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The Force Among Us Director Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted by Dustin on August 24, 2014 at 06:49 PM CST

Director/Producer/Writer of The highly acclaimed Star Wars documentaries The Force Among Us and The Force Within Us took the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS over the weekend!

Not Only did he do the challenge but he is donating $5.25 per DVD and 25% of all other merchandise sold until Aug 31st!

You can get both (region free) DVD’s, downloads, and other merchandise at

If you cannot make a purchase or already own these DVD’s – you can still help spread the word about ALS awareness by sharing the video of Cris Macht doing the challenge at their face book page – or retweeting the video (twitter handle is THE FORCE AMONG US)

For more info on the ALS and the ice bucket challenge – check out

The Force Among Us Directors Cut was finally released on DVD after being sold out for 3 year and There are only a hand full of copies of the sequel The Force Within Us – get them for a good cause before they are sold out!

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