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G Burp
this was spacer slang for any sudden surge from a starship's drive systems, especially from the hyperdrive. It referred to any sudden increase in velocity, which caused the beings inside the ship to experience increased g-forces for a short period of time. (DN2)

G Cat
this modified Arakyd Helix Interceptor was operated by Cryle Cavv, with the help of the astromech droid R2-RC, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Cavv claimed the ship was nothing more than a transport vessel, despite its military beginnings. Cavv armed the ship with four plasburst cannons and a pair of proton torpedo launchers, and installed a slave circuit and beckon call to remotely call the ship to his location. (SWJ12)

developed and manufactured by GeneTech Laboratories, the G&B cybernetic exercise brace was created to provide assistance to those beings who were recovering from debilitating injuries to their limbs. When the G&B braces were put on, they provided strength to atrophied muscles, giving them a chance to grow stronger without causing further damage. A variety of configurations could be achieved, providing support for arm, leg, or full-body assistance. Many beings sometimes used G&B braces as ersatz power armor, giving them added strength but little protection. (WOTC)

this was the designation of Comar's Tracker anti-atmospheric gun, developed for surface-to-air combat. (BI)

designation of Comar's TriTracker anti-atmospheric gun. It has an advanced target acquisition and tracking system, which uses three different sensor arrays to locate its targets. Although it can be operated by droids, a trained pair of crewmen provides the best operation and accuracy. The G-003 suffers from a rather limited range, though, and requires a land-line power source. (ISB)

this fan-tan dealer droid worked at the Fifteen Moons Casino on Ord Mantell. It lacked any kind of sympathy for the players, and would routinely skip over players who didn't meet its eye during gameplay. G0-16 once tried to ignore Han Solo's bid during a match, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, while Han was trying to increase the reward he received for rescuing Leia Organa. Han was being hounded by a small droid dispatched by Alfreda Goot, and had to argue with the droid and the casino owner to have his bid placed. (SL)

this is one of the many New Republic personnel transport gigs used to ferry pilots and commanders between the ships of the Fifth Battle Group. Plat Mallar was in charge of the gig, which he used to ferry Colonel Bowman Gavin to the Polaron. (TT)

this ancient, spherical protocol droid was discovered on Nar Shaddaa, several years after the Jedi Civil War. It had originally been dispatched to the planet Telos by the Old Republic, in the wake of the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, to ensure that Telos was able to rebuilt itself and become part of the Republic's rennaissance. However, G0-T0 could not reconcile its primary object with its programming to abide by the laws of the Republic, and its computer brain snapped. G0-T0 turned rogue, and established itself as the leader of a smuggling ring that was based on Nar Shaddaa. In this way, it was able to acquire what it needed to rebuild Telos, but it also learned that there were more credits in smuggling. Adopting the mysterious alias of Goto - since most beings would not take orders from a droid - G0-T0 rose to prominence on Nar Shaddaa, and eventually assumed control of The Exchange. In order to hide its true identity, G0-T0 managed its operations from a starship that was cloaked as it drifted in orbit around Nar Shaddaa. In order to fool The Exile, who had discovered its ship, G0-T0 presented itself to the former Jedi as a "gift" from Goto. G0-T0's true identity was revealed in the wake of the destruction of Malchor V, an event that G0-T0 tried to prevent. (KOTOR2)

this was the designation of the starfighter designed by the engineers of BullbaBong and the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. At first glance, the G-1 is similar to the N-1 fighter, except that it has been painted forest-green instead of bright yellow. The G-1 was also designed for long periods of independent operation, so it used a slower hyperdrive in order to provide more power to shielding and weapons. (WOTC)

