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these were the galactic coordinates of the planet Coruscant, as thw planet wes considered the center of the known galaxy. (RF)

this was a type of nitrocellulose incendiary device produced by Greff-Timms Industrial some 4,000 before the Galactic Civil War. (TOJC)

008 Heavy Landspeeder
designed and manufactured by Trask Industries, this combat landspeeder was developed for use by the Imperial Army shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Initial tests proved that the 008 was a highly maneuverable craft, with excellent handling and well-integrated onboard systems. It required a pilot and gunner to operate, and was armed with a front-mounted double laser cannon and a pair of rear-mounted medium blasters. It had a three-meter flight ceiling, and could achieve speeds of 315 kilometers an hour. (GSE)

Galactic Registry Standard entry for Gamorreans. (COJ)

this seemingly innocent medical droid found work aboard the Dune Princess, helping those who were motion-sick during the tour. However, 0-1B was actually a lethal battle droid created by the Alliance sympathizer known as "Never Die." 0-1B's mission was to intercept the Shard of Alderaan computer slicing program before Begas Tok could auction it off to the wrong people. (LAA)

this was the cell in which Mirax Terrik was held, in the Imperical governor's mansion on Suarbi 7/5, under the control of Leonia Tavira. (IJ)

this model of SoroSuub blaster pistol had a long, thick stock and was heavier than most other blasters. (GMH)

this was a model of Novaldex power converters used on most X-Wings built after the Battle of Endor. (WS)

this was the model number of a type of underwater processing plant developed by Rendeel Industries for its own uses. This medium-sized plant was made up of several modules designed to withstand the intense pressures of deep-sea operations. (HAS)

this was the designation of the Z-95 Headhunter Corran Horn used when he left the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4 and was picked up by the Errant Venture. (IJ)

this was a code phrase Gara Petothel had installed in the computer systems of the Implacable, which allowed her to gain access to virtually any room on the ship. When the Implacable was severely damaged by the New Republic over Ession, she used it to gain access to Apwar Trigit's quarters and escape the Implacable by using Trigit's personal escape pod. (WS)

this New Republic Intelligence datafile was created to maintain information on Ebrihim's droid, Q9-X2. (CTD)

1.4 FD P-Tower
one of Atgar's inexpensive anti-vehicle weapons, the P-Tower was considered outdated duringf the era of the New Order. This didn't deter the Alliance from using a number of these to help guard Echo Base on Hoth. They hoped that shear numbers of the readily-available implements would help defend the base. The P-Tower was essentially a turret-mounted laser dish, with sixteen micropower routers located around the outer edge. Once charged, these routers channeled all their energy into the main cannon, which then fired a huge blast of coherent energy. The main problem with the P-Tower was the fact that the sixteen routers drew incredible amounts of power from the batteries used to supply it. Each C-6 battery was only capable of handling eight shouts before it was drained. Atgar compensated for this by making the C-6 battery easy to replace. The challenge then became ensuring that enough batteries were available on the battlefield. (RPG, NEGW)

this was the model number of Veril Line Systems' Gyrowheel recycling droid. (EGD)

this counter-attack pattern, used for coordinating the actions of starfighters in battle, was developed by the Alliance of Free Planets in the months following the Battle of Endor. It was hoped that pattern 1/109 and other new tactics would be usefull against the Nagai, but an informant within the Alliance's ranks provided the Nagai forces with information on the new patterns. This allowed the Nagai to all but wipe out any Alliance squadrons who used them. (MC100)

this is a rifle-sized model of SonoMax riot control sound weapon. (CSA)

this Sil'Lume asteroid housed a large facility on which the independent prospectors and miners of the Sil'Lume Asteroid Belt could spend the night. Most considered it a flophouse, until they were forced to spend a night on the barren surface of an asteroid. (JH)

this was the model number of Ziko's standard handheld macrobinoculars. (ROE)

