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this was the Snivvian word for "here." (HNN5)

E-11 Mark II
this was one of the most powerful variants of the standard E-11 stormtrooper rifle. (SWGAL)

E11 Rifle
see E-11 Trooper Rifle (GQRG)

E-11 Trooper Rifle
a BlasTech military laser weapon used by stormtroopers, it has a quarter-centimeter aperture. It can be fired continuously, but only at low-power settings. They were so heavily produced that, between stolen shipments and weapons scavenged from battlefields, the Alliance had almost as many of these rifles as the Empire. The weapon was cloned by SoroSuub as the Stormtrooper One rifle. (SME, CCG, CSA)

this modified version of the standard E-11 stormtrooper rifle had a slug thrower mounted just below the blaster barrel. A lever allowed the user to toggle between firing blaster bolts, slugs, or both at the same time. (GG11)

this BlasTech heavy blaster was produced during the early decades of the New Republic, based on the original designs for the E-11 stormtrooper rifle. (NEGW)

this BlasTech heavy blaster was produced during the early decades of the New Republic, based on the original designs for the E-11 stormtrooper rifle. It was a bit more compact than the E-11A, allowing it to be worn in a holster and fired with one hand. (HT, NEGW)

E-11B Trooper Rifle
this modified version of the basic BlasTech E-11 rifle was developed by the BlasTech employees who defected to the Alliance shortly before the Battle of Endor. An enhanced cooling system was used to allow for a greater rate of fire. The weapon saw use in the Alliance's struggle to capture the Imperial shield generator during the Battle of Endor. (CCG10)

this modified version of the standard BlasTech E-11 stormtrooper rifle was equipped with a high-powered zoom, allowing it to be used as a sniper weapon. In exchange for long-range power, however, the E-11s could only fire a single shot before recharging. (LAWS)

this BlasTech asssault rifle was standard issue to New Republic soldiers during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (HT)

this small ion engine was developed by Incom for use on the T-16 Skyhopper. (EGV)

this administrative droid served the Jedi Knights at the Almas Academy during the last decades of the Old Republic. Known as EeOne or Era, this droid was purposely constructed from a variety of different parts and components, and was given a female personality. She could act as a maid, waitress, or mechanic, depending on the needs of the Jedi at the Academy. Because of the many appendages and components, E1-6RA had a unique appearance which did not resemble any particular species, let alone any other droid. The Jedi later discovered that a piece of alien technology had been installed into E1-6RA by a smuggler. The device allowed E1-6RA to receive telepathic signals and understand them, and the smuggler hoped that he could secretly obtain information on the Jedi and sell it at a huge profit. After the smuggler was caught and arrested, the Jedi decide to leave the technology installed. E1-6RA served as Lanius Qel-Bertuk's personal assistant during the Clone Wars, helping him keep the Almas Academy functioning in the face of the galactic conflict. (LFC, LFCW)

this sniper rifle was produced by SoroSuub during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The blaster bolts fired from the E-17d were extremely accurate over long distances, and remained coherent enough to provide a long-distance punch. The barrel of the E-17d was perforated along its entire length, giving the weapon an distinctive appearance. (LAWS)

the designation of an ancient series of asteroid mining ships designed by Byblos Drive Yards. The E-2 miner is an insectoid ship that looks small. However, the E-2 is actually 110 meters in length. Instead of using tractor beams to move asteroids, the E-2 is equipped with eight rugged claws which can dig into stone and grasp an asteroid beneath the main body of the miner. Each E-2 is also equipped with plasma drills to cut away useless rock to reveal the ore within. A crew of 14 manned the ship, with four gunners handling the plasma drills. The removed stone is sucked up into a central vacuum system that deposits the material in a sorting area. Valuable ores are sent into storage bays, while other material is sent to a processing plant to be turned into fuel. Each E-2 miner has a command crew of four, a bridge crew of ten, and over 100 miners. Finhead Stonebone was one of the first to recognize the potential of E-2 miners in his pirating operation in the Stenness Systems some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. He modified his E-2s to attack the ore haulers made from Ithullian Colossus Wasp carapaces. (TOJ, EGV, TOJC)

the E2-I6 series of instructional droids was developed for use at the Empire's military training facilities. (SWJ2)

this chrome-plated protocol droid was part of the Imperial garrison which was stationed on Cloud City. E-3PO's assigned role was that of human-to-alien translator, a role he fulfilled when he relayed to Ugloste the necessary modifications to allow carbon-freezing to work on humans. E-3PO nearly ran into C-3PO, shortly after Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon arrived at Bespin in the wake of the Battle of Hoth. (CCG5, TCG7)

