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USA Today Profiles Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy
Posted by Eric on June 6, 2013 at 07:02 PM CST |
As part of its "Innovators and Icons" series, USA Today has posted a lengthy profile of Kathleen Kennedy, the woman running Lucasfilm for Disney, in which Kennedy discusses her career as a film producer, her earliest experiences in the male-dominated movie business, and her expectations for the future of the industry. In the profile, Kennedy sounds very optimistic about the current phase of her career, which began when George Lucas selected her to take over his company before guiding it into the arms of Disney.

"The movie business is changing at an amazing rate," Kennedy told USA Today. "So to have an intellectual property like Star Wars and now be inside a company like Disney, I get to have a seat at the table where we talk about the globalization of the business, new markets, new audiences and new platforms. I'm just incredibly curious about it all."

Check out the full profile here.
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