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Star Wars Kids

Let's Draw Star Wars: How To Draw CB-23 (And BB-8) From Star Wars Resistance!

Posted by Dustin on September 3, 2019 at 04:55 PM CST

Art Trooper Kristin shows you how to draw her favorite droid, CB-23! And with a few small adjustments, you'll learn how to draw other similar droids, like BB-8.

In Let's Draw Star Wars, our squad of Art Troopers -- professional Industrial Light & Magic artists teach you how to draw something new from the Star Wars galaxy. For artists of all ages and skill levels, master the tricks to drawing your favorite ships, characters, creatures, and much more!

Kristin Campbell’s love of drawing and computers started at an early age and culminated in a passion for 3D character animation. When she started at Lucasfilm Animation, she worked on Star Wars Rebels seasons 3 and 4. She is currently an animator on Star Wars Resistance and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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