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No, The Villains Of Star Wars Episode VII Will Not Be 'Jedi Hunters'

Posted by Eric on June 17, 2014 at 02:55 PM CST

Please see update #2 below for a clarification on this story.

The fan community was all atwitter yesterday about's report that the villains in Episode VII will be "Jedi Hunters" intent on resurrecting the Sith. After I posted my initial response to the report, I debated whether or not to go further in dismissing MSW's story. For reasons I can't elaborate on, I wasn't sure I wanted to do that yesterday, but after seeing the report continue to inspire heated debate into its second day of existence, I have changed my mind.

The report on about the villains of Episode VII is completely wrong. Nothing in the report is accurate.

I cannot explain how I know this, but I do. I wouldn't have put the big "reveal" from MSW's report in the first paragraph of this post if I thought that there was any chance that it was right.

Ordinarily, in a post like this, I would give an indication as to where I learned this non-public information. I cannot do that in this case. I know that this is an unusual way to debunk a report, and I understand that the lack of an explanation for my certainty may lead some readers to doubt what I am saying. That's fine. It's up to each reader to decide whether to trust any piece of reporting.

The only other thing I will say is this: The MSW story stresses that none of their sources have read the Episode VII script. This is crucial information when evaluating the veracity of any story about Episode VII's characters.

Once again, I know for sure that MSW's story characterizing the villains in Star Wars Episode VII is 100% inaccurate.

UPDATE: I posted this in my previous story on MSW's report, but given the uproar that this story has caused, I think it's worth reposting it below:

I want to point out that I have nothing but respect for Jason Ward, who runs He's a great guy and not out to fool or troll anybody. Everybody has reported things that turned out to be wrong, including TFN. If you respect my judgment -- and maybe you don't, but if you do -- you should respect Jason as a fan and as a blogger.

UPDATE #2: I originally interpreted my source's blank statement that nothing in the report was right to mean -- reasonably, I would argue -- that all of the details were wrong. However, after seeing a few other sources affirm several aspects of the MSW report (related to stormtroopers and cast members playing the villains), I checked back with my original source on this report. If there was a chance that I was unintentionally misstating my source's information, I wanted to correct that. After double-checking, the only parts of this report that I now feel comfortable calling inaccurate relate to the main villains. They will not be Jedi Hunters intent on resurrecting the Sith. As for the other smaller details, I can't say. I apologize for not double-checking with my source sooner. However, I still stand 100% behind my statement that the report's description of the main villains is incorrect.

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