G-1 series Droid
this series of automatons was created for deployment as heavy equipment operaters. They could be programmed to handle almost any large piece of equipment, and found widespread usage at mining facilities. (JH)

this was a model of repulsor-taxi produced during the early years of the New Order by Mobquet. (AIR)

this rogue star consumed the Imperial Star Destroyer Desolator after Alliance operatives repogrammed the capital ship's navigation computer. (IC)

this was the designation of a bullet-shaped transport ship manufactured at the Byblos Drive Yards. The G-1A measured fifteen meters in length, and could accommodate up to eight passengers and a metric ton of cargo. (CCG4, GMR7)

this small, roller-treaded droid was a maintenance droid assigned to the crew which assisted Ki-Adi-Mundi in his search for Ephant Mon near Tatooine. The droid was a prototype, and had been rejected because of its highly unusual programming. In an effort to distract his pursuit, Ki tried to empty his holds of garbage and other junk, hoping to damage the trailing starship. In the chaos, G1M was swept out of the hold with the garbage. This was part of Ki's plan, however, as G1M made its way onto Jabba the Hutt's personal shuttle and downloaded its computer banks. Hidden in the data it recovered was enough information to piece together the Trade Federation's part in the import of technology to Cerea. Note that in later issues of Prelude to Rebellion, this droid is referred to as J1M. (PTR)

G1-M4-C Dunelizard
this starfighter was developed by the Hutts, and produced by MandalMotors, in the wake of the successful M3-A Scyk fighter. The Dunelizard reused the wedge-shaped wings of the Scyk, but the needle-shaped fuselage extended forward from the main body. The Dunelizard was a sturdier ship, with more firepower and maneuverability than its predecessor. (LAWS)

G-20 Glop Grenade
manufactured by Merr-Sonn, these detonation devices release a chemical foam when triggered. The foam has incredible adhesive properties, and clings to everything it touches. When lobbed into a mob or battle phalanx, glop grenades can quickly immobilize attackers. It required a special "glop dissolver" agent, often in aerosol form, to remove the glop. Because these grenades didn't exploed so much as crack open, the shell could be recovered and cleaned for reuse. (CSA, WOTC, NEGW)

a powerful, extremely sensitive life form tracker manufactured by Speizoc. (COJ)

this was the designation of the Super Battle Droid dipatched by General Grievous to secure the planet Utapau, in the wake of the First Battle of Coruscant. (IS3)

this tall, spindly automaton was one of the many repair droids that serviced the droid pool that was maintained by Star Tours, during the Galactic Civil War. G2-3B was the supervisor of a group that included G2-9T and G2-4T. (ST)

this tall, spindly automaton was one of the many repair droids that serviced the droid pool that was maintained by Star Tours, during the Galactic Civil War. G2-4T was supervised by G2-3B, and in turn was place in charge of G2-9T. This arrangement existed for several years, and G2-4T began to hate its work. As an outlet, it began insulting the tourists that lined up to board the shuttle of the Endor Express. (ST)

this tall, spindly automaton was one of the many repair droids that serviced the droid pool that was maintained by Star Tours, during the Galactic Civil War. Relatively speaking, G2-9T was the youngest of the group led by G2-3B, and it often spent more time talking to the tourists who lined up to board the Starspeeder 3000 vessels than actually doing any work. Although its fellow droids quickly grew tired of G2-9T's antics, the passengers were always amused by its conversation, leaving Star Tours management with no choice but to keep the droid active. (ST)

this was a series of repair droids developed about 10 years after the Battle of Endor. (SOP)

this Karflo Corporation beam drill was a medium-sized unit designed for a single operator. The user stood on a wide platform, while the repulsor-equipped G2-GE hovered over its target location. The self-contained beam drill pointed downward, and was operated from a command console at its top. (EGW)

manufactured by Karflo Corporation, this repulsor-equipped beam drill platform was a stock G2-GE unit which used a small force-field generator to enclose the user in a life-support bubble. The addition of tiny ion maneuvering engines allowed the G2-GS to be used in orbital drydocks for starship repairs. (EGW)

