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Rumor: Ten Episodes From TCW Season 6 Airing On Disney XD As 'The Lost Missions'?

Posted by Eric on November 23, 2013 at 05:46 PM CST

The following comes to us from TFN forum member podjazd, who posted it on our discussion thread for The Clone Wars bonus material:

Hi, guys :).

Today in Warsaw, we had a meeting organised by Star Wars Artistic Team - they focus mainly on activities for kids, such as drawing, playing with SW toys, etc. But what's more important, they're working closely with Disney/Lucasfilm and today they showed exclusively to us a new trailer for bonus content (they called it "season six"). There was a guy from Disney Poland at the meeting too.

First of all, they revealed that this season will be entitled "The Lost Missions" and will consist of ten episodes :(. They'll air it on Disney XD (at least in Poland). Here are some highlights from the trailer, but watch out for spoilers - and sorry for my grammar again. Link to Polish version of the article below:
We've excluded hidden spoiler text featuring the trailer highlights, but you can head over to podjazd's forum post if you want to read those spoilers.

The subtitle "The Lost Missions" is an interesting one, especially given the previews that we've already seen, including Yoda requesting Anakin's help to get him out of the Jedi Temple so he can complete a mission.

Clicking the link in podjazd's post takes you to a post on the Bastion Polskich Fanow Star Wars website featuring a report from a recent Polish fan group meeting. According to Google Translate, a Disney Poland representative attended the meeting and "revealed that the sixth season will wear the subtitle 'The Lost Missions' and will consist of 10 episodes that will be shown on the Disney XD in 2014."

Hit the link for more information, but have your translator ready. It's also worth noting that Lucasfilm's Pablo Hidalgo expressed skepticism about the ten-episode figure.

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