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Some Follow-up On Badass Digest's Big Episode VII Premise Report

Posted by Eric on July 25, 2014 at 02:48 PM CST

Warning: Potential spoilers for Episode VII follow.

Billy Donnelly from This is Infamous has taken Devin Faraci's huge report on the premise of Star Wars Episode VII and added his own spin to it. His report differs slightly from what Faraci reported, but it adds weight to Faraci's story.

Donnelly says that the movie will begin with Luke's lightsaber, but not his severed hand (emphasis added):

EPISODE VII will open with the traditional crawl, spelling out where we are and giving us some indication as to where that familiar galaxy far, far away rests all these years later since RETURN OF THE JEDI. Then once it fades off-screen, we will indeed get this floating hand with lightsaber floating through space… well, sorta. My sources indicate that the hand is a bit too gruesome of an image to kick off the new trilogy of films with, but Luke’s lightsaber that would have been set free from Cloud City as he was released into dangling from its weather vain will be there front and center.
Donnelly goes on to explain how the lightsaber gets to John Boyega's character and what that means for the start of the film.

Head over to This is Infamous to read the rest of Donnelly's report, where he talks about the "massive weapon" that Faraci mentioned in his original report and adds some color to that piece of the puzzle.

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