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Star Wars Rebels Top 5 Moments of Season 4, So Far!

Posted by Dustin on January 7, 2018 at 09:30 AM CST

The following article, "Star Wars Rebels Top 5 Moments of Season 4, So Far!" was written by Steve Dunk.

Star Wars Rebels Top 5 Moments of Season 4, So Far!

With the second half of Star Wars Rebels Season 4 upon us it seems only fitting that we take a quick look back at the first half and talk about our five favorite moments from this final season so far. While the nine episodes to date have given us some great Rebels memories and Dave Filoni and company have clearly stepped up their game, these five singular moments in time really took this series to another level.

So here are our five, as always, comment below and let us know which moments have been your favorite so far!

Episode 2 "Heroes of Mandalore" Part 2

The Rightful Heir of Mandalore!

This final season of Star Wars Rebels started off with a bang. In a carryover from the last season we found ourselves on Mandalore as Sabine, Ezra, Kanan, Fenn Rau and Clan Wren were attempting to rescue Sabine's father, Alirch Wren, from an Imperial installation.

When they encounter more than they bargained for with Tiber Saxon, who assumed Governorship of Mandalore, they received help from none other than Lady Bo-Katan Kryze and the Night Owls. Fenn explains to the group that Katan, sister of former ruler Satine Kryze, is seen by many as the rightful leader of Mandalore, as the Jedi appointed her deputy of Mandalore near the end of the Clone Wars. Bo-Katan explains that she refused to do the Empire's bidding and was betrayed by the Saxon's, forcing her out of power.

Although mistrust and a lack of confidence kept Katan from accepting Sabine's offer of taking the dark saber, eventually she was able to convince her that the rest of the clans supported Kryze as the rightful heir. In a truly epic Star Wars moment that not only found resolve for Sabine, it also finally brought closure to the internal conflict that had been tearing Mandalore apart since the death of Satine. As for Bo-Katan, this also gave Filoni and company an opportunity to finally fully realize one of the storylines from The Clone Wars they never got to make.

Episode 3 "In the Name of the Rebellion" Part 1

Saw Gerrera vs Mon Mothma

With the Phoenix squad now reunited on Yavin IV, they are now officially part of the rebel alliance under the leadership of Mon Mothma. When they learn of an Imperial Relay station in the Jalindi system, the Ghost crew is assigned the task of checking it out and tapping into its computer system to track the movements of the Empire. Fortunate to have the information, the council did question how Saw Gerrera, an extremist, was able to get better intel then themselves.

Ezra is frustrated with the Alliance's perceived lack of desire to support his home world of Lothal and Mothma, showing her patience and intelligence as a leader, explains to Ezra the reasoning behind their inaction. Ezra is tepid but agrees to her reasoning but still has strong feelings about their methods compared to those of the extreme left, led by Saw.

Sitting with Kanan outside, Ezra voices his displeasure with the alliances methodical and political approach to things when an astromech droid projects a giant image of Saw Gerrera just outside the Rebel headquarters for all to see. What happens next is a remarkable exchange between the normally reserved Mothma and rebel icon Gerrera. What's amazing about this is the context it not only provides for Rogue One but clearly defines the conflict within the alliance as opposing moralities and ideals are a threat to tearing at the fabric of these rebels. Forest Whitaker and Genevieve O'Reilly are wonderful performers and do really great work here, undoubtedly a highlight of this season. Look for yourself.

Episode 5 "The Occupation"

A Tender Moment Between Would Be Lovers

What Rebels has done surprisingly well has established and nurtured the inter-squad relationships that make the Ghost team a true family. One of those relationships is that of Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus. For those of you that don't know, these two have been teammates for quite a while, 6 years or so before the events in Rebels in fact. The beginning of their relationship was depicted in the book "A New Dawn" written by John Jackson Miller and by the end had decided they were better together than apart. What was also clear is that they had feelings for each other that went beyond mutual respect and common acts of rebellion.

