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Museum Of Science Fiction Hosting Online Movie Night On May 4th

Posted by Chris on May 2, 2014 at 05:29 PM CST

The Museum of Science Fiction wrote in to let us know about a fun movie night planned on Sunday, May 4th. Check out the official Facebook event page and read the details below.

Join us for the inaugural Museum of Science Fiction Movie Night! We're celebrating May the Fourth by watching "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and talking together about our hopes and dreams for the forthcoming Episode VII!

This live, online event will occur May 4 on Twitter, where conversation will be united through the #MoSFmovie hashtag. Use the hashtag to find and join our conversation for the duration of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," a 98-minute film.

=== HOW IT WORKS ===
To participate in full, you'll need access to Netflix Instant and a Twitter account.
At approximately 7 pm Eastern on May 4, the Museum of Science Fiction's Twitter account (@museum_scifi) will indicate it's time for you to press play on our featured Netflix movie.
Begin or join #MoSFmovie conversational threads by commenting on the movie or adding to associated discussions. (Tip: Use the search function within Twitter to find #MoSFmovie conversational threads.)
MoSF Movie Night is an all-ages event, and your participation represents your agreement to keep all hashtagged comments and jokes family friendly.

MoSF Movie Night is intended to grow and foster friendships within the museum's digital community, including our supporters outside Washington, D.C.
For any future MOSF Movie Night events, we hope to celebrate sci-fi classics and explore lesser-known films.

Should the inaugural MoSF Movie Night prove successful, such events could become a regular occurrence.
If you have any specific requests from the existing Netflix lineup for future movie nights, let us know!

If you have any questions, you can contact the museum directly here.

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