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Essential Guide To Warfare Author's Cut #4: The Rise of the Republic

Posted by Eric on January 8, 2014 at 07:17 PM CST

Jason Fry and Paul Urquhart have posted the fourth blog post in their ongoing series detailing the material from their book, Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare, that ended up getting cut before the book was published.

In part four, Fry presents three short excerpts that describe the early military history of the Republic, included a translated version of "a Baragwin sense lattice imprinted by an anonymous Republic soldier assigned to Falang Minor shortly after the end of the Tionese War (circa 24,000 BBY)." There is also a speech by Republic Chancellor Nagratha marking the anniversary of a pivotal battle, the Waymancy Storm, and a description of an elite unit of the Republic Army called the Rocket-Jumper Elite Advance Unit.

Check out the fourth Essential Guide to Warfare "author's cut" article here!

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