a prison guard droid originally developed by Arakyd, the G-2RD was another example of the obsession of Arakyd's engineers with repulsorlift technology. Originally produced during the Old Republic and still used during the New Republic, the G-2RD measured 1.2 meters in height, and was equipped with a repulsorlift for locomotion. The G-2RD had a visual/sound sensor suite, a vocabulator, a broadband antenna, a grasping claw, and two weapons appendages - one for stunning and one armed with a blaster. The programming provided to the G-2RD was tough and no-nonsense, and many beings considered them demanding and abusive. They were also nearly impossible to corrupt or reprogram. The only known way to force a G-2RD to abandon its programming was to affix a restraining bolt in just the right position, a technique that was discovered by Han Solo and Chewbacca during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. (DFR, DFRSB, TLC, SWJ14, EGD)

G-3 5LE
this was one of the many repair droids that were owned by Star Tours, during the Galactic Civil War. (ST)

known as Uncle Gee, this protocol droid was owned by Xalto Sneerzick's parents. When Sneerzick's mother died, his father programmed Uncle Gee to care for Xalto. They grew extremely close, and it was Xalto who gave the droid the nickname Uncle Gee. When Sneerzick established the Droid Abolitionist Movement, G-3PO remained by his side, and even risked his mechanical life for the fanatical leader. G-3PO was the first droid impregnated with the "emancipation virus" developed by Sneerzick and Babalabbet Swoont. Like the rest of Sneerzick's followers, Uncle Gee was aboard the Argent Lady when the cargo of R5 droids reacted strangely to the "emancipation virus" and attacked the abolitionists. G-3PO was blasted during a firefight. (SWJ9)

a series of servant droids. (TJP)

strong, single-purpose droids. These silver automata can be programmed to perform menial tasks. (COJ)

this was a series of tripod-mounted, portable laser cannon produced during the second decade of the New Republic. (SBS)

this was the designation of a group of Offworld Mining Company deep-sea mines which were located off the coast of Bandor, on the planet Bandomeer. (GORW)

this heavy-duty tractor beam generator was produced by Novaldex for use on ships which moved asteroids for mining or for safety. Ecclessis Figg used sixteen pairs of them to maintain the sense of gravity on Cloud City, as well as to draw in Tibanna gas for refinement and to draw in atmospheric heat to drive the thermo-converters that powered the floating city. (GG2, SWDB)

this was GeneTech's basic bacta geltab, which was used in most medkits to provide easy access to a small amount of bacta. The geltab could be placed on a wound to speed up healing. (LOE)

this was the ancient designation of the planet Kashyyyk, when it was first encountered by explorers of the Old Republic. (KOTOR)

G-59 Cannibalizer
this SoroSuub starfighter design was produced by the design teams on the city of Edic Bar, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (LFC)

this Jal-Parra repulsorsail-equipped skiff was produced several centuries before the New Order. Measuring 8.7 meters in length, the G-62 skiff was operated by a single pilot, and could transport up to sixteen passengers or ninety-two metric tons of cargo. (GMR7)

G7 Power Cables
these specially-designed Cybot Galactica power cables were used on many of Cybot's old droid designs. (DMSH)

this was the designation of the drone barge dispatched by Darth Vader to transport Jix to Corulag, on his mission to eliminate Governor Torlock. (SST)

Seinar Fleet Systems gravity well projectors used on the Immobilizer 418. (XW)

the G8 was a military blaster rifle produced by Merr-Sonn, although it was not as reliable or versatile as the BlasTech E-11. It was originally produced during the last decades of the Old Republic, and was popular among the police agencies in the Tion Hegemony and Hutt Space. When the Galactic Civil War broke out, many of these agencies sold their weapons to the Alliance. (HTSB, EGW, AEG)

this astromech droid was one of several that served aboard the Naboo Royal Starship during the tenure of Queen Amidala. G8-R3 was one of four droids dispatched during the Queen's escape from the Trade Federation blockade of Naboo, but was also one of the first to be destroyed by Federation turbolasers. An unusual astromech, G8-R3 had the head of an R5 unit and the body of a standard R2 unit. (IG1)

this engineering droid was created by QS-2D as an assistant, and over time it was Q-8Y5 that designed Uffel's most useful and reliable droids. G-8Y5 worked with QS-2D to develop a line of security droids which were used to defend the moon from outside invasion. (LFC)

this was a particularly deadly power blaster produced during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was favored by many smugglers and independent spacers, who carried the G-9 to protect against being boarded. (SBS)

an Imperial Moff. (ISB)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "brave" or "fearless", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

