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Star Wars Outer Rim Alliance Returns

Posted by Dustin on September 4, 2013 at 05:29 PM CST

International Star Wars Fandom’ with Gerald Home (Tessek, Mon Calamari Officer) wasn’t just the first panel at Celebration Europe II, it was also the panel where the return of S.W.O.R.A., the Star Wars Outer Rim Alliance, was announced. S.W.O.R.A. is an international alliance of fanclubs, groups and websites. Its purpose is to bring fanclubs and fans from different countries together and to enable them to share experiences, knowledge and information about their local Star Wars activities. The ambassador of S.W.O.R.A. is actor Gerald Home, who is also one of the original co-founders of this alliance. The councilmembers are Yildiz Savaslari from Turkey, TeeKay-421 from Belgium and Star Wars New Zealand.

Individual members can join S.W.O.R.A. by simply liking our page on Facebook! Groups, fanclubs and organizations can contact us about joining or visit the S.W.O.R.A. website where there’s information about joining. After Celebration Europe several new members have already joined S.W.O.R.A. and we hope that many will follow! We want our entire planet to be represented in S.W.O.R.A.!

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