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Report: Peter Pan, Magic Mike Actors Auditioned For Episode VII Roles
Posted by Eric on August 28, 2013 at 06:26 PM CST |
Latino Review is reporting that Alex Pettyfer, who starred in last year's Magic Mike, and Rachel Hurd-Wood, who played Wendy in 2003's Peter Pan, recently auditioned for parts in Star Wars Episode VII. Their report claims that Hurd-Wood auditioned for Han and Leia's daughter, but they don't provide any information about Pettyfer's audition.

The report also states that Ryan Gosling, who featured in one of LR's previous rumors, "has declined" to play Luke Skywalker's son. Okay then.

And then there's this:
I?m hearing there is a major casting news (not what I reported above) dropping very soon via Lucasfilm. It could even be officially announced today? but I promised that I wouldn?t say a word on it.
Let me say this: I have reason to believe that this audition report is accurate. Whether we'll be getting any bombshell casting news today is anyone's guess.
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