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New Ships, Characters From The Last Jedi Revealed In Lego Sets

Posted by Ryan on May 26, 2017 at 08:29 PM CST

UPDATE: The images appear to have been taken down from instagram. If you'd like to see them, check them out via Reddit here.

Original story below:


There was a lot revealed in the Last JediVanity Fair issue, but there are still so many questions about the movie.

On Friday, leaked images of upcoming Lego sets revealed a lot of cool things about The Last Jedi, including a new look at Snoke, new troopers, and new ships.

The images first appeared on Instagram user delta.customs' page.


(swipe left)

A post shared by the guy (@delta.customs) on

The first set of images give us a new look at Snoke. He has a gold robe, and is shown doing something besides sitting in a chair. We also get a look at a First Order Star Destroyer, and a BB unit that is used by the First Order. We may be getting more BB units, and the sequel trilogy may come to use them as the standard astromech.

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A post shared by the guy (@delta.customs) on

The next set of images give us a look at a brand new First Order Walker, called a "Heavy Assault Walker." Also, Poe Dameron has the title of captain, and we see Rey in her Jedi-style costume. She also is in the battlefield with the walker in the box's image.

(swipe left)

A post shared by the guy (@delta.customs) on

The final set of images gives us a look at Vice Admiral Holdo in a gray costume. We also see Rose's sister Paige, and some other Resistance bombers.

These are awesome images, but it is important to remember that certain Lego sets don't give exact plot points away. Just because Rey and Captain Dameron are in the same set against a walker, doesn't mean we will see that play out in the film.

Nonetheless, is it December yet?

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