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TFN Review : Clone Trooper Deluxe: Shiny Sixth Scale Figure By Sideshow Collectibles

Posted by Dustin on February 24, 2014 at 12:18 PM CST

Sideshow Collectibles sixth scale Clone Trooper Deluxe: ‘Shiny’ is a masterpiece of collectible toy art. Simply put, you'll want this regardless of how old you are.

The figure arrived in a sturdy cardboard box with plenty of packing material for safeguarding it during shipment. Once removed the product box itself contains a magnetic flap on the front if you wish to not open your collectible, and just want to take a peek ever so often. I'm not that type of collector fortunately and removed the figure from the top of the box which was very easy unlike some other collectibles these days. Sideshow created the box this way so you wouldn't have to rip it open. The outside of the box is branded with the Star Wars logo and features a different image of the figure in a different pose on each side. Really, the box is a pretty cool collectible as well. You won't want to throw it away.

Inside you will find one Deluxe Clone Trooper wearing the phase one helmet encased in a layered clamshell displaying all of the accessories. There are 13 individual hands in various positions to indicate various battlefield commands, plus hold weapons. Also included is the phase two helmet, three weapons, four grenades, a backpack with fabric cover, and some action boots for poses requiring them.

Taking the figure out of the box the fully articulated trooper body looks so delicate but is easily maneuverable when finding that perfect pose. I figured since this guy is so shiny he must be newer to the cause, so I opted for the phase two helmet. The helmets are interchangeable and easily swap in and out. However, when swapping out the close fisted hands for some to hold a weapon I noticed the fabric undergarment had come down over the socket blocking it. However it was fixable with the forearm armor being removable, it made it easier to pull back the garment and insert the hand. Next decision was which weapon does this shiny newbie get to carry? He comes with three. First is the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, then there's a DC-15A Blaster rifle, and a DC-15S Blaster carbine as well. I chose the DC-15S Blaster carbine, the shorter weapon, because this now free's up his other hand for one of the other cooler hand commands he's going to need working point on the next patrol. One of the cooler additions to the accessories is the backpack featuring a fabric flap. This is is perfect place to keep the four droid popper grenades. The backpack uses a magnet to attach but also includes two arm straps with working clasps. I was blown away with how small they were and the fact that they actually worked! This was helpful in adding the backpack after finding that perfect pose. Which when you do, there's a cool stand to assist you as well.

Overall the Clone Trooper Deluxe: ‘Shiny’ Sixth Scale Figure By Sideshow Collectibles is a beautiful rendition of the Clone Trooper. The attention to detail is incredible. That mixed with the full articulation and you pretty much have the perfect posable / playable Clone Trooper to date from any Lucasfilm Licensee. I highly recommend adding one to your collection today!

Photo credit: Sideshow Collectibles

Product Summary
Sideshow presents the Clone Trooper Deluxe: Shiny, fresh from the clone hatcheries of Kamino, these rookie privates have yet to face the realities of warfare. Crafted on a fully articulated body with pristine white armor, the Clone Trooper 'Shiny' features interchangeable Phase One and Two helmets, and an arsenal of essential munitions.

As a full-scale intergalactic conflict rages on, a massive army of Clone Troopers fights in service of the Republic. Recruit your Army.

Product Details
License - Star Wars
Scale - Sixth Scale Figure
Manufacturer - Sideshow Collectibles
Product Size - 12.5" H (317.5mm)
Box Size - 17.00" H (431.8mm) x 9.00" W (228.6mm) x 6.00" L (152.4mm)
Product Weight - 4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)
Est. Shipping Weight - 4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)
Dimensional Weight - 3 lbs*
Int'l Dim. Weight - 12 lbs
Product Sku - 1002062
UPC - 747720229587

Tim Niver (Sculpt), Pascual Wawoe (Sculpt), Mike Najera (Paint), David Whitford (Paint), Kevin Ellis (Costume Fabrication), The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team.

What's in the Box?
Phase 1 and Phase 2 helmets
Fully Articulated Trooper body
'Shiny' Clone Armor
Backpack with Fabric Cover
Thirteen (13) interchangeable hands
Standard trooper boots
Trooper action boots
Four (4) Droid popper grenades
Z-6 rotary blaster cannon
DC-15A Blaster rifle
DC-15S Blaster carbine

Shipping now, single Payment of $139.99. Click here to order yours today!

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