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Han Solo Bespin Clothing Replica Ensemble Now Available For Pre-Order From ANOVOS
Posted by Dustin on June 10, 2014 at 06:17 PM CST |
ANOVOS Productions LLC has just released their second offering from their newly-acquired Star Wars license---Han Solo's classic costume from The Empire Strikes Back. The "Han Bespin" ensemble is a highly-detailed replica using patterns and accurate materials sourced from screen-used costume components. Unlike their previous "Luke Bespin" release (still available), Han's holster rig is also offered as a separate item, including variant pieces to recreate the style belt you prefer from Episodes IV-VI. Greebles and droid caller are also included! The ANOVOS tiered pricing system offers higher discounts for early buyers so move quickly for the best deal, so click here to get in on this now!
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