Gaar Suppoon
this alien criminal was a rival of Jabba the Hutt's during the early years of the New Order. Suppoon was a pink-skinned humanoid with a long face and thin limbs. His nose and chin are studded with a pair of short tusks. The name "Gaar" is a title of respect among his people. Suppoon was responsible for the destruction of Kosh Kurp's village and family, although he was known as Sonopo Bomoor then. Kurp tracked the alien across the galaxy, and finally caught up with him, thanks to a plan devised by Jabba the Hutt. When Jabba revealed that Suppoon was really Bomoor, Kosh Kurp decided it was time to repay Bomoor. Suppoon tried to shot Kurp, but the laser blast deflected off Kurp's armor and blasted Suppoon's head off. Jabba turned Suppoon's holdings over to Kurp. (JTH)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this Wookiee was a freelance pilot and shipper during the Galactic Civil War. However, his partner was caught by Imperial forces and enslaved for labor. Gaartatha himself barely escaped, and consoled himself by consuming too many Dentarian Ripples. He spent the rest of his time trying to figure out how to rescue his partner. (GMH)

this was one of the few Tchuukthai ever to be encountered off their native homeworld. (WOTC)

this is the Tuhgri title given to the leader of a Tuhgri tribe. Each gaawan is sent to the House of Balance each year to discuss matters of importance to the Tuhgri. (KO)

this airspeeder was distinguished by its pointed nose and long, rounded cockpit. (NEGV)

this was an Ewok question, that translated into Basic as "How much?" (DN2)

this large mammal, native to the Zirfan Glacier on the planet Rhinnal, served as a food source for the native Rhinnalians. They also used the thick fur of the gabal to create wool. (CCW)

Gabbard, Chine
this man was a native of Rehemsa, where he served as an executive on the board of Rehemsa Consumables during the height of the New Order. He traveled to Garqi to perform botanical research into the hafa vines found on Garqi, with the assistance of equipment and students from Garqi Agricultural University. Unknown to eve his students, though, was the fact that Gabbard's research was not aimed at improving the yield of the hafa vine, but the development of a bew bioweapon for the Empire. (GORW)

this Klatooinian worked for Zonnos the Hutt as a translator, during the early years of the New Order. Gabbera had been born into slavery, and was turned over to Zonnos as payment for a gambling debt. He was a cowardly individual, and many believed that he was scared of his own shadow. Nonetheless, he was also an excellent pilot, and had passed his skills onto many within Zonnos' operations. When Popara hired a group of freelance agents to rescue his other offspring, Mika, Zonnos allowed Gabbera to accompany the agents as a pilot and guide. (TF)

this man was one of the multitude of chefs retained by Jabba the Hutt, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Gab'borah was known for his wondrous desserts, and he was often assigned to Jabba's personal sail barge to cater to the crimelord's various guests. Gab'borah was the only being in the galaxy who knew the recipe for Ziziibbon truffles, a fact that made him somewhat valuable to Jabba. A ten-year-old Boba Fett discovered that Gab'borah was also Ygabba's father. After Ygabba returned to Jabba's palace to be with her father, the pair remained on Jabba's kitchen staff for many years. When Boba set out to try and capture Wat Tambor, near the end of the Clone Wars, Gab'borah and Ygabba presented him with a new suit of Mandalorian armor, tailored to fit his thirteen-year-old body. Gab'borah also provided him with a packet of gleb rations. (BF4, BF5)

the 18-year-old survey pilot of the Astrolabe, Gabby was killed near Doornik-1142. (BTS)

