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Detailed Photos And Description Of Film Set at Fuerteventura For Han Solo Anthology
Posted by Dustin on June 5, 2017 at 08:09 PM CST
Here's another great story of a Star Wars fan stumbling across a Star Wars set. Lawrence T. sent in a full report with a nice handful of detailed images practically on the set itself to SWNN. Below is a description of the set.

The film set consists of two large round pavilion complexes, which look a little bit like palaces. The larger one has a diameter of 20 meters. Behind it lies a smaller pavilion with a diameter of 10 meters. Next to them are some huge industrial installations with walkways, girders, and pipelines. There are tall cylindrical structures (aka moisture vaporators), about six meters high, with extensions and antennae, and somewhat reminded me of rockets. Also there are about eight large rusty metal half spheres or cupolas with a diameter of five meters. They look severely damaged by corrosion or explosions and look a little bit like storage tanks. On the right side behind the installations are two large “turbines” on the ground, about eight meters long and with a two meter diameter. The whole complex is somehow a mixture of an industrial site similar to a refinery, and a palace.

You can see the pictures of the set, and read the full article here over at SWNN!
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