. (MMY)

Kadlo Talisman
this ancient artifact was believed to have once been owned by the Duro King, Kadlo. It was recovered during the height of the Galactic Civil War by Admiral Cov and a group of freelance explorers he hired. (CCW)

one of the ruling families of the planet Kuat. They sided with the Knylenn family during Khoss of Knylenn's bid to overturn the Inheritance Exemption. (SLS)

Kadok III
this star, located in the Kadok Regions, was the primary body in the Tertiary Kadok System. (AIR)

Kadok III-A
this searing ball of rock was the first planet in the Tertiary Kadok System. It had eight natural moons. (AIR)

Kadok III-B
this searing ball of rock was the second planet in the Tertiary Kadok System. It had fifteen natural moons. (AIR)

Kadok III-C
this barren, rocky world was the third planet in the Tertiary Kadok System. It had a single moon. (AIR)

Kadok III-D
this was the name of the planet Guiteica, which was used in most Old Republic starcharts. (AIR)

Kadok III-E
this gas giant was the first planet in the Tertiary Kadok System. It had 75 natural moons. (AIR)

Kadok Regions
this area of the galaxy was the home of the Bitthaevrian race. It was rumored that the Kadok Regions had little regard for the Old Republic, and were even said to have defeated the Jedi Knights in a battle shortly before the rise of Emperor Palpatine. (AE, AIR)

Kadorto, Halley
a particularly daring Alliance starfighter pilot who, during the Galactic Civil War, received the Kalidor Crescent for single-handedly rescuing Mon Calamari slaves from the Star Destroyer Warrior by wiping out the ship's complement of TIE fighters and securing the freighters it guarded. He was also a veteran of the Clone Wars. (XW)

Kadrian Sey
this Zabrak was one of the many Jedi Knights who were on missions to remote worlds, serving the orders of the Jedi Council when the Clone Wars broke out. Like many other Jedi, Kadrian did not return to Coruscant when the fighting started, and the Council feared she had either joined the Separatists or turned to the Dark Side of the Force. Quinlan Vos discovered that she had indeed joined Count Dooku, while on a mission to infiltrate the Separatists on Antar 4. There, Vos was forced to defeat Kadrian and Tol Skorr in combat in order to gain audience with Dooku. Shortly afterward, during Count Dooku's mission to negotiate land rights on Kiffu, Kadrian and Skorr fought side by side with Vos when Sheyf Tinte ordered her Guardians into battle. When Kadrian tried to kill Sheyf Tinte, Vos's true allegiance was borne out. In order to save his kinswoman's life, Vos turned on Kadrian and sliced her in half with his lightsaber. (J4)

this planet was the site of an Imperial laboratory, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It was believed that pacifog was developed on Kadril. Kadril resembled a huge, pointed asteroid when viewed from space, and was known to be the homeworld of the Kadrillian race. During the Stenax Massacres, the native Kadrillians were exterminated by Stenax invaders. Only a semi-intelligent race of terrapins managed to survive, and eventually recolonized Kadril. (NEGC, LAT3, GMR1)

this race of intelligent, chameleon-like humanoids was native to the planet Kadril. They were considered one of the most peaceful races in the galaxy, but were known to timid when they encountered other races. For this reason, they living primarily in well-defended cities. Individual Kadrillians were distinguished by whorls of color on their skin, and the density and quantity of the whorls served to indicate an individual's intelligence level. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, the Kadrillians were exterminated during the Stenax Massacres. (LAT3, GMR1)

this was the name of a species of huge, intelligent, insectoid worm native to the planet Arapia. They are rumored to be related to the Duinuogwuin, and can exist in hard vacuum for short periods of time. Their lifespan can reach 1,500 years, and they continue to grow throughout their lives, often reaching lengths of 200 meters or more. A protective exoskeleton cracked and expanded with each period of growth. The front section of their bodies is studded with six to ten arms, and their heads are crowned with a wide frill of chitin. The lower section of their body is a bulbous, fleshy mass. As individual beings grew, they eventually reached a point in their lives where their bodies were too large to survive. These huge Kadri'Ra often chose to hide themselves in caverns, thereby forcing their bodies to adapt to the natural confines of the cave. The Kadri'Ra were generally regarded as thinkers and sages, although the Empire regarded them as mere beasts. They were subjugated and enslaved, and many Kadri'Ra died in labor camps. In the brief period of the New Order, the population of Kadri'Ra was cut from over 140 million to less than 15,000. (BSS)

this was the incredibly complex language of the Kadri'Ra species. (BSS)

Kae Kwaad
this Yuuzhan Vong Shaper was a thin, deformed being whose exhibited the signs of old age despite his relatively youthful appearance. The old thing that belied this image was the fact that the Shaper's implants which replaced his natural hands had both died, leaving Kae Kwaad with only minimal ability to actual create new lifeforms. Kae Kwaad was dispatched by Tjulan Kwaad to assist Nen Yim in maintaining the worldship Baanu Miir. It was later revealed that Kae Kwaad was actually the deformed jester Onimi, who served Supreme Overlord Shimrra himself. Kae Kwaad had been sent to observe Nen Yim's heretical methods, to determine whether they fit within Overlord Shimrra's plans. (EVR)

Kae, Arren
this woman was one of the many Jedi Knights who chose to participate in the Mandalorian Wars, nearly 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. Unknown to most beings, Arren Kae had had a relationship with the Echani master Yusanis, and had borne him at least one daughter. Although Arren Kae died on Malachor V, her daughter became one of the Echani Handmaidens. (KOTOR2)

Kaebra, Mika
this young man was just a teenager when the Empire was defeated at the Battle of Endor. He joined the underground rebellion on his homeworld of Garos IV, serving as a communications specialist under the command of Wink Tasion. (SWJ2)

this bounty hunter was known to have a near-perfect record of captures before being employed to hunt down Karl Ancher. Unfortunately, the Society of the Black Bha'lir had hired a group of freelance mercenaries to act as Ancher's bodyguards, and Kael was unable to secure the smuggler. (BSS)

this man, a native of the planet Naboo, was a Captain in the Royal Security Forces during the era leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He seldom left Naboo, spending much of his time training his troops and enjoying his homeworld. He was known as a tough, demanding leader, but one who worked alongside his troops and earned their respect. (BFN)

Kaell 115
this Khommite was the 115th genetic clone of a family, native to the planet Khomm, which produced the leaders of Dorsk 81's home city. When Dorsk 81 left, Kaell 115 was the leader. When Dorsk 81 and Kyp Durron returned to the planet, Kaell 115's son, Kaell 116, was in charge of the city. (DS, EGP)

Kaell 116
this Khommite was the 116th genetic clone of a family, native to the planet Khomm, which produced the leaders of Dorsk 81's home city. When Dorsk 81 left, Kaell 116's father, Kaell 115 was the leader. When Dorsk 81 and Kyp Durron returned to the planet, Kaell 116 was in charge of the city. (DS, EGP)

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