E3-series Droid
this series of companion droids was produced by Cybot Galactica. Roughly humanoid in stature and standing about a meter tall, these droids were designed and programmed to perform the more manual labor their owners required. (WSV)

this 3.5-meter-long escape pod was produced by the His Grace the Duke Gadal-Herm's Safety Inspectorate, during the last years of the Old Republic. This escape pod was exceptionally durable, with the squat hull being protected by four reinforced "legs." These legs were retracted during ejection and flight to make the lifeboat streamlined, but were deployed into a fully-extended position for landing. This ensured that the E3-standard escape pod always landed "right-side up," thereby protecting the safety and health of its users. The E3-standard could accommodate up to three beings for four weeks' worth of travel. Sophisticated landing and telemetry processors keep the E3-standard upright during descent and landing, maintaining the balance of the escape pod even during the turbulence of re-entry. (X3)

this decree was passed by the Galactic Senate shortly after the onset of the Clone Wars, prohibiting any non-military cloning research to take place. Despite the intentions of the decree - to ensure that cloning technology was not infiltrated or corrupted by the Separatists - the decree actually crippled the economies and societies of several member worlds. Khomm was particularly hard-hit, since cloning technology was required for each generation to procreate. (SWI68)

this tall, thin droid was produced by Baktoid Combat Automata as an assassin droid, and as a direct replacement for the battle droids used by the Trade Federation during the Battle of Naboo. They were given mediocre verbobrains, allowing them to have a measure of independence that removed the need for a Droid Control Ship. (RP)

E-5 Droid Blaster
this was the short-barreled blaster weapon produced by the Baktoid Armor Workshop, for use by the Trade Federation's E-5 battle droids. The fact that this weapon was developed for use by droid fighters allowed Baktoid to cut back on many areas - such as heat dissipation and recoil - which posed safety concerns for living users. (SWI62, AEG)

a model of assassin droid specially commissioned by the Empire and built by Sienar Intelligence Systems, the E522 was characterized by its waspish waist, large shoulders, and squared-off head. This series of droid was produced with an impressive collection of weaponry, both passive and offensive. The E522 was equipped with a heavy repeating blaster, an ion cannon, six hunter-seeker missiles, and a toxin-injection system. It was propelled by a pair of recycled tank treads. Note that Labyrinth of Evil indicates that the E522 assassin droid was produced by the Techno Union during the height of the Clone Wars. (TME, SWRPG, EGD, LEV)

this rust-colored protocol droid was owned by the Rodian explorer Frelka, during the height of the New Order. Frelka kept the droid on Gamma Station for many months, hoping to learn more about the mysterious events the occurred in and near the station. (SWGAL)

this sniper rifle was produced by the Baktoid Armor Workshop for use by the battle droid legions deployed by the Separatists during the height of the Clone Wars. (LAWS)

this portable missile launcher was produced by the Baktoid Armor Workshop, as part of the standard weaponry available for the battle droids of the Separatist armies, during the height of the Clone Wars. It was inexpensive to mass-produce, which allowed the Techno Union to produce them in sufficient quantities to accommodate the vast numbers of battle droids sent into battle. The E-60R was also lightweight, ensuring that the weapon could be carried by B1-series battle droids. To further trim costs, a built-in targeting interface that would have linked directly to the droid firing the weapon was scrapped in favor of more traditional weapons scopess, forcing the programmers of the battle droids to provide enhanced visual capabilities. Despite its size, the E-60R could fire a variety of projectiles, and was known to have brought down LAAT/i gunships with well-placed shots. (LAWS, SWDB)

E9D8 Rebellion
this historical event occurred during the height of the Old Republic, but was settled with the help of the Jedi Order's Council of First Knowledge. (PJSB)

this star was the central body in the Geonosis System of the Outer Rim. (GORW)

this was one of the many Bothan clans. Membership in the clan was denoted by the suffix 'ala added to an individual's family name. (GCG, WOTC)

