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Lucasfilm Asking Online Focus Group About Pettyfer, Hurd-Wood Casting Rumors
Posted by Eric on September 6, 2013 at 11:23 AM CST |
A report from Latino Review stating that Rachel Hurd-Wood (Peter Pan) and Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike) had auditioned for roles in Star Wars Episode VII has taken an interesting new turn.

According to a screenshot tweeted by Latino Review's "El Mayimbe," Lucasfilm is using its Obi Wants To Know Me online community to solicit feedback about this rumor.

"There have been some Star Wars casting rumors swirling lately and we'd love to hear your thoughts on them," reads a message on the site's discussion forum written by Spencer Beidelman, Director of Consumer Insights at Lucasfilm.

There have been no previous reports of Lucasfilm using this website to ask fans what they think of Episode VII rumors. We have emailed Lucasfilm for clarification and will update this post if we hear back.
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