1000-series Automatic Stun Cuffs
this brand of stun cuffs was produced by Locris Syndicated Securities during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. These stun cuffs were considered illegal in many star systems. (DN1)

this was the name of a backup battery system produced by Taim & Bak. (HAS)

this was a low-powered antigravity unit used to power landspeeders. The average speeder required four such units to remain afloat. (POT)

this was a model of personal combat armor produced by Krail Armory. The Model 1010 suit is unique in that it is coated with photo-reactive crystals that bend and reflect the ambient colors of the wearer's immediate surroundings, making the wearer appear to blend into their environment. The 1010 suit is also covered by reflec plating, which absorbs the energy produced by sensors. The 1010 suit was deemed illegal for individual use on many planets. (KO)

this was a variety of cargo restraint netting manufactured by SoroSuub. (PSG)

this Aratech hovercraft was similar in many respects to the 93-B. However, the 101-C was designed for military use. It had a turret-mounted double blaster cannon mounted atop its fuselage, and its engine, lift, and drive systems were significantly beefed up for more intense usage. Like the 93-B, it required a pilot, co-pilot, and gunner to operate, and could carry up to eight passengers and a metric ton of cargo. (GSE)

101st Regiment
this division of the Grand Army of the Republic was under the command of Jedi Padawan Danyawarra, who was force to accept a field promotion to Commander during the height of the Clone Wars. The 101st Regiment was part of the 7th Legion. (SWI84)

this was the model number of Ziko's handheld macrobinocular set, which was augmented with a long-rance audio pickup unit. (ROE)

Davin Felth's serial number as an Imperial stormtrooper on Tatooine. (TME)

this TriNebulon News report documented Grand Admiral Thrawn's attack on the planet Ukio. It reports that the locals feared the Empire had unleashed the X'Cal, and that their planet was doomed. (TTSB)

this deep-space anomaly, located near Carconth, was designated by the New Republic. (TT)

10-33 Code Blue
this was the security code phrase used by the Imperial garrison on Omman to indicate the need for an emergency removal of a prisoner from a jail cell. (SWJ3)

this was the identification number of the T-65J X-Wing fighter assigned to Koril Bekam, as Blackmoon Eleven, during the Battle of Coruscant and the defnse of Borleias. (EL2)

this was the astromech droid employed by Quinlan Vos aboard his starfighter, the Skorp-Ion, during the height of the Clone Wars. (RDR)

a member of Davin Felth's Zeta squadron, this stormtrooper shot Het Nkik. (TME)

this military speederbike was developed by Aratech for use by the Grand Army of the Republic. Heavier than most such vehicles, the 105-K was designed for lancer units that carried power-lances into battle. The 105-K was extremely powerful and maneuverable, which allowed the clone lancers to drive into a line of battle droids with great force, before turning around and ramming their way out of the droid unit. (SWI84)

105th Stormtrooper Platoon
this Imperial unit was assigned to Starlyte Station, supporting liaison officer Arissa Fawn. They were neither the best nor the brightest of the Empire's soldiers, but they were unswervingly loyal. They called themselves "The Emperor's Irregulars," and were led by Commander Brezzic Marr. Their unit symbol showed arcing lightning passing across the Imperial symbol. (WSV)

this New Republic Intelligence datafile contained information on the planets involved with the Human League crisis in the Corellian System and the break-up of the Starbuster Plot. (CTD)

this is a 10-code which predates the creation of the official code language, and is rooted in the Old Corellian language. It actually has two meanings: an imbalanced individual, or a ke'dem. (TFE)

this was the newest of Aratech's hovercraft designs, built during the height of the Galactic Civil War. At twelve meters in length, the 109-Z was much larger than its predecessors. Its design was much les refined than the 93-B, but it wasn't designed to be aesthetically pleasing. It was designed to be an armored transport used by the Empire on hostile planets. It required a pilot and gunner to operate, and was armed with a front-mounted laser cannon. The 109-Z could transport up to twelve passengers and four metric tons of cargo at speeds reaching 120 kilometers an hour. (GSE)

this speederbike, produced by Ikas-Adno during the last decades of the Old Republic, measured 5.5 meters in length. Capable of transporting a pilot and a passenger, the 10-C was a heavy vehicle that was also quite powerful. This meant that the pilot had to be especially skilled in the operation of speederbikes in order to handle it. Because of the speed a 10-C could achieve, these speederbikes were often used by the Jedi Knights while on missions. (PJSB)

this was a spacer code which used pairs of numbers beginning with the number 10 for different common words or phrases. It was probably developed after the Empire began cracking down on spacers and smugglers. (TFE)