Ealewon Electronics
this small electronics manufacturer produced a variety of encryption devices during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this was a temperate planet, located in the Bysis System, covered with temperate forests and grasslands. (COG)

this was a common name among the Celegian race. (UANT)

this was one of the more common names given to males of the Mon Calamari race. To the Mon Calamari, this name meant "wise". (GCG)

this New Republic Navy officer served as Wedge Antilles' tactical officer aboard the Yavin, during the assault on Almania. (TNR)

Eanca Goa-Ato
this was the Grand Protector's Hunter's Guild Hall, located in the Rodian city of Iskaayuma. This vast building complex contained the offices of the Goa-Ato, as well as the personal chambers of the Grand Protector, an Awards Hall, and a Chronicle Room which contained records of the hunts of the members of the Goa-Ato. (SPG)

this piece of surveillance equipment was used to eavesdrop on remote conversations. (PGT)

this eavesdropping device was used by criminals and spies during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Comprised of a button-sized listening device, a headset, and a receiver, the EAR-1 was a jet-black unit which stored away in an unobtrusive, small metal case. One of its major features was the use of a miniature damping unit, which prevented it from being detected. However, the EAR-1 had a very limited range, due in part of the damping unit, and the receiver had to be in a line-of-sight with the listening device. (LOE)

Earbead Receiver
this was a form of communications module which resembled an earring or, in more expensive version, a mole on the ear or even a tattoo. The receiver was just that, a way to receive communications from a remote recorder. The unit's small size allowed the wearer to listen in on a conversation without an obvious earpiece or receiver. (DMS)

Earl of Vis
this man, the cousin of an ancient king of Naboo, built a large banqueting rotunda in the city of Theed. (IWE1)

Early Republic History
this was the term originally used by Jedi Master Odan-Urr to describe the galaxy's documented history during the earliest millennia of the Old Republic. (GORW)

Early Riser
this light freighter was owned by Neva Transport, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. (FBS)

Earsulo Osso
this was a noted individual in the history of the Murachaun race. (GORW)

this was the only word used to describe one of the four humanoid, child-like droids discovered by Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa on an uncharted world, while they were on a diplomatic mission to the Akuria System, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Earth was named for the fact that he could make the earth around him move and shake at will. All four children were distinguished from humans by their glowing, yellow eyes. They were created by the Keeper to break the monotony of its millennia-long work of rebuilding the planet, and their special powers helped the Keeper in its reformation efforts. (PZZ1)

this reddish rock, found on the planet Dagobah, was used as a healing tool by the Jedi Master Yoda. (VD)

this was a slang term used on Corellia to indicate any being who was a nuisance or a pest. (DN1)

Easal Mar
this was one of the most powerful Jedi ever to train aboard the massive starship Chu'unthor, several centuries before the Battle of Yavin. (PJSB)

East Ahto
this section of Ahto City, located on the planet Manaan, was the site of most of the Imperial offices on the planet during the height of the New Order. (PH)

East District Trail
a travel route on Lucazec. Like many other roads on the planet, it is little more than two wheel ruts in the dirt. (BTS)

East Minor
this section of Coruscant's Imperial City was famous for the Trophill Gardens. Easy Minor itself was a residential and cultural borough of Coruscant's southern hemisphere, located nearly opposite the sprawling megalopolis of Imperial City. (SOL, CCW)

East Platform
Boba Fett's landing site at Cloud City (ESB)

East Refineries
this was one of four ore refineries established on the Ugnaught Surface, during its construction. Once the floating city was completed, the refinery was converted into housing and business facilities for the Ugnaughts who made their homes on the Surface. (PH)

East River
this river fed into the city of Salis D'aar, on the planet Bakura. The East River joined the West River at the base of D'aarmont, thereby forming the primary boundaries of the city. (GORW)

East Vacaliv
this seasonal wind storm ravages the southern latitudes of the planet Iotra. (GG12)

East Wash
this was the name of one of the shallow seas that were located in the Swamplands, on the planet Desevro. The East Wash was located between the Near and Inner Washes. (GORW)

this was one of three major spaceports located in Imperial City on Coruscant. It remained active for many decades, until the Yuuzhan Vong took control of Coruscant and reformed it into a simulacrum of Yuuzhan'tar. Like most locations on the planet, the Eastport landing field suffered huge amounts of damage during the early stages of the reformation. (BTS, UF)

Easy Breathing
this was the brand name of VargeCorp's full-face breath mask, designed as an emergency breathing system. It could scrub poisons out of the air for about an hour before its power pack needed to be recharged. With an attached air cylinder, it could also provide about ten minutes of breathable air in airless environments. (AEG)