Gabell, Jerri
this woman was a loyal member of the pro-Imperial protest group known as Citizens Against Unrest. (SWJ11)

Gaber Rollobad
this Sullustan smuggler was shot down over Corellia during the height of the Galactic Civil War, when he tried to avoid being boarded by an Imperial customs detachment. Rather than allow his illegal cargo of weapons to be confiscated, Gaber tried to escape by outrunning the Imperials. However, the Star Destroyer Shrike was the flagship of the detachment, and made short work of shooting down Gaber's YT-1210, the Boolarg. Gaber managed to get to an escape pod and landed on Corellia, near to where the Boolarg crashed. When he discovered that he was still alive, Gaber tried to hire a team of freelance agents to help him locate the weapons, which had been hidden inside a smuggling compartment. However, the Empire got to him first, and Gaber was arrested for his crimes. (CCW)

Gablith Masquer
developed from the basic ooglith masquer, the gablith masquer allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to assume the guise of certain non-human races, including the Duros. The gablith masquer could form itself into a number of shapes and textures, and its activation spot was located on the wearer's neck. This modification - the activation spot on an ooglith masquer was near the nose of the wearer - allowed a Yuuzhan Vong to impersonate a species such as the Duro, which lacked a nose. (BP)

Gabo the Wicked
this male Aqualish was a noted criminal during the years following the Battle of Naboo. He was captured on the Outland Transit Station by Jango Fett, after a bounty was placed on his head for indecent exposure and the distribution of illegal holograms. (BH)

Gabo Tychee
this male Rodian was wanted for a variety of undisclosed reasons by the Hutts, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. A bounty was placed on his head by the Hutts, which was claimed when Tychee was captured on the Outland Transit Station by Jango Fett. (BH)

Gabonna Memory Crystals
this highly-specialized computer crystal was used in the production of some of the galaxy's most advanced security droids, during the last decades of the Old Republic. When the Clone Wars broke out, the Old Republic restricted the availability of Gabonna crystals - along with other important technical parts - to ensure that they were made readily available for the military effort. The primary consumer of these crystals was Cestus Cybernetics, which used them in the production of the Cesta line of security droids. Because of this, Cestus Cybernetics was forced to abandon production of Cesta droids, which caused severe economic hardship on the planet. The corporation and much of the population on Ord Cestus decided to remain neutral - even hostile - toward the Republic, rather than side with it against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When Count Dooku offered Cestus Cybernetices an abundant supply of its own Gabonna crystals as payment for thousands of JK-series security droids, Cestus Cybernetics eagerly agreed to supply the droids to the Separatists. (TCD)

Gabredor III
this heavily forested world was the site of the Karazak Slavers Guild loading base during the early years of the New Republic. The Red Moons broke up the Guild's operation when they attempted to rescue the children of the ambassador of Cantras Gola. The planet is located with the hyperspace route known as Myto's Arrow. However, like many planets along the route, Gabredor III offered no real value to developers and was ignored. This made it the perfect haven for smugglers and slavers. The average day on Gabredor III lasts 22 standard hours, and its year lasts 352 local days. (SWJ8, TFE)

this woman was the smuggling partner of Danna, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ3)

this was the alias used by Wedge Antilles to meet with Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. The Gabrielle was supposedly a New Republic scout ship which was patrolling the space near the Reecee side of the Black Bantha. Once their true identities had been established, Han turned over a wealth of information on the Yuuzhan Vong's plans to attack from a fleet position near the Black Bantha. (SBS)

this Gacerite term means "leader of artists. It is the highest compliment a Gacerite can bestow on a non-Gacerite, and was used to describe Imperial Governor Ulbrek Gostech. (PG2)