Kuat Drive Yards' monorail train. It was propelled via the use of advanced superconductor technology. (GG9)

11011101 #2
this was the most popular song in the galaxy, performed by the ensemble Plexo-33 just prior to the onset of the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

this was the access override code used by Edda Gast, at the Binring Biomedical facility on Saffalore. (SOC)

this was the designation of a small, treaded droid manufactured by Slayn & Korpil and Roche Industries, for use in mining and excavation. The 11-17 series was equipped with a pair of heavy treads, and was "armed" with a plasma burrowing torch, a blow torch, and a telescoping buzzsaw. In order to communicate with its operator, the 11-17 was also equipped with an SW-95 message transceiver and an OmniNode ComSet. These automated miners became the predecessor of the Mole Miner. (EGD, AEG)

this mining droid was one of many which helped Unit Zed's group of droids destroy Grozbok. It was armed with a top-mounted laser, in addition to its mining apparatus. (DRO)

this was the model number of Ziko's headstrap macrobinocular set. It was secured to the user's head by a lightweight harness, and allowed the user to use their hands for other activities. Controls mounted on the side could easily be adjusted with a light touch. (ROE)

this was the designation of the escape pod used by Molierre Cundertol to escape from the Jaunty Cavalier, after he had himself kidnapped. Cundertol sabotaged the Jaunty Cavalier in order to destroy any evidence of the ship's true mission, which was to bring him to Lwhekk to be enteched. (FH2)

this Trade Federation space station served as a floating prison, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Many of the Lok Revenants who had been captured by the Federation were kept at the 1138 station. (JSF)

cell block from which Han and Luke are supposedly moving Chewie during their rescue of Princess Leia on the first Death Star. (SW)

this New Republic tracsheet was maintained on the Rodian slaver Malak. (GG11)

this datafile, maintained by the New Republic Intelligence agency, contained information on the Raptor program established by the Imperial Warlord Zsinj. (CTD)

this is the model number of Industrial Automaton's armored droid torso. (DWK)

this starship power generator was developed by Lotek, and was first used on the Corellian Engineering Corporation HT-2200 medium freighter. (SWJ5)

this model of Aavman Extravagance space yacht measured 44 meters in length. It was equipped with three large engines that helped it achieve greater speeds than most luxury yachts. It required a pilot anc co-pilot to fly, and up to two gunners if the yacht was equipped with a weapons package. Many of these yachts were armed with a pair of laser cannons, so that the owners could protect their investment. (CRO)

a series of labor droids. (TJP)

12 South Jedi Lane
the address of Ken's dome house in the Lost City of the Jedi. (LCJ)

12 Tavern
this seedy bar was located in Sim-First, on Simpla-12. (EVE)

a trip across the known galaxy would require the traveler to traverse 120,000 light-years. (SOL)

this New Republic datafile contained information gathered by the Intelligence agency on the Fallanassi and the White Current. (CTD)

this New Republic Intelligence datafile was maintained by the Special Threats team, and contained information on the disposition of the Duskhan League and the Yevetha following the Battle of N'zoth. (CTD)

developed and produced by Kuat Leisure, the 121-B was a pleasure craft that was popular during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SWI66)

this public service message was issued by the Corporate Sector Authority to warn upstanding businessbeings against the use of independent starship owners as shippers and transporters. Referring to most any independent spacer as a "feckles ruffian," the announcement went on to say that the only way to guarantee the shipment of goods and beings was to employ starships owners who were part of a corporation - preferably, contracted by the CSA itself. According to the message, "Overhead, administrative apparatus, and managerial properties are the best guaranties of a dependable business arrangement." (HSR)

123rd Nightstalker Group
this was the Imperial TIE Fighter wing which was assigned to Blackhole and the Singularity during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GMR5)