Easy Chair
this was a starfighter pilot slang term for the pilot's seat. (HSE)

Easy Spacer
this was one of the most popular holo-films of the year leading up to the Clone Wars. The film marked the final performance of Isriner Korosson. (HNN4)

this was a common name used by the Abyssin race. (UANT)

this was Hyrotil's version of the Coruscant Taxi. It measured eight meters in length, and could accommodate up to six passengers and 100 kilograms of cargo. It required a dedicated pilot to operate. (SWRPG)

an alien creature, the eater is a species of furred, warm-blooded, reptilian predator native to Masterhome. (SWCP)

Eater of Fire Creepers
this Qom Jha was the Bargainer of his nesting, and was one of the many who welcomed Luke Skywalker to Nirauan. However, he resented the presence of Mara Jade, because of her former allegiance to the Empire. Eater of Fire Creepers was also distrustful of the Qom Qae nesting led by Hunter of Winds, because the other Bargainer failed to deliver the plea for help to Luke. (VOF)

this Kuat Drive Yards singal jamming system was developed during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN2)

this was the model number of a series of starship engine maintenance droids produced by the Empire. (BI)

a Wookiee doll given to Jaina Solo by Chewbacca. (CS)

Eban Trey
this Rodian served as the Master of Ceremonies at the grand opening of The Aerie casino and facilities on Naboo, about a year after the Battle of Yavin. (ROD)

this gas giant was the fifth planet in the Treskov System, located in the Deep Core. (DW)

Ebaq 9
this ball of rock and ore was the ninth moon in orbit around the planet Ebaq, located in the galaxy's Deep Core. The Empire once allowed the Deep Core Mining Corporation to establish bronzium refineries on the moon, while maintaining a minimal base as an emergency resupply point. After the dead of Emperor Palpatine, the base on Ebaq 9 was abandoned. Years later, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Admiral Ackbar of the New Republic discovered Ebaq 9's location, and developed a plan that could draw in the Yuuzhan Vong and trap them along the dead-end hyperspace lane that led to Ebaq. It required that the Republic establish a base of operations on the moon as bait for the trap, which was the centerpiece of the Battle of Ebaq. (DW)

Ebaq Control
this was the code name of the New Republic's control nexus, located on the temporary base on Ebaq 9 in preparation for the Battle of Ebaq. (DW)

this Squib reclamation ship Commander was known as the "Illustrious Chieftain of the Junkyards." He had ruled the Squibs as king for more than 40 years before the Battle of Yavin. He was responsible for the placement of Squib spies on capital ships, creating a network of informants who could inform the Squibs of the location of Imperial garbage dumps and battle sites. This allowed the Squib race to flourish during the later years of the New Order. He commanded the momship Thrifty, and negotiated with the Alliance for information on the whereabouts of a gravity-well projector that could be used to detain the Elusive. (SH)

Ebe Crater Valley Gorge
located on the planet Tatooine, this landmark was situated on the Mos Espa podracing course. The Gorge later served as a section of the noted Mos Espa Circuit, a swoop racing event held annually during the height of the New Order. (RAC, SWGAL)

Ebe E. Endocott
this Triffian was recognized as one of the best podracers of the Outer Rim. He had three semi-pro victories on the Malastare racing circuit before he moved up to the big leagues, and entered into the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine. There, he eventually lost the race to Anakin Skywalker, finishing in fourth place. (RAC, IG1, PRT, HNN5)

Eberon Spider
a predatory arachnid with a poisonous bite, the eberon spider performs a brief display before it attacks. (JHS)

this planet, located deep in Imperial space, forms one end of the Leisure Corridor. (GG9)

Ebla Beer
an alcoholic brew favored by Captain Huba. (DRO)

this was one of the many Strike-class cruisers that made up the front lines of the Imperial Naval fleet. (TIE)

this tree produced a rare, black wood. (TFE)

Ebon Coursers
this was a group of seven bounty hunters who worked as a team during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ1)

Ebon Essentia
this dense area of interstellar gas was located near the planet Dantooine. Its name came from the fact that the nebulous region lacked any light-producing or light-reflecting bodies, and was therefore dark and seemingly impenetrable. For many years after the Clone Wars, the Ebon Essentia was a warzone, torn apart by the hostilities between the Force Assassins and the Warrens Assault Squad. (SWGAL)

