The Phantom Menace Senator (To: "The Labyrinth Underground" (main theme) from "The Phantom of the Opera")

Parody lyrics copyright 2003 by Steven Cavanagh

Date: Jul 2003
Notes: Duet between Amidala and Palpatine as she prepares to plead Naboo's case on Coruscant. The most critical scene of Episode I.

Invasion came to me,
Droids took my home...
No-one could hear my plea,
They'd cut the phone..

I fled to Coruscant
What did I find?
the Phantom Menace Senator was there
He was so kind...

You won't be happy when
the Senate's met...
The Beuracrats will steal
their power, I bet
Throw out the Chancellor
and then you'll find
The Phantom Menace Senator is there -
one step behind...

I need advice from you
You have my ear
When I speak to them all..
...It's me they'll hear
Our two priorities
become combined
The Phantom Menace Senator is there
and they are blind...

The Phantom Menace Senator...
A snare
The Phantom Menace Senator...

They don't suspect a thing
They're all so dense.
I've tricked the queen to vote
Amidala: confidence...
And the Republic's rule
will soon be mine!.
The Phantom Menace Senator is here
A Sith inside...

(Amidala singing and wailing, to fade)