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No Surprise Here: Disney Has Big Plans For Marketing Star Wars
Posted by Eric on June 18, 2013 at 09:03 PM CST |
Licensing Expo 2013 is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada, and The Walt Disney Company is using the opportunity to present, in the vaguest of terms, its plan to further build out the merchandising and consumer products empire around the Star Wars franchise. A press release posted on BusinessWire includes the following quote from Lucasfilm's Howard Roffman:
We're excited to be part of The Walt Disney Company and to be able to marshal all the resources we've never dreamt of before. There's only one place where it made sense for Star Wars to reside and that is Disney, it is the only entertainment company that understands long term: long term brand affinity and franchise planning, plus the power of storytelling and compelling characters ? this is what our fans expect from Star Wars.
Disney's summary of its current top-tier franchises also notes that its upcoming Star Wars projects, from Episode VII to Star Wars Rebels, "presents stellar licensing opportunities and deepens Disney?s portfolio across consumer segments, particularly with boys and collectors, but also opens up the Star Wars world to new fans."

Given how many Disney executives talk about Star Wars being a "boys' franchise," it's good that Disney is contemplating a more inclusive vision of Star Wars for the next generation of stories.
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