Exit Sandpeople (To: Metallica's "Enter Sandman")

Parody lyrics copyright 2003 by Steven Cavanagh

Date: Jan 2003

Came out here for my mom
I'm too late, she's gone
Time to kill everyone

I broke in, touched her chin
What a rage I'm in
so forget Obi-Wan

Teaching is forsaken
Gripping my saber tight

Say goodnight.
Sword of light
In my hand.
Head is rolling on the sand.

Something's wrong, deep inside
Heavy thoughts tonight
And I can't make it right

Streams of gore, screaming wild
Every Tusken child.

Darkness turns into knight

She's gone, I'm not coping
Finding my darker side

Say goodnight
Sword of light
In my hand
head is rolling on the sand

Now I put you all to sleep.
As you sow, so shall I reap.
Cause you found my mom to take
I'll leave your corpses in my wake

Talk to me Padme, please hear me cry
It's just a little genocide
I might be twisted in the head
I'll still get you into bed

Say goodnight
I can't quite

Say goodnight
Sword of light
Take a stand
Destiny is in my hand.