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Star Wars Merchandising Going Strong As Disney Discusses Marketing Plans At Licensing Expo
Posted by Eric on June 17, 2014 at 01:08 PM CST |
The Licensing Expo takes place this week in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Disney Consumer Products is there with information about its Star Wars marketing machine. Today, Variety reports from the event that the Star Wars juggernaut is alive and well.

"Disney now sells 10 million replicas of the energy weapons from the franchise a year, according to Disney Consumer Products," writes Variety's Marc Graser.

The story continues:
"Star Wars" merchandise generated around $3 billion in 2011, but Disney believes that can become a much larger figure by launching new products and expanding to foreign markets. Lucasfilm had previously focused primarily on North America.
The Disney Consumer Products representative at the event also said that Star Wars Rebels merchandise is going to start hitting shelves in August.

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