What has amounted to mostly comedic near-misses, their romantic notions have been hinted at over that past 3 years but never quite realized. Kanan, always looking to have a conversation about their post-war futures, is usually put aside for Hera's "all business, no pleasure" attitude. That all changed this year when they shared a passionate kiss right before Hera embarks on a dangerous mission in Episode 7 titled, "Kindred".

But the moment which stuck out for me, especially as a fan of the book, was during the team's undercover mission to Lothal. As the team breaks up to cover more ground, Kanan and Hera duck into an alley to avoid some Imperial troops. It's here the two of them share one of, if not, the most intimate moments on the entire series. If you've read the book and been a fan of these two then the weight of this moment cannot be understated and while not full of flash and bang it has resonation far beyond exploding Star Destroyers. As the series wraps up its important to remember it all started with the two of them and they've been through a lot together. It must be truly painful for Kanan, who lost his sight thanks to Maul, to not be able to see Hera who to him is everything...the stars, the sky, the universe.

Episode 6 "Flight of the Defender"

Loth-Wolf to the Rescue

One thing that Dave Filoni has made perfectly clear is his love for wolves and that he would include them in some way in Star Wars Rebels. How they would fit into the show is something they haven't entirely fleshed out as the second half of the season will undoubtedly give us the answers were looking for. But when they showed up for the first time a few episodes back they made what I would call a grand entrance and have made their presence felt ever since.

This sequence in "Flight of the Defender" is this show at its best, running on all cylinders. The animation, performances by the actors and music that accompanies it all strike the perfect balance. To set the scene, Ezra and Sabine are under pursuit in the Lothal desert by Governor Pryce after having stolen the Tie Defender flight recorder and hyper drive. As night has fallen, Sabine and Ezra have run out of places to hide and with Imperial forces closing in a Loth-Wolf appears, puts Sabine into some type of Force trance and carries her and Ezra to safety.

After having spotted a wolf early in the episode Ezra wasn't sure what he was looking at, if it was real or not. These wolves haven't been seen in many years. But sure enough, they are real and as it turns out can speak also. In what was a bomb dropping moment, after bringing them within arm's reach of their fellow rebels, the Loth-Wolf utters the word "dume" to Ezra before taking off. This of course refers to Kanan's real name which is Caleb Dume, but how does the wolf know this? What are the wolves' connection to the Force, the Jedi and Kanan specifically? We'll have to wait to find out but the connection between the wolves and the Jedi is something very significant and all involved in the production of this show have stated as much.

Episode 9 "The Rebel Assault"

Is That Hera Flying An X-Wing?

This moment kicks off Episode 9 without much fanfare or context but is a huge moment for the fans, the production team and Vanessa Marshall as well. The Rebel Alliance has approved an assault on Lothal to shut down the Tie Defender factory and while the rest of Phonex squadron is on the ground providing support, Hera is leading an aerial assault against Thrawn's blockade. In a single instance the show gives us more information and consequence than most entire films do as we not only get our first X-Wing appearance, but we also get Hera wearing the now famous orange flight suit and best of all she is now General Syndulla! They didn't show the promotion which bothered some fans, but like the character, isn't about the fanfare. Hera is all business when it comes to the rebellion, so any formal declaration of her rise in rank wouldn't have suited her disposition.

This scene almost more than any previous, really fires up those original trilogy neurons as we really start to see the shapes and hear the sounds of Star Wars many of us grew up with. The detail in the X-Wings and Y-Wings is great and the ensuing battle not only shows why Thrawn respects Hera's skills as a pilot so much, but it sets up a chain of events which really define who the rebel alliance is.

They never give up despite the odds and this scene and the ones that follow it depicts that. Hera in many ways is the defining character in the Rebel Alliance as her strength, determination and heart are the traits which ultimately deal a death blow to the Empire's tyrannical rule.

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