Why I do it.

The question gets asked or hinted at a lot. Quite a few people have said to me "you must have a lot of time on your hands" or "You're a very sick man". The first is definately not true (I'll leave judgment for the second up to you). I've never earned a cent from any of this.. Why do I do it? It's a mix of the following:

It's just plain fun! Don't you love it when you're hearing a joke and, with a mental click, it all comes into place and you get it? As many of you know, filk authoring is just like that, for every line in a song. It can be done anytime, anyplace, and (let's face it) it's not hard to do at all.

To perhaps shake your archetype of what a Christian is. I know there's a real God (the God of the bible): he bears no resemblance at all to an old bearded guy who zots people for fun, and following him sure never makes life boring.

Star Wars is the best series of movies ever made. It has adventure, excitement, love, betrayal, friendship, and really cool weapons.

Whenever my mind wanders (long trips, meetings and of course morris dancing), I make up songs rather than having my mind just playing 'Girl from Ipanema' like everyone else.