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Golden: Sword Of The Jedi Book Trilogy 'On Hold', 'New Continuity' Being Planned
Posted by Eric on January 23, 2014 at 06:39 PM CST |
We've been assuming this for a while, but Christie Golden just made it official: her trilogy of books about Jaina Solo has been placed on an indefinite hold due to story planning developments inside Lucasfilm.

What's most interesting about Golden's tweet is that she specifically mentions that the Story Group is "decid[ing] what the new continuity is going to be." Could that suggest that a reboot is on the way?

UPDATE: Golden has clarified her earlier tweet, saying that she's not privy to inside information on the Story Group's actions.

I still think that if the Story Group is making decisions about how to handle continuity and those decisions are affecting Sword of the Jedi's prospects, we could be seeing a line-in-the-sand reboot before too long. As of now, however, that's merely speculation.
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