Ebon Hawk
this ancient, disk-shaped freighter was used as a base of operations for a team of soliders who served the Old Republic some fifty years after the Great Sith War. During the search for the Star Forge, the Ebon Hawk was piloted by Carth Onasi. Originally built on the planet Taris, the 24-meter-long Ebon Hawk was once a shuttle owned by Davik Kang. It was fast enough to outrun the Sith and Republic patrols that swarmed the galactic rim, and Kang once claimed that it was the best thing he had ever stolen. Most of the ship's original systems were replaced with state-of-the-art replacements, including a stolen navigational computer and an oversized, exceptionally powerful hyperdrive. It was armed with a pair of turbolasers, as well as a number of "hidden surprises" installed by Kang. When Kang was killed just before Taris was destroyed, the ship was acquired by Carth Onasi and Revan, who had turned away from the Dark Side of the Force to aid the Republic in hunting down the Sith. The Ebon Hawk became the focal point of the search for the Star Map and the Star Forge, although it was lost in deep space for many years before it turned up again near Peragus II. The ship was located almost simultaneously by Jedi Master Kreia and a group of Sith devotees who were trying to reawaken Darth Sion. The Sith brought the ship aboard the Harbinger and traveled to Peragus II, where The Exile was drugged and held for interrogation. It was believed that the ship's droids, especially T3-M4, were largely responsible for restoring it to active duty after The Exile was abandoned by the Jedi order. (GMR10, SWI63, KOTOR, SWDB, KOTOR2)

Ebon Sea
this was the deepest, most frightening body of water found on the planet Geonosis. It was located near Golbah's Pit, which was the former site of the Golbah Hive's complex of spires and tunnels. After the hive was destroyed, the chemicals that were used in the production of Hailfuire droids exploded and burned at the bottom of the pit, creating a bubbling black ooze that never dissipated. Instead, it seeped into the ground and polluted the Ebon Sea, causing a variety of mutations in its inhabitants. For instance, the acklays from the Ebon Sea were known to be tougher and more vicious than their normal cousins. At the bottom of the Ebon Sea was a layer of muddy silt that provided a home for hydra worms. (SWI60, GORW)

this planet is the homeworld of the Ebranite race. It is the second planet in the Dousc System, and is covered by seemingly endless, rugged mountains. The crust of the planet is riddled with caves and canyons. (GG12)

this was the spoken language of the Ebranite people, consisting of a collection of growls, moans, and honks. A primitive series of pictographs also existed, but only to describe past historical events. (UANT)

this was the native language of the Ebranite people. (GMR9)

this humanoid race has evolved in the harsh canyons of the planet Ebra. The Ebranites have six, multi-jointed arms that allow them to climb the rocky canyon walls. Each arm ends in four long fingers and two opposing thumbs, which provide sure grips in almost any situation. Their two legs are short and heavy, having evloved in support of their large upper bodies. Thus, Ebranites have difficulty walking upright and prefer climbing over walking. They are fiercely loyal to their families and their clans, and early Ebranite civilization was marked by clan wars. The clans have since become interconnected, and the advancement of their race has been remarkable. There are clans that have remained at war with each other, much to the dismay of the leadership council. The Ebranite race's ancient wars were violent, for the Ebranite physiology pumps huge amounts of adrenaline when they are under stress. They are calm peaceful under most circumstances, but can be whipped into a combat rage in almost no time. They have a primitive technology, and were subjugated by the Empire and put to work in the lu-ramin mines. Many fled their homeworld ot join the Alliance. (GG12)

Ebranite Lu-ramin Oilmead
this beverage is created with lu-ramin as its base. (GG12)

this elderly male Drall was hired by Leia Organa Solo to tutor her children during the Corellian Trade Summit. Ebrihim was a rotund Drall with fierce, jet-black eyes. He didn't take the Force seriously, although he did believe in it. He had a wide range of knowledge about the Corellian Sector, and planned to take the Solo children on a number of field trips before Thrackan Sal-Solo seceded the Sector from the New Republic. Ebrihim was usually accompanied by his droid, Q9-X2. (AC)

native to the Unknown Regions, this race of huge, misshapen humaonoids had creamy-white skin that was criss-crossed with red lines. Their wide eyes sat atop a puckered mouth which was surrounded by worm-like tentacles. They were a ruthless species, moving through systems and attacking anything in sight. Most of their enemies considered them to be barbaric nomads, despite the fact that the Ebruchi prefered to be couped up in a small starships rather than out in the open. Many xenobiologists who have heard of the Ebruchi believe that the species spent so much time traveling through space that they had shunned their terrestrial heritage. The Ebruchi homeworld was not known, and their histories focused more on conquest than on their society. (SWJ11)

this city is located on the western penisula of the continent of Forethought, on the planet Ropagi II. It is connected to Ropagis, Torvane, and Balarik via monorail service. (TSK)

