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Kickstarter Campaign For Hollywood Is Dead Coffee Table Art Book By Matt Busch

Posted by Dustin on November 19, 2013 at 07:06 PM CST

(Scroll down for update) Our good friend Matt Busch is looking to create a cool coffee table book for all of his Hollywood is dead artwork. Matt's redone a bunch of classic movie posters with a zombie theme including Star Wars, Clone Wars, and Indiana Jones! There are great incentives for donations, check the press release below and then click on through to become a part of the movement to make it happen!


MACOMB TOWNSHIP, MI -- Artist Matt Busch has just released a Kickstarter campaign for the long-awaited Hollywood is Dead coffee table art book. Clocking in at 192 pages, the hardcover book will feature the giant collection of zombified parody movie posters that Busch has illustrated over the past five years.

The Hollywood is Dead project began as a series of Star Wars movie poster images at the request of Lucasfilm, only to be repainted by Busch into a twisted undead universe. With fandom hits like Zombie Wars: The Living Dead Strike Back, it was clear that the artist was destined to move beyond Star Wars and into the rest of the iconic cinema classics. The project soon gained attention on G4TV's Attack of the Show and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as Busch unveiled one new zombified poster after another. Fan favorites include Breakfast at Tiffany's (Breakfast is Tiffany), Edward Scissorhands (Deadward Scissorhands) and Toy Story (Toy Gory).

Busch is already a well-known Star Wars artist, having illustrated numerous posters, books, CDs, and more. While considered parody, these dark and mangled images aren't meant to demean or desecrate the original movie poster greats. "The book is really my love letter to the movie poster as an art form." comments Busch. "The project has let me not only explore my childhood memories, but study my favorite cinema artists' masterpieces. But I'd be lying if I said the zombie aspect wasn't a guilty pleasure, too!"

The idea of doing a crowd-funding campaign wasn't initially considered by Busch. In the last year, he pitched the book to dozens of top publishers and literary agents, most of which saw the potential with Hollywood is Dead. However, Busch was unable to find a match to do the book as a deluxe gallery art book as he always intended. Due to high printing costs, publishers wanted smaller, abbreviated or even censored versions of the book, pushing Busch to rethink his crowd-funding options. "I didn't want to feel like I was asking for charity," says Busch, "but I've supported other Kickstarter projects, and the experience has been nothing but positive, and in fact really exciting. In terms of pledge rewards, I can't think of a better project suited for this than Hollywood is Dead."

Details on how the book will be available outside the campaign are not ironed out yet, but Busch assures that pledgers will get the book well before anyone else, and at a better price. The Kickstarter also features exclusive reward packages, like signed / sketched books, and art prints not available anywhere else. Star Wars themed rewards include rare art prints and even original art from the upcoming Star Wars Illustrated trading card series from Topps! The campaign for the Hollywood is Dead art book (only 4 weeks, which is shorter than most) is now live, and will expire on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th at midnight.

Click here to go to the kickstarter page!


Successfully funded! The book is happening... because of you! But we have plenty of Stretch Goals to meet to make the book and your rewards even better! Pledge now and reap the benefits! Be sure to spread the word, as the more backing we get will only make a bigger book and more rewards for you!

This new limited edition hardcover coffee table art book from artist Matt Busch is nearly 200 pages of all your favorite movie posters repainted by hand before given a well-deserved zombie treatment.

The book is an incredible journey beginning with early classics like 1961's Breakfast is Tiffany, moving through the magical 80's with masterpieces like Zombie Wars: The Living Dead Strike Back, and into modern years, with contemporary works like Lara Crypt: Tomb Riser. Half of the images in the book are brand new and have never been revealed anywhere! Plenty of (unpleasant) surprises await!

While the book has been recently funded, we want to make this book larger, more pages, more deluxe, a slipcase, and more rewards! Now is the time to make your pledge and get in on all the cool benefits that will never ever be offered at this capacity, or these prices! And please tell your friends, because the more funding generated will only mean a better book and more rewards for everyone!

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