this planet is the fourth and primary world in the Gacerian System. It was a model of what the Empire could have been if it had been more compassionate. The Imperial governor, while in complete control, left the general populace to themselves. This had the effect of instilling the values of the New Order while preserving many of the freedoms the people once shared. Gacerian is the homeworld of the Gacerite race. It is a world of stark beauty: the lack of naturally beautiful landmarks makes those that exist much more breathtaking. Gacerian also have no axial tilt, so it has no seasonal variations. Its days last 36 standard hours, and its year encompasses 375 local days. Gacerian has two natural satellites. One of the main exports of the planet are beautiful gemstones mined there. The remnants of the Imperial occupation control them, using slaves to extract the gems. (PG2)

this is the native language of the Gacerite race. (POT)

this alien race is native to the planet Gacerian. They are humanoid, but stand nearly three meters tall. They have spindly limbs and no body hair. Their eyes have evolved into small, black orbs that protect the optic nerve from the bright glare of Klozar. Their ears, on the other hand, are large, and the Gacerite sense of hearing is very keen. The nostrils in their noses draw air into their primary set of lungs, while a secondary set of nostrils - located in their necks - connect to a thirs lung. This arrangement allows them to continue to breath while talking or singing. Their music is cherished throughout the galaxy; even Emperor Palpatine was said to be fond of Gacerite dirge opera. The Gacerites have a classless society and a well-disciplined army, and they do battle with vigor whenever they compatriots play battle music. They also make excellent translators, and often are chosen to reprogram 3PO droids. The average Gacerite lives to be 150 years old. (PG2, AE)

a precious stone. (PP)

Gachoogai River
one of the primary waterways found on the planet Ylesia, the Gachoogai River is located between Colony One and Colony Two. On a planet of shallow seas and swamps, the Gachoogai was anomolously swift-flowing and deep. (TPS)

Gackle Bat
this flying mammal was believed to be native to the planet Devaron. It was distinguished by its wide wingspan and flat body. (NEGV)

this was one of the many moons which orbited the lifeless world of Triton. The religious Tritonites established several retreats on the moon during the early years of the New Order. (WOA26)

this Rodian smuggler served as Falan Iniro's gunner aboard the Take That!. Gadaf was killed when Iniro took the ship into battle before getting the signal from the Nar Shaddaa command base, and the ship was destroyed by a Carrack-class picket ship. (THG)

Gadan, Addath
this woman served as a Senator to the New Republic, representing her homeworld of Vannix for nearly twenty years when the Yuuzhan Vong first invaded the galaxy. Senator Gadan barely escaped from Coruscant when the alien invaders captured the planet, and made a swift return to Vannix. Shortly afterward, she met Leia Organa Solo on Vannix, breaking the news that Presider Sakins had fled the capital. Senator Gadan was left in command of the government, opposing Admiral Apelben Werl in taking command of the planet, with a vote pending in the coming days. Unfortunately for Leia, Senator Gadan was on record as favoring a path of appeasement toward the Yuuzhan Vong. When she learned that Leia had negotiated a deal with Admiral Werl to help win the election, Senator Addath boldly offered a wealth of naval resources to Leia in return for help with the election. Leia balked, since the naval resources were under the control of Admiral Werl. Addath tried to convinced her otherwise, but Leia revealed that Fasald Ghem had been recording their entire exchange. Senator Gadan, suddenly on public record as bribing Leia in order to win the election and capitulate with the Yuuzhan Vong, fled the planet. (EL2)

Gaddatha In'Kro
this Caamasi led a delegation of Old Republic diplomats to Aargau, during the early stages of the Clone Wars, to investigate the InterGalactic Banking Clan's affiliation with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Much of In'kro's work centered around the IBC's funding of Hailfrire droid production, since a large number of the droids ended up in Separatist armies. (SWI65)

this was one of the repulsorlift cities built by Lant Mining Corporation in order to mine the moon of Lish V. Gadde was an eight-sided facility supported by ten massive repulsorlift engines. A minimum of six engines were required to keep the city afloat, and the city managers only operated nine at a time in order to effect repairs and perform maintenance. (FBS)

an alien race. (RASB)

this was the traditional weapon of the Sandpeople. A gaderffii, although usually custom-crafted by individual Tusjen Raiders, was essentially a short staff of tracti wood, with a double-edged axe at one end and a hook on the other. Also called a gaffi stick, these weapons were often assembled from freighter plating, and were often coated with sand bat venom. During long treks across the desert, Sandpeople often used gaffi sticks as walking sticks. Within a tribe, the chieftain always had the largest and most dangerous gaderffii. (SWN, NEGW)

this was the nickname given by Ton Phanan to his R2 astromech droid. (WS)