EC Detonator
see Electrostatic Charge Detonator (LAWS)

Ec Pand
this planet was the primary world of the Ec Pand System, which was part of the Induparan Crown Worlds during the height of the New Order. (PP)

Ecclessis Figg Room
located on Bespin's Cloud City, this vast stateroom was used by the current Baron-Administrator of the outpost. (T3)

Ecclessis Figg Variation
Sabacc variation in which, in the final round, all odd-numbered face cards are subtracted - rather than added - to a player's final score. (DA)

ECD Grenade
see Electrostatic Charge Detonator (SWI84)

this alien was was known for its military prowess, which was evident across the galaxy during the years leading up to the Great Sith War. The Echani were noted as skilled warriors, and many of their techniques became the basis for the Echani style of martial arts. The Echani were distinguished by their use of armor and weaponry that incorporated cortosis ore, allowing them to be effective combatants against the Sith as well as the Jedi Knights. (KOTOR)

this deadly martial art was practiced by the Royal Imperial Guard during their training on Yinchorr. It was an ancient art that involved the use of a pair of short, sharp-bladed knives. The roots of the Echani martial arts could be traced back to the era before the Great Sith War, and were based on the military styles of the Echani race. Many Echani warriors developed their own specialized body armor and weapons, to further distinguish themselves from fighters who employed other styles. The martial arts of the Echani were later adopted and modified by the Sun Guards of Thyrsus, and it was this form that was later used by the Royal Imperial Guard. This modified form concentrated on jabs, chops, kicks, and other quick strikes that focused on deadliness over finesse. (CE, KOTOR, HG)

Echani Fiber Armor
this ancient form of woven body armor was developed by those warriors who created the Echani martial art form, many millennia before the Battle of Yavin. The fibers that were woven together to form the armor plates was exceptionally strong, and the weaving pattern added to this strength by allowing individual fibers to distribute the force of an impact to neighboring fibers. (KOTOR)

Echani Firedancers
this was the name used to describe those Echani martial artists who combined grace and power with exotic weaponry, making their fighting style appear more like dance than combat. The Firedancers used a ritual staff that was heated to extreme temperatures at each end. The staff would inflict physical damage as well as intense burns when it struck an opponent. (KOTOR)

Echani Handmaidens
this group of five sisters eschewed the Jedi path after the Jedi Civil War, but dedicated themselves to scouring the galaxy for Sith or Fallen Jedi. Shortly after the era of the Great Hunt, the Echani Handmaidens disappeared. The Exile later discovered that many of them had gone underground, joining Atris on Telos and working with the Handmaiden Sisters to preserve the teachings and lore of the Jedi Order. When one of the Handmaidens joined The Exile's party, she revealed that all of the Handmaidens were the daughters of Yusanis, although some had different mothers. (KOTOR2, LAWS)

this is the formal name of the fourth of six moons orbitting the gas giant Tinn VI. Thus, it is often referred to as Tinn VI-D. It was discovered by a group of Old Republic explorers who had to make an emergency landing. The strong magnetic pull of Tinn VI forced them to re-emerge from hyperspace to realspace when their shields dropped, an event which continues to happen from time to time. Thus, many hyperspace routes give the planet and its moons a wide berth, but Echnos managed to grow into an important trace center in its sector. The inhabitants of Echnos have built a huge, 2000-story city-dome under which they exist, protecting themselves from the nitrogen-rich atmosphere of the moon. Because of the facilities that evolved over time, Echnos has become a primary repair station for ships traveling near Tinn VI. The dome seals in breathable atmosphere and maintains eight airlocks for entry and egress of starships. (SWJ4)

Echnos City
the capital city of the moon Echnos, it is the site of a weekly blastboat demolition derby known as the BlastBoat 2000. Echnos City measured twenty kilometers in diameter and stood some 2,000 stories tall. Like most cities, it had eight airlock entry ports through which starships could load and unload cargoes and passengers. (SWJ4)

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