1249th Mobile Corps
this division of the Imperial Army supported the 2391st Battle Squadron when it attempted to take control of the Kalinda System, some years after the Battle of Endor. (TSK)

this SoroSuub droid worked on Cloud City as part of Lando Calrissian's automated support structure. 12-4C-41 served as a traffic controller. This droid was one of the few that survived EV-9D9's near-destruction of Cloud City, for she had dismembered a number of them during her rampage. 12-4C-41 managed to discover EV-9D9's data trail out of Cloud City, and spent the next few years tracking her down. He found her in Jabba the Hutt's palace, and quickly incapacitated her with four blaster shots. He then removed her abherrent third optic sensor and her pain-simulator button, depriving EV-9D9 of the sensations of death. He called it "balancing the equation," reminding her that she had disabled many of the 12-series droids on Cloud City. He freed all of EV-9D9's tortured droids, and together they slowly dismantled her until she no longer functioned. (TJP)

this was a series of traffic controller droids produced by SoroSuub. These droids were humanoid in stature, with many similarities to the 3PO series of protocol droids. The 12-4C-41 series was produced to replace organic traffic controllers, whose bodies and minds could tire and cause accidents. (EGD)

developed and produced by Psicom, this was a cybernetic droid interface that was implanted into the brain of its user. This allowed a being to communicate with their droid remotely, without direct contact. (RHD)

see 126 (a Psicom droid interface) (RHD)

this New Republic datafile was an unclassified report on the state of the Republic in the wake of the Battle of N'zoth and the resolution of the Black Fleet Crisis. (CTD)

127th Gunship Wing
this was one of the first divisions of the Grand Army of the Republic that was assigned to piloting LAAT/t and LAAT/i gunships. They first saw duty during the Battle of Geonosis, and remained active throughout the Clone Wars. (SWI84)

this datafile was created and maintained by the New Republic Intelligence agency, and contained astrographic information on the Koornacht Cluster. (CTD)

this datafile, maintained my the Independent Traders' Infonet, contained details on a variety of businesses and corporations which made their fortunes in the mining sector. (SWJ10)

12th Squadron
this Nagai fighting unit pursued the Tofs into the Trenwyth system, where they nearly destroyed the planet Trenwyth in an effort to eliminate the Tofs. (GMR1)

this New Republic datafile contained information gathered by the Intelligence agency on the Corellian system. It was reviewed and modified after the discovery of planetary repulsors in the inner five worlds. (CTD)

this was the false clone designation used by Boba Fett during his travels on Aargau, just weeks after the Battle of Geonosis. He used the identification number in his discussions with another immature clone, 9779. (BF3)

this model of Corellian Engineering Corporation StarHauler barge was designed to carry solid cargoes. (EGD)

this model of Corellian Engineering Corporation StarHauler barge was designed to transport liquid cargoes. (EGD)

132nd Forward Division
this branch of the Alliance's armed forces was stationed in Atrivis Sector during the Galactic Civil War. (MTSE)

this was supposedly Lieutenant Grallant's operating number. (TFE)

133rd Imperial Fighter Group
this squadron of TIE Interceptors was part of the fleet commanded by Xandel Carivus, as the leader of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. They were decimated by the forces of Baron D'Asta when Carivus had Feena D'Asta imprisoned. (CE2)

this corporate proclamation was issued by the SoroSuub Corporation in the wake of the Clone Wars and the institution of the New Order. By issuing proclamation 137d, SoroSuub officially dissolved the Sullustan Council and assumed control of the planet Sullst, and pledged its full allegiance to the Empire. With the Alliance's victory at the Battle of Endor, proclamation 137d was rescinded, and the Sullustan Council was re-established as the leadership of the planet Sullust. (GORW)

this was the designation of a specially-modified probe droid, launched by Imperial Admiral Damon Krell, shortyl after the Battle of Hoth. 13-K located a stray Alliance corvette and attacked it, killing all aboard. 13-K then took control of the corvette and set out for Alliance-held territory using the coordinates it found in the ship's computers. One of the ships it encountered on its mission was the X-Wing of Luke Skywwlker, which 13-K destroyed. Luke and R2-D2 managed to eject in time to avoid the explosion, and were able to infiltrate the corvette. Once 13-K realized that the rebel who was trying to defeat it was Luke Skywalker himself, it abandoned its primary mission of destroying an Alliance fleet and headed back toward Imperial space, hoping to deliver Skywalker to Darth Vader himself. 13-K reached Admiral Krell's vessel just as the main reactor in the corvette reached critical levels and exploded, destroying 13-K, the corvette, Krell's ship and all hands aboard. (MC45)