Gadma dar
this Yuuzhan Vong phrase was a command that was used to tell another individual to activate a villip or other piece of technology. (SBS)

this name, which meant "blessed", was common among Gungan males. (GCG)

the native species of the planet Abregado-Rae and its surrounding system, the Gados were tall, thin humanoids with long limbs and a worm-like head. A layer of short fur covered most of their body. What made the Gado unique was the structure of their internal organs. Most every organ in the Gado body was laid out in ribbons that ran throughout their body. This meant that any injury could be life-threatening, no matter how severe. (HTTE, EGP, CCW)

this alien race was native to the planet Gadon 3. (TCD)

Gadon 3
this planet was a mining world, and the home planet of the Gadon race. Gadon 3 was the only known world where Kif could be mined, making it a valuable member of the Old Republic. (TCD)

this was the ancient language of the Gado race, native to the planet Abregado-rae. Most knowledge of the Gados language was lost when the Tundei regime took control of the planet. They declared that Basic would be the planet's official language, and Gados faded into the past. (CCW)

Gados Flatboat
this was the name given to the amphibious vehicles used to nagivate the waterways of the planet Abregado-rae. (CCW)

see Gadrin (LFC)

this was one of two cities founded by Reidi Artom, when she returned to the Cularin System after filing for the discovery rights to it. It was considered a twin city to Hedrett. It is sometimes referred to as Gadren. Gadrin was established at the base of Cloud Mountain, where the Estauril River flowed past it. Hedrett was established across the river when the population of Gadrin expanded too rapidly. During the Old Republic, Gadrin was ruled by an elected governor. (LFC)

this Twi'lek was a noted Spheroids player during the era of the New Order, although he lost more often than he won. (GFT)

this computer slicer was an apprentice of the Keiffler Brothers before their organization was conscripted by Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne. A native of Pembric II, Gaelin was returned to his homeworld after Sarne executed the Keiffler Brothers. Sarne used him as a source of information, hoping to gain information on the Bombaasa Cartel. Gaelin tried to start his own business, but was captured by Crev Bombaasa and locked in a warehouse basement, forced to work for the Bombaasa Cartel. Nevertheless, Gaelin managed to provide regular reports to Sarne. After the crew of the New Republic corvette FarStar stopped on the planet Pembric II, during its hunt for Moff Sarne, Gaelin was offered a chance for freedom in return for his help in removing the trapdoors which were discovered in Sarne's starcharts of Kathol Sector. Once free from the Cartel's control, Gaelin agreed to join the crew of the FarStar as a slicer. (DARK, KR)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

this Kobok served as one of General Koong's henchmen, working from the Tawntoom Citdael on Roon during the early years of the New Order. Gaff was born on Roon, but made a name for himself throughout the galaxy's criminal underworld for his skills as an assassin and spy. Gaff often wore a Koboth Insurgent Mantle, although it was not known if he actually participated in the Mavvan Conflict. Gaff considered his position in Koong's operations to be a low-point in his career, but took the job because of the credits it offered. When Koong destroyed the Citadel in an effort to kill Imperial Admiral Screed, Gaff was believed to have been caught in the blast. However, investigation by the Council of Confederated Provinces produced no body, and many Roonans came to believe that Gaff had somehow survived the blast and fled off-planet. (DCAR, WOTC, GORW)

this name was common among the Kobok race. (GORW)

see Gaderffii (COJ)

Gaffi Stick
see Gaderffii (SW)

see Gaderffi (MA)

this small corporation produced several models of high-tech furniture. (GFT)

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