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Mark Hamill

Watch Mark Hamill's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony From A Fans Perspective

Posted by Dustin on March 11, 2018 at 03:18 PM CST

From Skywalking Through Neverland:

This is Mark Hamill's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony as seen from the sidelines and backstage. Both George Lucas and Harrison Ford give heartfelt speeches, and Harrison mentions Carrie Fisher as we all tear up. Stars gathered for the event, including Kelly Marie Tran, Billie Lourd, Kathleen Kennedy, Howard Kazanjian and Rian Johnson. Since we were at the front of the barricades, we got some special moments with these stars that are included here. You might notice a few background characters, including Mark Hamill's wife Marilou, the entire Hamill clan, and Lucasfilm sound designer Matt Wood. See if you can spot anyone else!

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