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Rick McCallum Signs On To Produce New Sci-Fi Film R'Ha
Posted by Dustin on June 8, 2013 at 07:47 PM CST |
Looks like Rick McCallum is wasting no time with retirement. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that McCallum is jumping back into producing films with a new feature titled R'Ha. Based on a short film by Kaleb Lechowski, R'Ha follows a nonhuman alien race of the same name as they defend a cluster of solar systems from a menacing attack. Star Wars: The Clone Wars producer Steve Tzirlin is co-producing with McCallum based on a script from Life on Mars creator Matthew Graham.

McCallum told THR that "What inspires me and our team is that there are no humans whatsoever in the film, and yet Kaleb has come up with a world that is so engaging and so alive and so real that it really is very different from anything else I have seen in the sci-fi world."

Check out the short film that inspired McCallum's latest project below.

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