13th Imperial Diplomatic Conclave
this meeting of planetary leaders who supported the New Order was held on Phelarion, and was hosted by Lady Tarkin. It was disrupted when Leia Organa, posing as the megonite miner Lerna, threw a stimufrost drink in the face of Shea Hublin. (CSWEA)

one of Teradoc's Victory-class Star Destroyers, the 13X was under the command of Vice Admiral Pellaeon. When Admiral Daala executed Teradoc and the other warlords, the 13X was placed under the command of Colonel Cronus, who took it as his command ship. The 13X led Daala's fleet of Victory-class ships on a galaxy-wide rampage before rejoining her fleet at the assault on Yavin 4. During the battle, a New Republic Corellian gunship, grievously wounded in battle, rammed the 13X and destroyed it. (DS)

this datafile was maintained by the staff of Action Tidings on the planet Bespin, and contained images and information on C-3PO. (PH)

14th Roving Line
this small Alliance fleet was under the command of Captain Qarl during the Galactic Civil War. Its mission was to harass Imperial starships traveling along the border between the Inner and Outer Rim Territories. (ROE)

this was the number of credits offered by the Empire to any bounty hunter that captured Alliance ships and/or personnel fleeing the planet Hoth following the Battle of Hoth. (TBH)

this was a small, Nubian-built hyperdrive system, used on yachts and small starships during the last decades of the Old Republic. The 150 core was rated as a Class 0.9 system. (X2)

this is the number of credits Darth Vader offered for the capture of either Han Solo or Leia Organa, following the Battle of Hoth. (TBH)

the Chokan Imperial port authority code used by Isolder at the Imperial scrap yard on Dathomir. (CPL)

the New Republic's databases contained no political or social information about this galactic sector. (SOL)

this was the model number of a luxury space yacht designed and built by SoroSuub during the New Order. Measuring 30.4 meters in length, the ship could transport a pilot and co-pilot along with up to six passengers. It could carry up to 25 metric tons of cargo, and had stores enough for two months of travel. The 1550-LEX was equipped with a Class-1 hyperdrive, and was available with a number of weapons configurations for personal protection. The yacht had two decks, with the lower housing the engineering systems and cargo hold while the upper deck was configured for luxury accommodations and the cockpit. (SWJ13)

15th Deep Core Reserve Fleet
this Imperial Navy fleet was used to supplement the war efforts in the Core Worlds, during the early years of the New Order. (DARK)

this is the Novacron Press identification tag for The Book of Practical Lightsaber Technique, written by Vo'ren Faalo. (GG9)

this datafile, maintained by the New Republic Intelligence Agency, contained information on the Yevethan leader Nil Spaar. (CTD)

16AA889 Starfield Road
the residence at this address was actually an Alliance safehouse. It was owned by Tanass and Renia Brila. (HAS)

16th Escort Force
this small Imperial fleet was part of Commodore Soleric's command, and was assigned the specific mission of escorting merchant and corporate vessels through Ado Sector's Induparan Crown Worlds during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It was undermanned and short on resources, facts that were revealed when the Free Lance began raiding convoys in the sector. (PP)

16th Fighter Squadron
known as Blue Flight, this E-Wing squadron was assigned to the Fifth Battle Group's blockade of Doornik-319. (SOL)

16th Tactical Reconnaissance Group
this flight of New Republic ferret and prowler ships was formed during the Black Fleet Crisis. Placed under the command of Colonel Mauit'ta, it was formed to further scout the Koornacht Cluster after the loss of several prowler ships at the hands of Yevethan starships. (TT)

the amount of the deal which Obi-Wan Kenobi struck with Han Solo for passage to the Alderaan system. 2,000 was paid in advance, and the remainder was paid when they arrived on Alderaan. (SW)

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