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The Last Jedi

How Rey Was Able To Best Luke In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Posted by Steve on June 30, 2018 at 03:21 PM CST

It appears Marvel's The Last Jedi comic book is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only has it already given us Admiral Ackbar's last words and General Organa's space flight from her own perspective, it now finally puts to bed the question of how Rey was able to get the upper hand on Luke during their small battle on Island of Ahch-To. According to Marvel Comics Star Wars: The Last Jedi #4, it appears to be a combination of luck and clumsiness on Luke's part.

The Last Jedi Comic Book

In the film sequence, Luke pulls Rey's staff from her hands before she Force-grabs his lightsaber and he falls to his back, using the Force to catch himself before he completely hits the ground. In the comic book, there is one small panel which clearly shows how this came to be.

Have a look at the page below, in particular the small panel on the right side...

The Last Jedi Comic Book

There you have it "Mary Sue" fans. According to artist Michael Walsh and writer Gary Whitta, it's a minor slip that causes Luke Skywalker to end up on his back and not the all powerful Rey. This one small detail obviously won't change the minds of folks who firmly believe Rey is in fact a "Mary Sue" character but hopefully it at least causes haters of the film to focus their energy on something else. Their insistence that Rey is progressing too quickly and using this scene from The Last Jedi as evidence for that argument seems maybe moot now. And while I understand this perhaps won't completely change your opinion on Rian Johnson's version of Luke Skywalker, it hopefully will give you some resolve with regards to this scene anyways, it did for me.

Marvel's Star Wars: The Last Jedi #4 hits shelves July 4th. You can get all the details by clicking HERE.

Till next time...MTFBWY.

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