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Solo: A Star Wars Story Marked The End Of A Great Run

Posted by Steve on May 29, 2018 at 04:37 PM CST

Solo: A Star Wars Story was chock full of references from all facets of the Star Wars universe both new and old. The Kasdans drew upon newer canon releases as well as Expanded Universe materials to not only help tell their story but cram in as many fun easter eggs as possible. We saw everything from comic books dating back to the 1970s, to countless novels, the films and even from the animated side of things.

But one thing, or person that is, was noticeably absent this time around. Not depicted for the first time in a Star Wars film was everyone’s favorite protocol droid C-3PO, played of course by Anthony Daniels. Yes, Daniels finally had his record making streak come to an end by not appearing in what would have been his eleventh Star Wars film to date as the golden one.

The man behind the mask, Anthony Daniels, did appear in Solo as a character named “Tak”, keeping his personal streak intact, but was not asked to don the armour this time. So for the droid who is fluent in over 7 million forms of communication, the run is over. We know that’s not the end of his story as he, with Daniels again, will most likely appear in J.J. Abrams Episode IX due out next year. But for now we have a new piece of Star Wars trivia.

But, where exactly was C-3PO during the events in Solo and why couldn’t they have found a small cameo for him? While his spot in Rogue One wasn’t huge, they still found a way so why not this time?


In Solo, which takes place around 11 BBY, they took us to many planets including Corellia, Savareen, Mimban and Vandor. But where they didn’t go was Coruscant, Yavin or Alderaan, the three most likely places C-3PO would have been during that time.

I’m sure as you all remember, by the end of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Senator Bail Organa took possession of both C-3PO (and R2-D2) and quickly had his memories wiped. He did this to protect the location and identities of the twins Leia and Luke Skywalker whom he knew would be hunted down by the Sith. This happened during 19 BBY.

From there they would spend most of the next 14 years on board Organa’s ship, the “Tantive IV”, working for its captain, Raymus Antilles, and serving Organa who would go back and forth between his home world of Alderaan and his Senate duties on Coruscant. They had a front row seat to the formation of the rebellion and would of course be placed in the care of Organa’s adopted daughter Princess Leia. The rest as they say is history as this would eventually lead to events in Rogue One quickly followed by A New Hope.

So, while Solo certainly covered a lot of the galaxy, it just didn’t cross into 3PO’s world at that time. It would be 10 years before Han Solo would meet C-3PO and the rest of the gang and go on the adventure of a lifetime.

It was a great run C-3PO, I'm sad to see it end!

Till next time…MTFBWY.

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