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Report: Pinewood Studios Hosting Star Wars Episode VII Set Visits For Media, Vendors
Posted by Eric on March 18, 2014 at 04:56 PM CST |
Jedi News is reporting new information from their source, "Jedi Master SQL," who says that select members of the media and merchandising company executives have been invited to tour London's Pinewood Studios in an attempt to preempt and counter Star Wars Episode VII leaks.

"A select number of leading movie industry writers and publications have also been to the set at the tail end and beginning of this week," SQL says. "There appears to be a keenness to work with the media pro-actively to publicise the movie, and thus counter the desire for unwanted leaks rather than the total secrecy enacted on other movies he has worked on."

Representatives from major product vendors are also reportedly visiting Pinewood Studios, presumably to receive briefings about the stories and characters that their products will soon depict. "The majority of the vendors invited are long standing trusted Lucasfilm vendors, or divisions within the Disney family," SQL says.

Jedi News' source also says that "a number of actors and actresses whom we assume are cast" or are "at least in late stages of negotiation" have been to Pinewood in recent weeks.

And lastly: "Costume fittings and training are starting." That's not too surprising given today's news that filming will begin in May.
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