Lin Zy's Celebration Europe II Art Prints Now Available Online
Posted by Dustin on October 1, 2013 at 09:00 AM CST |
There are a few of Lin Zy's STAR WARS Celebration Europe II Limited Edition Art Prints left from the show, and they are finally available online! Get one while you can right here!

The title of the piece is "Our Actions Define Our Legacy." This stunning movie poster-style art has vivid color and dynamic action! Lin Zy comments, "In addition to sharing some GIRL POWER, both good and bad, I wanted to make a tribute piece to the incredible CLONE WARS saga!"

The limited edition print is 24" x 36" (Movie Poster Size- easy to frame!), Limited to only 250- all of which are signed and numbered by Lin Zy herself. The price is 25 EUR, which equals $32.34 USD.

See more about how Lin ZY created this piece in the video below...

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