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TFN Review: Han Solo In Carbonite Power Bank By Mimoco

Posted by Ryan on June 7, 2017 at 05:04 PM CST

Our world is becoming more and more portable. Nowadays, we rely heavily on the use of technology, and our entire lives are stored on our phones and tablets. Because of that, keeping things charged has become a major problem.

One of the more popular solutions to that problem is a portable charger. Mimoco knows how much we love Star Wars here at TFN, so they sent us a Han Solo In Carbonite Power Bank to check out.

Here's what we thought:


The look of the power bank is as good as it gets. The frozen Han Solo is screen accurate, and it looks exactly like what we see in Empire and Jedi.


This is as portable as it gets. Vertically, it's shorter than an IPhone, and it isn't any thicker than a typical smart phone in a case. The power bank fit easily in my pocket, and can be stored with ease while traveling.


We all know that the look of a portable charger is nice, but what really matters is how it performs. I plugged it up for a few hours after it arrived, and it was fully charged. I took it to work with me on my commute every morning for about a week. I once left for work with my iPhone at 1% battery, and the power bank charged my iPhone completely in about the same amount of time it would take via a wall charger. I was able to charge both my iPad and iPhone throughout the week without a recharge (outside of the one time, I wasn't charging from zero power). Once I got home at the end of the week I discovered that I could charge both the power bank and two devices simultaneously. All in All, the performance of this charger was top notch. I was very impressed.


I had no issues whatsoever with this product. In fact, the Han Solo In Carbonite Power Bank was a perfect companion to my phone and tablet, and provided high powered portable charging when I needed it the most.

This is a perfect device for a convention-going Star Wars fans, as we all know portable charging is vital at cons. The look of the product eill impress even the most hardcore fan of the galaxy far, far away, and having this will make your fellow fans envious.

Whether your a collector or a traveler, this is the portable charger your looking for. Check out the official images of the product below, as well as a link to purchase one yourself. You can check out Mimoco's line of officially listened Star Wars products here.

Link To Product

*No actual Carbonite is used to make this product.

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