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Dave Filoni Says He'd Like To Direct A Star Wars Film
Posted by Eric on August 1, 2014 at 05:59 PM CST |
When Star Wars fans discuss who they'd like to see directing a new film, the discussion invariably turns to Dave Filoni. The former supervising director of The Clone Wars and now an executive producer of Rebels, Filoni is one of the most knowledgeable and talented people working in Lucasfilm's orbit. He had more than half a decade of experience working directly with George Lucas telling stories set between Episodes II and III, he's now telling solidly canon stories set between the two existing trilogies, and his fan credentials are impeccable. So it's no surprise that, when Slashfilm's Germain Lussier caught up with Filoni at San Diego Comic-Con, one of the questions he asked the Star Wars luminary was whether he'd direct a film set in the GFFA if he were given the chance.

"Oh, of course," Filoni said. 'That's a selfish thing to say, but of course."
I mean, if I were to get an opportunity like that A, I wouldn?t turn it down. B, I would see it as a great honor to do it. And I would apply all my Jedi knowledge to doing it as best I can. When I see these spin-offs happening, I?ve got definitely more than a few ideas of things that I would love to see finished and some things that makes them, I think, personally great stories.
Click here to read the rest of Filoni's response in an excerpt from Lussier's longer interview with him. Slashfilm will continue posting new portions of the interview in the days ahead.
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